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Pompeo says U.S.-N. Korea talks not yet arranged

Pompeo says U.S.-N. Korea talks not yet arranged

our top story this morning though more
stop-start diplomacy with North Korea US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has
admitted working-level negotiations with North Korea on the regime’s
denuclearization that had been expected to take place this month have yet to be
arranged Eason J starts us off speaking at a
press conference on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Thursday US
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said tentatively scheduled working-level
denuclearization negotiations with North Korea are still in the air however
Pompeo reaffirmed that the u.s. is ready to resume talks with the north
whenever the regime feels ready earlier this month
Pyongyang proposed the two sides resumed working-level talks in late September to
continue negotiations on dismantling the North’s nuclear weapons program in
exchange for economic and political concessions from Washington conditions
for the resumption of talks seem to have brightened in recent weeks as president
Trump fired his hawkish former national security adviser John Bolton blaming
Bolton’s attitude for the breakdown of the nuclear talks
Pompeyo said he hopes the phone rings and the two sides get a chance to find a
place and a time that works for the North Koreans indicating again that
Pyongyang has not followed up on its initial proposal he added further talks
would be good for both sides as well as South Korea China Japan and the rest of
the world easing J Arirang news

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