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3 comments on “Protecting the Ash Tree: Wabanaki Diplomacy and Sustainability Science in Maine

  1. I am witnessing how the original peoples of this land are protecting the American Fraxinus Ash tree species from modern day extinction caused by Man, with a lot more effort than Patriotic American's just letting these easily protectable icons die. Green has 300, and White Ash 6OO year lifespans. That is why Park service is protecting Jefferson's tree at Monticello from EAB, and one young George Washington did not cut down alongside his families famed Cherry tree. Will you survey for and protect your communities most storied American Ash, representing living connections back to Native, Settler & Founder era's? Scottie Ash seed…

  2. The glutinous borers inevitably kill off their only food source, living Ash tree's, before the last generation of its species reaches seeding age of 10. Unlike Elm which succumbs to a fungus, only after age 25. EAB does not "Infect" or "Disease" Ash. The .01% Green Ash out of 5 billion, today found totally fending off all EAB activity may contain several naturally evolved defenses larvae cannot produce in-stars on. All others, including Blue ash will become extinct. Scientists field studies of forest floors did not find one Ash seed of any type able to germinate continued generations. Remember 43 other bugs like ones that eat Ash seeds will also become Co-extinct!  Once EAB's damaging "Infestation" populations crash like already has in part of Michigan, protection from treatments will never be needed again since borers will never have enough endless trees like they have today to rebuild. Basket weavers, Ash heals over previous years EAB damage with its newest growth ring.  So last two years before succumbing, tree will produce smallest growth rings. Fraxinus is Scientifically, the "Keystone" species of our Elm-Ash-Cottonwood & Ash-Maple ecosystems. PS: Chicago easily saved over 96,000 public trees with 3 yr. trunk injections inexpensively applied by in-house trained workers costing $46 per tree!

  3. Wliwni nid8bak,paami wlignol aloka. n'aiamhaw8gan k'wlalmekwgan askamiwi,, and you make laugh,,the red road is paved with a million smiles 🙂

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