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Program Spotlight: Justice & Public Safety Administration

One of the most important things is, it’s
not like what you see on TV. You’re not going to be the one, necessarily, always
kicking down doors and arresting people. the idea is that, for you to kind of get
a broad sense of the criminal justice landscape, see how all the different
different parts of the criminal justice system work together. Typically the first
quarter students will take a “Crime in the U.S.” course, which kind of gives
them a background foundation to kind of build upon. From there, the whole
experience is kind of more in-depth courses, such as “Law enforcement,”
“Court Systems,” “Corrections,” “Juvenile Delinquency…” So the first quarter gives a kind of
foundation. In many of our courses, the students actually get to go and
participate in some kind of real world type of experience. I think one of the
benefits that we have is class size. Typical courses are somewhere between 12 and 15 students, so you get a lot of individual attention. Also, everyone
that’s in our program has their own specific kind of background, whether it’s
law enforcement, corrections, the legal system emergency management, so we all kind of have our focus and we really do care about our students and I try to go
the extra step to make sure that they’re successful in the classroom. With the Associate Degree, it opens doors for entry level positions into law enforcement,
also corrections, also some social service positions. So there are a number
of avenues to pursue. With the Bachelor’s Degree, you can get into more advanced placements, things with the federal system, FBI potentially, DEA office. Locally,
Office of Probation and Parole, more advanced social service positions. We have Alpha
Phi Sigma, which is a national criminal justice honor society — we have a chapter
over here at Sullivan. We do various activities, bringing in speakers, doing
things to kind of promote the justice field and our program here. So students
that are eligible can join that.

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