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President Park names new prime minister, finance minister

President Park names new prime minister, finance minister

President Park Geun-hye has named a new prime
minister and a new finance minister, who also serves as the deputy prime minister. This comes in response to calls to overhaul
her administration in the wake of the power abuse scandal that’s shaking up the political
arena and angering the public. Song Ji-sun starts us off with the move that’s
not expected to have the desired effects. Three days after replacing key aides linked
to the Choi Soon-sil scandal, President Park Geun-hye has named a new prime minister and
deputy prime minister,… in an effort to set up a new and more balanced cabinet to
carry her administration through the remainder of her term. Kim Byong-joon, a professor at Kookmin University
of public administration,… who once served as the policy chief to the late President
Roh Moo-hyun, is the nominee for prime minister. “We expect the nominee to fulfill his role
as prime minister, meeting the public’s deeds with policies catering to the people from
their perspective. He is the right person to overcome the current
crisis and lead the cabinet for the nation’s future.” Meanwhile, current Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn
canceled a planned handover ceremony on Wednesday… to take care of state affairs,… because
the prime minister nominee will have to undergo a parliamentary confirmation hearing before
he can take the post. Financial Services Commission chairman Yim
Jong-yong was named to replace Yoo Il-ho as deputy prime minister and finance minister. The presidential office said Yim, with his
depth of experience in both the public and private sectors of finance and the economy,…
is the right person to carry out the government’s major reform drives. President Park has also named former vice
minister of Gender Equality & Family, Park Seung-joo, to serve as the new minister for
Public Safety and Security,… based on a recommendation from the new prime minister
nominee. “President Park’s designation of a liberal
prime minister could mark the beginning of a politically neutral cabinet, in which the
new prime minister would have greater power over domestic affairs and the head of state
would focus on external affairs, including diplomacy and defense. Now, all eyes are on how the two will organize
the power structure, with Kim saying he will outline the details at a press conference
Thursday. Song Ji-sun, Arirang News.”

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