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Premier – Legislative Assembly

Premier – Legislative Assembly

♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪♪ In Western Australia, the leader
of the state government is titled “Premier”. By convention, he or she
is a member of the lower house, the Legislative Assembly. In this house, government members
sit to the right of the Speaker, with the Premier sitting here
in the front row surrounded by
his or her ministers. As leader of
the state government, the Premier takes a leading role
in the Parliament explaining, discussing and promoting
the government’s policies.Mr Speaker, I rise todayto inform the house
of the WA Labor government’s
agenda for 2018.In the second year
of this government,
we will be getting on
with the job of shaping a state.
The Premier, as leader of the government
and a minister, will play a major part
in the debates and will often receive a
significant number of questions from the opposition
during question time. Given that on top of
your government leaving out
state and federal funding for
the Mitchell Freeway extension,
will you admit that your
failure to fund this extension
will have large negative impactson job creation, road safety
and traffic congestion
in the northern suburbs?No, Mr Speaker.We are putting in place
significant improvements
to the freeway
in the northern suburbs.
We are doing more for
road improvements
in the northern suburbsbut also across
regional Western Australia …
♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪♪

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