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Poorest country in the world Burundi – ENIGMATIC

Poorest country in the world Burundi – ENIGMATIC

This is Enigmatic the hub of knowledge so
today we are gonna talk about the poorest country in the world Burundi. This is Burundi. Burundi is located in the east central Africa. Burundi is a landlocked country. It is Bordered by Tanzania to the east and south
Rwanda to the North. Democratic Republic of Congo to the North
and West. And the remaining western part of the country
is surrounded by Lake Tanganyika. The capital of the country is Bujumbura. But with in few year they are gonna transfer
the capital to Gitega. 85 % population of the country is Hutu ethnic
group 14% tutusi ethnic group and 1 % is Twa ethnic group. These people have been living in Burundi for
at least 500 year. So if I talk about the history of Burundi
so Burundi was an independent kingdom until the beginning of the 20 century when Germany
colonized the region. But after the first world war Germany was
defeated and the Belgium occupied Burundi. The country got independence in 1962 from
Belgium. Burundi became a constitutional monarchy with
Mwambusta as their country’s king. In 1963 the king appointed a Hutu prime minister
who was assassinated on January 1965 by a Tutsi then in may 1965 again parliamentary
election took place and brought majority of Hutu in to parliament, but this time king
appointed a Tutsi prime minister. Hutus thought it was injustice to them definitely
because Hutu won parliamentary election. but the king made a tutsi prime minister So in October 1965 a coup led by Hutu dominated
police was carried out and eventually the king fled the country during the coup but
the coup was failed later. In 1966 Tutsi prime minister Captain Michel
carried out another coup abolishing monarchy and declaring the country a republic nation
and became the president of Burundi. In April 1972 a rebellion led by Hutus broke
out. The rebels attacked both Tutsi and any Hutu
who refused to join the rebellion. In this out break around 800 to 1200 people
were killed. So the Tutsi dominated government of captain
Michel used the army to combat Hutu rebels and commit genocide. They targeted the Hutus. Around 80 thousand to 2 lack people were killed
in this. Then finally after the negotiation between
Hutu and Tutsi in 2005 Pierre Nkurunziza once a leader of Hutu rebel group was elected as a president. Again he won election in 2010 and became president. In 2015 he again wanted to fight the election
but according to the Burundi constitution you can not fight election third time. So protest broke out in Burundi but Pierre
Nkurunziza suppressed the protester by killing them arresting journalist and became president
3rd time and still continues So if I talk about the economy of Burundi
so the economy of Burundi is dependent upon agriculture. Agriculture employs more than 90% population
of Burundi. Burundi’s primary exports are coffee and
tea. The main religion in Burundi is Christianity. Around 90% population of Burundi is christen. So guys this was all about Burundi how was
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