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President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for Space Policy Directive 4

President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for Space Policy Directive 4

The President: Okay,
thank you very much. I had a great conversation
this morning with President Moon
of South Korea. And we obviously discussed
the upcoming trip next week, where we’re going Hanoi,
in Vietnam. And I look forward
to be with Chairman Kim, and I think a lot of things
will come out of it. We had a tremendous
first summit. That was really
breaking the ice, but a lot of things
came from that, including good relationships. And we’re looking forward
to having a very good meeting. And President Moon
and I discussed, I think, probably every aspect
of the meeting; it was a good conversation.
I’ll be speaking tomorrow with Prime Minister
Abe of Japan, and we’ll be having
a similar conversation. So I think next week
is going to be very exciting. It’s going to be
the second summit. I think a lot can come from it —
at least, I hope so — the denuclearization,
ultimately. I’m in no particular rush.
The sanctions are on, the relationships
are very strong, and a lot of good things
have happened. We’ve gotten our hostages back.
The remains are coming back. Vice President Pence
was in Hawaii when the first large number,
actually, had come. And now, certain
have been identified. Their families members
have found out exactly what’s going on, and they’ve had ceremonies
that are absolutely beautiful. That was an incredible event. In fact, when we were
campaigning, so many people would say — even though it was
many years ago, they would say, “Is it possible to get the
remains back from North Korea?” So we’ve done that. And as you know, there’s been
no testing of rockets, missiles, or nuclear. So we’re in no rush. A lot of the media
would like to say, “Oh, what’s going on?
Speed, speed, speed.” No rush whatsoever. We are going to have our
meeting; we’ll see what happens. And I think, ultimately, we’re going to be
very, very successful. When I became President, the relationship
with North Korea was a very dangerous one
for the world, and I think now
it’s far less dangerous. And there’s a lot of sanity,
a lot of really sane thinking. So he looks forward to it;
I look forward to it. And the talk
with President Moon, and tomorrow
with Prime Minister Abe, I think will be very helpful. Today, I’m thrilled to sign
a new order taking the next step to create
the United States Space Force. So important,
when you look at defense, when you look at all
of the other aspects of where the world
will be someday. I mean, this is the beginning. This is a very important
process. First, I want to recognize
our wonderful Vice President,
Mike Pence, who serves as the Chairman
of the National Space Council. Thank you, Mike.
Great job. I know you feel
the same way I do. I also want to thank
Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan,
who is with us; Secretary of the Air Force
Heather Wilson; Vice Chairman of
the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Paul Selva; and the Executive Secretary
of the Space Council, Dr. Scott Pace
for being here today. They’ve all worked very hard
on the Space Force. They all believe in it
very strongly, as I do. It’s the future.
It’s where we’re going. I suspect,
whether we like it or not, that’s where we’re going.
It’s space. That’s the next step,
and we have to be prepared. Our adversaries and —
whether we get along with them or not, they’re up in space. And they’re doing it,
and we’re doing it. And that’s going to be
a very big part of where the defense
of our nation — and you could say “offense” —
but let’s just be nice about it and let’s say the defense
of our nation is going to be. America must be fully equipped
to defend our vital interests. Our adversaries are training
forces and developing technology to undermine
our security in space, and they’re working
very hard at that. That’s why my administration has recognized space
as a warfighting domain and made the creation
of the Space Force a national security priority. I think we’ll have
great support from Congress, because they do
support something when we’re talking
about such importance. And a lot of the generals,
a lot of the people involved have been speaking
to Congress. And we have some very
interesting dialogue going on. We’re investing in new space capabilities to project
military power and safeguard
our nation’s interests, especially when it comes
to safety and defense. This directive calls
on the Secretary of Defense to develop
a legislative proposal that will establish
the structure and authority
of the Space Force as the sixth branch of
the United States Armed Forces. That would mean a high-ranking —
the highest-ranking person there would go on
to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So it’s a very,
very important deal. The Space Force will organize,
equip, and train the next generation
of warriors to deter aggression
and defend the nation, our allies,
and American interests against hostile actions
in the form of space and taking place in space. So we have a lot of things
on the books. We have a lot of new defensive
weapons and offensive weapons designed specifically for this, and now we’re going to start
taking advantage of. This is something
they could have done sooner but they decided to wait. And here I am,
and we’re going to do it. And I’m very proud that,
during my administration, we’re doing so much in space.
We need it. We’ve already taken
historic action to create the United States
Space Command, as you know, within the Department of Defense to oversee the nation’s
military space operations. Now, in the face of these
threats all around the world, American leadership in space
is more important than it ever has been. Before, it used to be something
that we’d aspire to, we’d talk about,
but we wouldn’t do anything. Now we have to do something
because that’s where it’s at. With today’s action, we will ensure
that our people are secure, our interests are protected, and our power continues
to be unmatched. There will be nobody that
can come close to matching us. It won’t be close. What we have on the books are things
that you wouldn’t even believe. You wouldn’t even believe. It’s going to mean the safety
of our nation for many, many decades and many,
many generations, and that’s what I’m here for. I guess when you get
right down to it, more importantly than anything
else, that’s why I’m here. So I just want
to thank everybody. The Space Force is
a very important part of my administration and it’s a very important
part of this nation. And it’s an honor
to be with you all. And I’ll sign and we will then
maybe take a few questions and ask a few.
You may want to say something. In fact, Mike,
why don’t you start off? You’ve been — you and I have
been working on this very hard. Why don’t you say a few words?
Please. The Vice President: We have.
Thank you, Mr. President. From the first days
of this administration, President Trump has made
national security a priority. We’ve secured
historic investments in our national defense. But from very early on,
the President also said that America needed to be
as dominant in space as we are on the Earth. And now, with this fourth
Space Policy Directive, America is leading
in space once again. But in this respect,
the President is calling on the Department of Defense
to fashion what we have literally
been working on for months, consulting with members of
Congress and military experts. It will be
a legislative proposal that will establish
the United States Space Force as the sixth branch
of our armed forces. It will build on the President’s
leadership of a United States
Space Command, a joint combatant command
that we’ve already organized at the President’s direction. But this is now the foundation
of ensuring that even as we are dominant
in space today, now we’ll begin to bring
all of our resources together
under U.S. Space Command, which will operate under
the Department of the Air Force. And in so doing, we’ll ensure
that we bring the best resources and the best minds together
to protect the American people and advance our interests. And, Mr. President, all the members
of the National Space Council and the agencies
that are a part of it are gathered behind you today — The President: That’s right. The Vice President: — and we
thank you for your leadership and your support in this effort. The President: Some
great talent, I will say that. Would you like to say something?
You’ve helped us so much. Please, Paul. General Selva: Sir, you’ve been
incredibly supportive in bringing space to the fore as not only a domain
of potential warfare, but also recognizing it
as a place where a large amount of our economic power
comes from. And so our job to protect
our national security includes protecting our economy as well.
And so, as your Vice Chairman, the Joint Chiefs endorse
all this effort to make sure that we get
the right emphasis on defending our interests
and our assets in space. The President: Thank you
very much, Paul. Patrick? How about you? Acting Secretary Shanahan: Yes
, sir. The President: Mr. Secretary. Acting Secretary Shanahan: This
is a historic moment. The dawn of a new service. I’d like to thank you
for your leadership and, most importantly, the resources
so that we can do our job. Mr. Vice President,
thank you for pushing us. We’ve come quite a distance
in a very short period of time. And then to my
counterparts here, thank you for all
the remarkable teamwork. We will deliver
the capability better, sooner, faster so we can sustain
our margin of dominance. Thank you. The President: Thank you
very much. Maybe John Bolton —
you’ve been very much involved and I know
how you feel about it. Ambassador Bolton: Well,
this is a visionary project, Mr. President — your leadership,
the Vice President, and really everybody
on the Space Council. This is not something
for the next year or two, or even the next six years.
This is on into the century. A place where,
as President Kennedy once said, “I believe space is a new ocean and the United States
must sail upon it.” And you’re taking the steps
to make sure that, from the national
security perspective, the United States will be
dominant on that new ocean. The President: And we will be.
Okay, thank you. Anybody have anything to say?
Huh? Would anybody like to say? Fine? No? Good.
We’re all (inaudible). (Laughter.)
Right? We’ve said enough. Let’s sign.
Let’s sign. It’s very exciting. So how about we give this one
to Paul? Mike, do you want to do that?
Okay. Come on, Paul.
That’s a big deal. (Applause.) It’s very important.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much, everybody.
Thank you. The Press: Mr. President,
there’s another round of trade talks starting this week
here in Washington. The President: That’s right. The Press: How confident are
you that it will be finished by March 1? Or are you considering
extending that deadline? The President: Well, they are
very complex talks. They’re going very well. We’re asking for everything that
anybody has ever even suggested. These are not just, you know, “let’s sell corn
or let’s do this.” It’s going to be selling corn
but a lot of it — a lot more than anyone
thought possible. And I think the talks
are going very well — with China, you’re referring to? The Press: Yes. The President: And the talks
are going very well. Our group just came back
and now they’re coming here. I can’t tell you exactly
about timing, but the date
is not a magical date. A lot of things can happen. The real question will be: Will
we raise the tariffs? Because they automatically kick
in to 25 percent as of — on $200 billion
worth of goods that they send. So I know that China would like
not for that to happen. So I think they’re trying
to move fast so that doesn’t happen. But it’s —
we’ll see what happens. I can only say that the talks
with China on trade have gone very, very well. In the meantime, our economy is
very strong. We’re doing well. I don’t know if you noticed, but deficits seem
to be coming down. And last month it was reported,
and everybody was surprised, but I wasn’t surprised.
We’re taking in a lot of money coming into our Treasury
from tariffs and various things,
including the steel dumping. And our steel companies
are doing really well. Aluminum companies also.
So we’re very happy about that. I think that it’s —
they’ll be coming very shortly. They’re going to have very
detailed discussions on subjects that have never really been
even discussed by people that sat in this chair
and they should have been. Very important subjects. And I think
we’re doing very well. Okay? The Press: (Inaudible) terrorists from Pakistan
have been — struck, inside India,
40 security persons last week. How do you see this issue?
What’s the message to Pakistan? The President: I’ve seen it.
I’ve watched. I’ve gotten a lot
of reports on it. We’ll have a comment
at the appropriate time. It would be wonderful
if they got along. It seems like that was
a horrible situation. But we’re getting reports. We’ll have a statement
to put out. Okay? Thank you very much. The Press: Mr. President,
did you ask Acting Attorney
General Matthew Whitaker to change the leadership
of the investigation into your former personal
attorney, Michael Cohen? The President: No. Not at all. I don’t know who gave you that.
Just more fake news. A lot of —
there’s a lot of fake — The Press: (Inaudible)
story in the New York Times. The President: — there’s a lot
of fake news out there. No, I didn’t. The Press: What is the current
status of your relationship
with Mr. Whitaker? The President: Very good. I have a lot of respect
for Mr. Whitaker. I think he’s done a great job. He’s a very, very
straight shooter. I watched him during
the hearing — some of it. I thought he was exceptional.
He’s a very fine man and he should be given a lot of
thanks by our nation. Okay. Thank you very much. The Press: Mr. President,
what’s your reaction to the lawsuits yesterday filed by the states
against your executive order? The President: Well, I think
I called it exactly, right? Including the fact
that they would put them in through the Ninth Circuit. That’s where they put them in.
And I think we’ll do very well. We have absolute
right to do that. I have an absolute right
to call a national security. We need strong borders.
We have to stop drugs and crime and criminals
and human trafficking. And we have to stop
all of those things that a strong wall will stop.
I could call it a barrier, but I think I don’t have to do
that so much anymore. We’ll call it whatever we want. But the point is that we have
to have a stoppage. Billions and billions of dollars
of illicit things are pouring
through our border. And, you know, we talk
about points of entry, and one of the things
that we do have is a lot of money now
from points of entry, because everything was given. The money was given — so much
that you almost don’t know what to do with it —
by Congress. But when it came to the wall,
they wanted to hold back because it was politics.
That’s all it is. In fact, I hear the Democrats
want to take down all walls along the southern border.
And if they do that, you’re going to have
a very different country. But they’re not going
to do that. They wouldn’t. First of all, they won’t do it
because they know it’s wrong. They know walls are necessary,
maybe more than we do. But they’re playing
a political game. And their new game is,
“Let’s take down all walls.” I saw where Beto wanted
to take down walls. I said — they asked me,
“What do you think?” I said, “Well, I think
that’s probably the end of his political career.” We’re doing very well
on the wall. We’re building a lot of wall
right now. You know that. In the valley,
we’re doing tremendous work in a very important area. We have a lot more
under negotiation right now. We’re working with
the Army Corps of Engineers. They’re fantastic. And a lot of great things
are happening. I think, in the end, we’re going
to be very successful with the lawsuit. So it was filed — it was filed
in the Ninth Circuit. And I actually think
we might do very well, even in the Ninth Circuit, because it’s an open
and closed case. I was put here for security —
whether it’s Space Force, which we’re doing today,
or whether it’s borders. Because if our nation
doesn’t have borders, we don’t have
too much of a nation, especially when drugs
and all of the things that — you know better than anybody
what’s happening at the border. It’s a bad situation. So I think we’re going to do
very well with the lawsuit. Okay? The Press: Just one more
on Vietnam. You said — you referred earlier
to your meetings in Vietnam. What do you want to achieve
during that summit? The President: Well,
I’d just like to see, ultimately, denuclearization
of North Korea. I think we will see
that ultimately. I have no pressing
time schedule. And I think a lot of people
would like to see it go very quickly
from the other side. I really believe
that North Korea can be a tremendous economic
power when this is solved. Their location
between Russia, China, and South Korea is unbelievable. I think that North Korea
and Chairman Kim have some very positive
things in mind, and we’ll soon find out. But I’m in no rush.
There’s no testing. As long as there’s not testing,
I’m in no rush. If there’s testing,
that’s another deal. But there has been no testing. If you look at the end
of the Obama administration, it was a disaster
what was going on. You don’t have that right now;
it’s a much different feeling. I think people have —
there’s always danger, but I think people have
a much different feeling. So I hope that very positive
things are going to happen. I think that it will be
a very exciting couple of days. Thank you all very much. The Press: Your reaction
to Bernie Sanders running for President? The President: Oh,
Bernie Sanders is running. Yeah, that’s right. Personally,
I think he missed his time. But I like Bernie because he’s —
he is one person that, you know, on trade,
he sort of would agree on trade. I’m being very tough on trade.
He was tough on trade. The problem is he doesn’t know
what to do about it. We’re doing something
very spectacular on trade. But I wish Bernie well. It will be interesting
to see how he does. I think what happened to Bernie
maybe was not so nice. I think he was
taken advantage of. He ran great four years ago, and he was not treated
with respect by Clinton. And that was too bad. I thought what happened
to Bernie Sanders four years ago was quite sad as it pertains
to our country. So we’ll see how he does. You’ve got a lot of people
running, but only one person
is going to win. I hope you know
who that person is. Goodbye, everybody.

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    – 18 U.S. Code § 241; Conspiracy to Deprive Constitutional Rights.
    – 18 U.S. Code § 242; Deprivation of Constitutional Rights.
    – 18 USC § 2261A; Interstate Stalking.
    – 18 USC § 875(c); Interstate Communications.
    – 18 U.S. Code § 1961; Organized Crime Control Act of 1980. (RICO)
    – Numerous State laws concerning stalking & harassment.

    Please CEASE AND DESIST your illegal activities, illegal surveillance and abusive criminal remote neural monitoring.

  15. The Vision for 2020 was written in 1996 which states that the US will control all of the atmosphere surrounding the US. "We've said enough"…understatement. Bye bye democracy and freedom. 1984 and Brave New World were not written as operating manuals…they were written as warnings. Expect every election to be rigged from now on because world dominance cannot be sustained in a democracy.

  16. We will be a "type 1 civilization" and our future is the stars. First we MAGA here then it's the universities across the heavens. It's taking so long. We have been thinking about it forever…

  17. House Oversight Committee says Michael Cohen will testify publicly on February 27.
    During his ex lawyers testimony Trump will pull some sort of stunt to distract attention of the American public.
    Then later that evening Trump will have a Twitter meltdown that will continue into the following week.

  18. Melt all defunct space junk into solid metal cylinders in orbit. Strap remotely controlled thrusters and rockets onto them. The thrusters allow for positioning the orbiting cylinders. The rocket propels the solid metal towards the earth at incredible speed to maximize the impact force and destructive power. We can tell all the nations of the world that that we are recycling and we are green so they should love us and be happy 🙂

  19. I'm trying to catch up on us patents dated 2012 and losing my mind over just those. Fantastic stuff & easy to replicate. Have fun!

  20. These bogus news items are to rile the ignorant and show support for a man who does nothing for a living.

    Read below and see how this propaganda works on the his ignorant supporters. It is great entertainment for the thinking class. Not so much for the poorly educated supporters. This is why trumpy loves the ignorant, they will not ask questions and just repeat easy catch-phrases. It's classic!

    Though sad for the US, hard to imagine that there are still motons out there fakking for it. So be it! We'll just feed them another catch phrase and give them something shiny to play with.


  22. Next Monday morning for Mr. Mueller:

    8AM arrest and indict pence for fraud against the US and sedition
    815AM arrest and indict trump for fraud and sedition and tax evasion
    830AM arrest and indict jared, ivanka, jr, eric,melania, and all adult trumps on rico charges in addition to fraud, tax evasion, and perjury.
    835 turn all trump minors over to human services
    850 thank all his staff for their work and send them out to arrest trump aiders and abettors and co conspirators in the executive branch, congress and courts.
    9 am attend the swearing in of President Pelosi
    noon leave for a well deserved vacation.



  25. Finally not only talking for years but acting. This President is really Making America Great Again and gives a sample to other world leaders how the leadership should look like. God bless you, Mr. Donald Trump.

  26. President Trump and the world's should call for a total economic boycott of China …..

    "We must take strong defensive actions to protect America's leadership in technology and innovation against the unprecedented threat posed by China's theft of our intellectual property, the forced transfer of American technology and its cyber attacks on our computer networks,"

    "These tariffs are essential to preventing further unfair transfers of American technology and intellectual property to red China,"

    'Road Belt' China Destroys Cambodia….Vietnam………? Prostitution, gambling and land grabbing, economic damage and dependence on them

    How is China's New Silk Road transforming Vietnam and Laos?

    How will China's New Silk Road shape Myanmar's economy?

    BREAKING NEWS Out Of China – Beijing Empties the South China Sea | VietNam | Philippines

    China's growing influence in Africa – China's growing influence in Africa

    American Stores Stop Buying Chinese Imports…NOW

    Slowly and gradually I noticed a lot of Americans are now buying American, growing American and making in America. Some started boycotting Chinese goods. More or less I still agree that in short to medium term this ban on Chinese imports would exert tremendous pressure on the world economy, a new recession will result.

  27. Thank you, Pray for you, Love You President Trump! Americans are So Very Grateful for All of your Hard Work! God Will See Us Through to His Bright New Day for His United States of America!

  28. President Trump, the first US president to visit Hanoi, Vietnam after the Vietnam War, should seize this rare opportunity to win over Vietnam. The US should guarantee Vietnam’s territorial claims and economic interests in the Beibu Gulf region. As is known to all, Vietnam is a powerful military state in the Indo-China Peninsula, with a total of 5 million regular and reserve soldiers. The Vietnamese are very brave, and the CCP needs to mobilize military power from half of the country to defend Vietnam’s military threats. As a result, the CCP will have no power to attack Taiwan. The US should support Vietnam’s doctrine of dominance, acquiescing in Vietnam’s annexation the CCP rule in Cambodia, and encircling the CCP from the south. Most importantly, Vietnam and the CCP can never come together and are permanent enemies. It is now a major historical opportunity for the US to dominate the Indo-China Peninsula and Vietnam. The US can form an alliance with Vietnam, which is good for both the US and Vietnam.

  29. Awesome President ‼️ We appreciate your many sacrifices and the ones that we aren’t even aware of … God bless you, First Lady Melania, your family, your friends and the honest / courageous people of your Administration 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💝💝💝💝💝💝

  30. Fantastic president. Always confident and always relaxed. President Trump ENJOYS working for the USA. This is absolutely unprecedented.

  31. I for one can't stand Donald Trump he makes me sick im surprised he don't want everyone of his cabinet members bowin to it'll b the day when i call u my president

  32. 6:30 "What we have on the books are things you wouldn't even believe. You wouldn't even believe." And what's even more unbelievable is that we've had super advanced space Star Trek like technology for decades already but it has all been kept secret. Hope we eventually get to see what has really been going on behind the scenes in the Secret Space Program of the Navy. Not just the lower technology Air Force lead Secret Space Program.

  33. the issue I have with the term "space force" is that it makes no sense, if you put your hand a foot away from your face is that not "space"? IMHO, I think this is very very bad, there is not "outter space" but there is definitely "space" – what does space mean to you?

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