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President Park resumes state affairs as scandal probe deepens

President Park resumes state affairs as scandal probe deepens

President Park Geun-hye has resumed her official
schedule… and vowed to carry on with state affairs as normally as possible. This comes despite the sprawling power abuse
scandal linked to her confidante Choi Soon-sil. Song Ji-sun starts us off with Park’s plans
for the coming days and weeks. President Park is back to the business of
presiding over state affairs, despite the scandal that’s roiling her administration
and the country. Eight days after a summit with the president
of Kazakhstan, President Park made her first official appearance Friday afternoon, demonstrating
that her place in the top office is still in tact. President Park conferred appointment letters
on to new government officials, including her chief of staff, new vice ministers…
and new ambassadors to be sent overseas. The Korean leader is also expected to chair
a Cabinet meeting next Tuesday for the first time in over a month,… as Prime Minister
Hwang Kyo-ahn,… who has been acting as chair,… is in Peru for the APEC Summit. At the regular gathering, President Park will
likely devote more time to listening to the cabinet members, as she has done over the
past weeks, through communication with her chief aides at the top office. The president’s spokesperson also reaffirmed
that she will attend a trilateral summit scheduled for next month in Tokyo… with her Japanese
and Chinese counterparts. Seoul’s foreign minister on Thursday confirmed
her attendance, with a Japanese daily reporting the meeting will take place on December 19th
and 20th. “President Park is, as promised, preparing
for investigations by prosecutors and an independent counsel… into the scandal surrounding her
confidante,… while also taking steps to resume her responsibilities over both domestic
and foreign affairs. Song Ji-sun, Arirang News.”

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