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Polls Prove Republicans Can’t Win 2020 On Policy Issues

Polls Prove Republicans Can’t Win 2020 On Policy Issues

According to the most recent round of polling
and polling for the last several months, if not the last year, Democrats are trusted more
on the issues than Republicans. Even on things like immigration and foreign
policy. The public says, I trust the Democrats to
handle this more than I trust the Republicans. When you get to issues that hit the pocketbooks,
healthcare spending, you know, economy in general, the Democrats that people trust on
those issues, environment way, way in the Democrats favor. And the reason I bring that up is because
as we approach this Iowa caucus here and with all of the infighting happening with the,
uh, the democratic candidates right now, Bernie versus Warren and Biden out there versus reality,
we have to remain focused on the policies. Republicans have no policy to run on and that’s
where you hit them. I know Trump’s out there saying stupid things
on Twitter saying stupid things in his rally and it’s fun to laugh at those, but we can’t
make the mistakes of 2016 and try to campaign on those stupid statements that he makes about
dishwashers not having enough water anymore. We have to focus on policy, but it isn’t just
with Trump. By the way. We have Republicans in the Senate right now,
some of whom been in there for 30 years who are facing very tough reelections this year. Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and if the
candidates running against these guys want to beat them, you beat them on policy. And here’s a good one to start with right
now, there is a bill that’s been dying in the Senate for weeks upon weeks that would
lower prescription drug costs here in the United States. Massive problem affects nearly everybody in
this country. The cost of prescription drugs. The vast majority of people in this country
say that that is a very real problem for them. Huge percentages have said that they have
had to go without prescription drugs because they simply couldn’t afford them. So here we have this bill sitting on Mitch
McConnell’s desk that he won’t even bring up for a debate because the Democrats passed
it in the house and he doesn’t want to be seen as working with the Democrats. But at the same time he knows that this is
important issue. He knows that people in his home state of
Kentucky are for Lindsey Graham, South Carolina. They know that people are suffering because
they’re not taking action on this and that is where the Democrats need to strike. There are plenty of awful, horrible things
to all true that you can say about Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and even Donald Trump,
but you can’t compare a campaign on those. That’s not how you win an election. You win it by going to the public and saying,
this guy here refused to lower your prescription drug prices. He says, maybe he has a better plan, but he
won’t tell us what it is. He’s lying to you about that because he’s
taken X amount of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry. There’s your talking points. You fill in the X with whoever it is you’re
running against. Go to open and look up that information. It’s all right there. Ready for you. I just wrote your entire campaign and not
just for the people running against the McConnell or Graham, the people running against every
Republican who is voting against this legislation. Go and talk to the people living next to these
uh, facilities, these corporations dumping toxic waste in the nearby waterways and tell
them about all the times Republicans voted to deregulate these industries. All the times Republicans voted against cleaning
up these super fund sites, use their policies or lack thereof against them. That is going to win you 2020. The public already trust you more to handle
these issues. Run on that. Everybody knows Trump as a horrible human
being. Same thing with Mitch McConnell and Lindsey
Graham and Jim and Hoff and all of the others. They know that they don’t need to be told
that again before the election because they remember that. What they may not remember is all of the times
these same Republican scumbags voted to personally and financially harm their own constituents. You want to win in 2020 run on that.

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  1. Republican's want to kill Obama care for about 12yrs now and still have no plans to replace it with it will hurt there voters but do they care at trump rallys no a pack of idiots no health care MAGA nuts

  2. It's not just pointing out how republicans are doing nothing it's what we can do to fix it in VERY SIMPLE terms. If you make it to complex many won't understand. There also needs to be a future dream, something that has a common thread.

  3. "Senators McConnell and Graham made their promises of partiality before they swore the oath that they will be required to swear in a few days. Nothing gives them an excuse for violating their own oaths" Kaine wrote. "For the good of the country, they should rethink their position before they stand in front of the American public and make a promise they intend to evade."

  4. What’s really funny is America can afford to have over 800 bases all over the world but they can’t provide free health care for its citizens! It’s really stupid and weird

  5. What’s with the red face ,the Unhinged Asshole is changing colors .Donnie looks a little chicken ass red today,wonder why 🤣🤣🤣

  6. The repukes have to supress votes, have to cheat with gerymandering and have no problem when Trump ask for help from other countries….what a bunch of low lifes.

  7. How could anyone trust Republicans when they've been fighting for over 10yrs to take healthcare away from the American people.
    The only things they've done in the last 10yrs is investigate Hillary and pass tax cuts for the rich.

  8. Trump wanted a united states ambassador assassinated because she would not join his criminal enterprise. A UNITED STATES AMBASSODOR ASSASSINATED by the POTUS!!! F*** Trump and all his pathetic supporters.

  9. "These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy."

  10. Oh please please let us win. With gerrymandering, redistricting, help from Russia and others, it’s almost impossible to win now even though there are millions more democrats. Voters in Florida voted to give felons their voting rights back in 2018 and the. Republicans today made sure they won’t be able to vote until they pay a poll tax. They must have all their fines paid off before being allowed to vote. Same thing happens in Maryland. Republicans are cheaters. Trump is telling his cult he is saving pre existing conditions when my god! He has a case before Supreme Court right now waiting to be decided to make sure pre existing is not covered and now bill Barr the DOJ is asking the Supreme Court to not rule on the case until after election because if the justices rule in favor of trump now millions will make their health insurance during election. So, they like the criminals they are want to wait till he’s hopefully re-elected to take it all away. Also SSDi. Trump is going to spend $1.8 billion to save $2 billion and throw millions off of ssdi. He promises his rally cult he would never touch social security. Do you know how many trump supporters are on ssdi? They don’t even Realisze that their thirst for racism and hate has a price. Their livelihood. And he lies about what he’s doing. It absolutely mind boggling to watch his rallies and he lies to them. All they have to do is google pre existing trump and it’s all there.

  11. “ …remain focused on policies…” 😍 Yes, yes, yes! You brilliant, beautiful, bearded, bald man.
    Peace, Love & Blessings, ☮️❤️🙏🏽

  12. Republicans are the scum of the earth. How many of them needed a pimp to find a wife or girlfriend? Epstein was their go to man…the lowest form of human needed to supply them with sex…without him they would be crying…I can't get a woman to look at me. I don't know what's weaker, a republican or the policy's they claim to support.

  13. Can't win on policy? Well there's….

    Lies, gerrymandering, blacklisting, prison system, vote machine rigging, bribes, marketing, and a shitload of people for sale to help money win and keep the people suppressed, dumb and distracted.

  14. that all sounds well and good, but the establishment dems are in the same corporate pocket as the repubs. they're not going to say or do, anything that's not corporation approved and vetted. corporations have bought and paid for our government, and both parties have happily sold out. i say "both parties" with tongue planted firmly in cheek, because currently there is really only one party, the corporatists. some have an "r" next to their name, and some a "d", but both serve the same master, and it ain't we the people. someone famous once said, "if voting actually changed things, it'd be illegal." those words have never been truer than in 2020. someone else said "when peaceful change becomes impossible, violent change becomes inevitable." i believe the clock is ticking on this experiment we call democracy, and soon it will be time for a reset. whether it is reset to an actual, functioning democratic republic, or to an authoritarian fascist dictatorship is anyone's guess. the way things look now, sadly i fear, it will be a corporate controlled dictatorship, since we're nearly there now.

  15. Republicans had full control of the government for two years, all they have to show for it is a tax cut to their donors.

  16. Money buys the Presidency that's why those in Senate are Arrogant, Prideful & poop pooping the impeachment process!! The a Majority will Vote against him & the Electorial College will put him in "Red Tape" for the elite to get their man in to abuse & manipulate the Vote to their advantage!!!! 😎

  17. If they stop by taking party over country then maybe they can win, but then again if they the Republicans are so caught up with their own crooked conspiracies it will lead to their demise.

  18. Why did a poll need to be taken about republicon "policies"? Like Faron Cousins has said time and time again they have had no new policies in 40 years. The only policy they ever run on is giving the mega-rich even more of our money by taxing the struggling even more.

  19. Reichsführer Drumpf can only campaign on hate, fear & lies.

    Just be thankful he hasn't employed large groups of thugs to "convince" the people into supporting him, just like Hitler did in the 30's.

  20. Don’t be fooled by polls showing Trumps and Republicans losing, keep up voting blue on all races State, County and Federal races until the only Pole, the Republicans look up is the one in the prison courtyard holding the American flag flying in the wind in blue skies as the pace in the prison yard. Only then can we be sure the biggest criminals are behind bars instead of at the bars singing “We’re in the money”!

  21. All candidates should be quizzed on the constitution. That's what they about to take an oath to, they should know it by heart


  23. TRUMP is changing colors.before he was orange as a pumpkin now he's turning red as the devil.TRUMP polls are in hell .

  24. That's why the Gerrymandering Obstructionist Plutocrats do their all to cheat their way to victory. Because their policies benefit the rich and only the rich, all the while screwing over everyone else. If they tried to run on policies, they'd be wiped out almost instantly.

  25. They will cheat again like they always do and have Russia involved once again. Even our FBI agents pre-worn this that they were ready meddling in our elections. So fuck Donald Trump and his Wicked Administration for fucking us over. We the People ovary game what does Nation need to stand for. One for one and all for all.

  26. Republicans entire party is based on, "no, nuh-uh, not me, must be you."
    deregulation, pro-life, impeachment, elections etc..
    they only operate in the negative..

  27. They cannot win by being truthful and lawful. GOP
    Is all,criminals, liars, and corporate whorehounds.
    Lie to voters and vite for RICH corps.!! GOP, has done nothing for us ..but get all benefits by grifting our taxes FOR DECADES!! . TIME FOR ALL DINOSAURS TO RETIRE TO JURASSIC PARK ..without BENEFITS! .

  28. Way too many gullible people still caught up in our Pro Wrestling Politics.
    These Good Cop/Bad Cop sponsored political actors, aka the demoCraps & republiCons are the Left & Right Cheeks of the Swamp creature's A$$.
    It's an immensely lucrative money making "Heads I win, Tails you lose" scam.

  29. FFS!
    Polls prove nothing!
    2016 anyone?!?
    The American public, nowadays, appears to have the attention span of a Twitter feed along with believing reality television is real.
    Q: How are we going to convince these people, a good chunk of the American population, to listen to a cogent, intelligent proposition about policy?
    A: We're not!

    Good luck.

  30. REP still favor + proctecting Trump will be history- American can not trust REP any more / they are crooks just like Trump .

  31. Mitch McConnell should be voted out! His constituents deserve better. He’s a narcissist and puppet forTrump. McConnell has no self respect. Only wants to line his pockets with the 30 pieces of “gold”.

  32. Republicans don't care about the majority. They only care about rich people. Rich people only care about them selves. Republicans talk about trickle down and it never works. The rich need to pay their fair share. Forget about the stupid issue like abortion. Republicans never do anything about it. Forget about gun rights. Republicans never deregulate gun rights. They only talk this shit to get votes. They cut everything to give welfare to the rich that don't need it. Democrats are not perfect, but at least they throw us a bone once in awhile. That is better than nothing.

  33. WRONG!!!!!! Republicans have policies: tax cuts, military, anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, 2nd amendment… Republicans have been running AND winning on these policies for years.

  34. Republicans still win due to fanatic Old Trump supporters that show up to vote. And anyone who says there undecided is a Trump supporter just to embarrassed to say so.

  35. McConnell is so partisan he refuses to do his job he is only serving himself by staying in power by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. No bar too low.

  36. Blue Wave America
    We can do it…
    🙋🏽‍♀️YES WE.CAN 🙋🏽‍♀️

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