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President Donald Trump Practices ‘Diplomatic Malpractice’ At NATO Breakfast | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Practices ‘Diplomatic Malpractice’ At NATO Breakfast | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 comments on “President Donald Trump Practices ‘Diplomatic Malpractice’ At NATO Breakfast | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Germany not having a big Military Hardware is a Good thing, the last thing we need is to Push this Engineering and Industrial Genius country to start building military hardware just like they had back in WWII, you never know some Future German leader might use them history as we know always repeats itself. Please Trump I like Germany with not Much Military Hardware.

  2. A true American standing up for America and It's interests, finally. Other countries should contribute their share. It isn't embarrassing at all, he was completely right to do this. It's sad that liberals think otherwise.

  3. You protecting France? Lol , I don't think so Trump. France is not Germany they have More Military Hardware than you can even imagine , France is the Country that makes the Mistral-class amphibious assault ship, you remember Russia bought 2 of those and Obama and François Hollande took them away Russia and sold to Egypt? ouch

  4. Does Trump Know any Foreign Policies? US is not protecting France Lol the French have More Military Hardware than you can say Wow.

  5. Like an elephant in a porcelain shop.
    He's like the embodiment of thoughtless, tactless, bombastic, idiocracy America.

    He knows how to manipulate the American media though, I say american because luckily the rest of the world isn't as idiotic.

  6. Its not to accurate to say President Trump's comments on Germany and the whole of the European Union are free to purchase energy from Russia as the US Census Bureau keeps good records on the billions of dollars the United States has run up on a deficit with Russia. Just like with China, Canada, Mexico, and the EU, the US wants to buy more out of greed than they can sell, put more Americans out of work, run up enormous debt, and plans to destroying world trade agreements. When you really listen to the message, you can understand how misinformed and misguided foreign policy and relationships with other countries are so far from the norm. The US can stand alone, without allies as long as China will buy our debt.

  7. He has no clue. He should go back to Russia with Putin and spend the rest of the month in the Kremlin with his new friends. Maybe Congress will be able to do something for a change.

  8. IF every country stands for a family, President Trump just messed up with friends and neighbours. It sounds like if you do not pay 2% of your family income for the safety, I do not want to be your friend anymore.

  9. Hey Mr. Trump, if Hillary had won, she would have pushed for the pipeline going north through Syria to Turkey and start competing with Russia to supply gas for Europe!!!
    Now do you know why Putin helped you???

  10. Hey Mourning Blow, THE OLD WAYS of a US President being polite in closed-door meetings asking that NATO members comply with the 2% GDP Defense contribution – apparently DOES NOT DO THE JOB! These Nation Delinquents MUST BE CALLED OUT and SHAMED BEFORE THE WORLD in order to get their attention.

  11. Harvey Lawrence please don't vote for anyone! That's what happened (one of many) to get him elected. We have to ALL vote for ONE candidate. Hillary still got 3 million more votes (popular), remember there were 2 other candidates (independent & ? some other party) and they received a bunch of votes too. Putin strategically trolled misinformation/propaganda in key districts and walla – Putin puppet.

  12. I'm still wondering, what movie did Trump take to see with Putin? Since, the N.Korea Kim speed boat movie went over so well! Hey maybe Putin will show him his collection of "Golden Shower" movies!!!

  13. Shows that Trump has no idea what NATO is for. He keeps saying we are defending EU, as if they are incapable of this. NATO was created just as much for our own defense as for theirs. Moron!

  14. he is like an elefant in a glas store, he has no idea as to how to behave , he is a egocentric, deranged, unhinged, pathological lying sociopath

  15. Awsome job Mr. President. Tax payers are tired of paying for everyone else. If Russia pulls the plug on Germany, what will they do next? come to the USA for help. So much complaining about Crimea….that happened under obama, no one complained then and this ex ambassador, along with everyone that talked, is so full of it.

  16. he's not ignorant he's bold with his declarations and people don't like it. he ruffles feathers that need to be ruffled. nato has been cheating the u.s. for decades and no president has done anything about it except trump! the sec. general admitted that it was because of Trumps leadership that they already started to increase their budget.

  17. Trump is that demented old grandad at the dinner table, completely disconnected from the modern world, been living in a gold-plated Fox news injected debt-fueled baby bubble! I actually think Sarah Palin would have been marginally less embarrassing​, there must be people who have to go in there and apologise for his ignorance and inform them to ignore him.

  18. Diplomacy on a scale of 1 to 10……. -1,000. Tit. EDIT: I just watched another video on Trump that describes him as "In your face", apt.

  19. Donald Trump's the greatest US President since Ronald Regan. Sorry guys but this is the truth. Go tell this BS somewhere else.

  20. They say "Obama travel around the world apologizing…"  Which it was not true…   Donald Trump flies to a few countries….  To insult their leaders…    Which it is true!

  21. This is utterly disgusting…the worst disaster to America, her place in the world, her strengths, the beliefs and ideas on which she was founded…in all of American history…is the ever moronic and clueless Donald Trump. Congratulations libertarians…you got what you wanted, but it's not what you expected. Ignorance is the optimal word. These are dark ignorant days indeed. Impeach now.

  22. I'm amazed When I see how stupid is trump, what à shame he show to the all world that he don't understand even the tiny part of the world. and he is so narcisist than he think he is the only person smart enough to have all the answer….

  23. Oh yeah, I'm sure Putin was really happy to hear that Trump wanted Germany to stop passing billions of dollars to Russia!. You all are nothing but a bunch of clowns.

  24. Holy sh*t these people are ignorant (msnbc) they are literally just bashing trump and his admin at every angle possible, just because i guess thats what msnbc viewers like to hear.

  25. President Trump is doing the exact right thing for America. Un-calculated over spending budget for years and negligence towards it by previous presidents have brought America to this level of economic devastation..Trump has guts to face the reality…others were keeping their jobs to pay the bills..

  26. ON President Trump in Europe:
    He is just letting them know who is Boss. They are not equal to us. We are the Top Dog. They have forgotten that. Bluntness is sometimes a forced trauma that is needed and he is the Pipe to the Head. They have lived in the DREAM too long and we have been neutered as a people for too long. Playing nice and being a partner or should I say an equal partner has now passed. He is the instrument to let they and the world know in no uncertain blunt terms that they have a simple question to answer: Are you with us or against us? And if the answer is AGAINST then we will let you die a slow death without our help in any way. But if you are for us you must defend Western ideals and values that are the bedrock of each of our nations. Values that cannot change just because we want to seem to be KIND to those who want to tear these values down and replace them with Marxist-Fascist Group Think masked as Virtue or even believing Islam is a religion of peace (Watch Sam Harris/Bill Maher) or that allowing 3rd world ideas and behaviors into our country without Civics education as a must for them coming is normal.

  27. HILARIOUS!!! Yet Trumpie has been BEGGING Putin since 2010 to let him build a $2 BILLION Hotel Complex in Moscow….I guess that doesn't count! LMAO!

  28. Hahahahahahahahahhahaha, what he said about the amount of gas, 70% of the German market is so totally false, it is rather near 10%… And North Stream II is necessary as Ukraine is a corrupt failed state, where US agents conduct uprisings… At the same time Erdogan is trying to build a pipeline through Turkey, he did not criticise that…
    USA has 30.000 men stationned in Germany. What are they supposed to do in case of an attack on Germany?
    EU is working on a mutual and integrated defense force and the first American reaction was: you can't do that, what about NATO? If one hears how the orange baby shittalks about NATO, it is high time for the EU to have alternatives.
    USA do not defend France as France's armed forces are not 100% integrated into NATO forces, France has a nuclear option of her own…

  29. 42% of Americans not willing to get the right information and still supporting the laziest president in US modern history. That is the real issue.

  30. There must have been something in Trump's OJ to make him so * * * * ing stupid. You'll notice he is the only guy who drank his.

  31. Trump is Brillant!! You bleeding heart LIBERALS! Are you stupid or what. He's making America great again. Obama put us in a massive hole. GO TRUMP!!!!

  32. It is SO clear , Putin HAS to have serious leverage on Trump. Everything he has done since his campaign and being elected is so obvious unless your incapable of analyzing behavior. He has since Day 1 been pushing Putin's wishes and agenda, and even publicly talking positively about him not even shamed, he attacked America democracy and our people trying to divide us daily. Literally is attacking all of our allies in one way or another, and reasons he presents never make sense from a standpoint he says he's doing it for. Nothing he has done has almost any upside to America and our future and almost always based on lies, or innacurate info or misleading twist of words to describe why he doing things he is doing

  33. They cut out a part of that meeting, when near end they ask trump meet in few days so they can update him with accurate history and facts and not misleading statements . Trump said sorry guys me and Vlad P are hanging out. We're not friends don't get it twisted okay… just business partners , and lovers.

  34. We've been taking it in the shorts from NATO and the Europeans for years. We pay, they play.And that's the way the Democrats and media want it. Anything that benefits America, they're against.

    The Democrats are against any success by Trump even if, and especially, if it helps Americans.

    The Dems and media have been traditional shill for our enemies. And Obummer was probably the worst traitor in this respect in American history.

    As I mentioned below about "history" and Churchill, the Dems and media are those people who learn nothing from history. That's why they're bent on destroying our U.S. Constitution and look at our Founding Fathers as dead old white men and the American people as white trash. Even blacks.

    Read Star Parker's articles. Read Michael Cutler's articles. Read Humberto Fontova, Daniel Greenfield, Caroline Glick and others at FrontPag mag. The Gatestone Institute, Jihad Watch and the Middle East Quarterly.

  35. This is worth posting again:

    Just watched this with Lou Dobbs. It's all bout common sense and common decency. Trump tells it like it is when it comes to us taking it in the shorts by Europe when it comes to NATO. The Democrats, even if it hurts America, wants Trump to fail. hence the common sense and common decency the Democrats and liberals lack.

    Peter Navarro explains why Germany is a danger to US, Europe

  36. Notice how Trump's table setting was disorganized, and how he had chugged the OJ, much unlike others at the table. Such a glaring lack of basic etiquette and civility, worsened by insulting REAL world leaders while pretending to be one. Trump has no more elegance than a wet burlap bag of hammers, and even less intelligent. Even as a REAL world leader is trying to politely educate him on the basics without injuring his fragile ego, he has the nerve to argue nonsensical talking-points that he heard on Faux Noise.

    It is considered rude to insult your hosts, especially in their own house as an invited guest, which is one of the cardinal rules of etiquette. Trump certainly does not realize that he is talking with people far more educated and experienced than he is, and his lack of eloquence and the parlance of his discourse is humiliating the US before the world. Trump thinks he hears dice rolling when he speaks, but the only thing rolling is the eyes of those at the table.

    I have dined with respectable people in high-society many times, and have never for one moment been so crass as Trump was in every moment there, which was predictably expected…Then again, I have never in my lifetime been as crass or uncivilized as Trump is on an hourly basis. Once again, Trump proves himself just as unsavory and loathsome of a guest as he is a politician.

  37. Independence Day (4/5) Movie CLIP – The President's Speech (1996) HD

  38. Don't they have mental institutes in the USA?
    Trump tells complete nonsense, nothing is true.
    Can't you see this will go wrong?

  39. What a fantastic alignment take em down Mr president tear down that fascist NATO regime and all the ones like them including Germany Britain and every luciferian regime this is righteous librate the Americans then the world from slavery of the globalist and there one world order its Babylon all over again you will not overthrow God his kingdom is coming and his will be done here and now on earth as it is in heaven the last trump has been sounded burn baby burn

  40. As a German I hate Trump. His constant lies about my country make my angry. He sees us as enemies and Russia just as a competitor. 2 years ago it was reversed. He makes politics with blackmailing his allies and begging his enemies. If the USA wants to be a leading power then it needs to spend some money.
    By the way I still like America.

  41. Its about time someone holds NATO accountable.  BTW, this video has been terribly edited.  Watch out for MSNBC…this video is edited to make you think negatively about the President.  This wasn't just a photo op.  NATO has been taking advantage of us for decades.

  42. So everyone is happy for America to pay 90% of the NATO commitment with only 5 of the 29 countries making a contribution, look at these facts and be glad you have a President who is willing to stand up to them and save it's citizens  a LOT of $$$$He was totally successful at this summit. FAKE NEWS AS USUAL

  43. MSNBC it's Fake news
    Trump said why America pay a lot whole protecting other people and then they pay a lot of money for the thier enemy

    German Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Child Marriage Law as Unconstitutional
    The German Federal Supreme Court has made a new ruling on a child
    marriage case which could have implications on the way child marriages
    conducted legally overseas are treated in the country.

    The ruling comes from a case involving a Syrian man who was separated
    from his underage “wife” when the pair arrived in Germany as asylum
    seekers in August 2015, Die Welt reports.

    The pair, cousins, were married in February 2015 while the man was
    aged 21 and the girl aged only 14 in a marriage procedure that was done
    under sharia legally in Syria but was considered invalid by German
    authorities where the marriage age was 16 at the time.

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