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President Moon’s Olympic diplomacy continues on D-Day for PyeongChang Games

President Moon’s Olympic diplomacy continues on D-Day for PyeongChang Games

Before attending the opening ceremony of the
PyeongChang Winter Olympics, President Moon Jae-in will meet several high-ranking foreign
guests according to his ‘Olympic Diplomacy’ schedule. We connect live to our Blue House correspondent
Hwang Hojun for more. Hojun, an extremely busy day for the president…. Mark, you’re absolutely right. While the Blue House didn’t reveal the exact
time and locations of the meetings, President Moon will be holding separate one-on-ones
with at least three world leaders today. According to previous briefings from the Presidential
office of Cheong Wa Dae, President Moon is scheduled to hold a luncheon meeting with
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres(Gu-TE-res), and separate summit meetings with Japanese
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte(Rhu-ta) respectively. And of course, before heading to the opening
ceremony, President Moon will host a reception, for foreign leaders; including U.S. Vice President
Mike Pence, Chinese special envoy Han Zheng, IOC President Thomas Bach, and even Kim Yong-nam,
the ceremonial head of state of North Korea. And I’m glad you mentioned that Hojun… as
the high-level delegation from Pyongyang arrives in South Korea very soon… As a matter of fact, that will be in less
than a couple of hours. The high-profile delegation led by Kim Yong-nam
will arrive in the South aboard a private jet at around 1:30 p.m, Korea time. The 22-member delegation, including North
Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s younger sister Kim Yo-jong, will stay in South Korea for
three days. They will be greeted at the airport by Seoul’s
unification minister Cho Myung-gyun, Vice Minister Chun Hae-sung, the deputy director
of the presidential National Security Office, Nam Gwan-pyo. According to the Blue House spokesperson’s
briefing on Thursday, the high-level North Korean delegation will attend the opening
ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games this evening. And President Moon plans to hold a meeting
and have lunch with the North Korean delegation on Saturday. While a detailed schedule and itinerary for
the North Korean delegation is yet to be confirmed, it’s definitely a landmark event, especially
for the liberal South Korean leader, as it was President Moon’s election pledge to seek
dialogue and reconciliation between the two Koreas. Back to you, Mark.

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