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Politico: John Bolton Unloads On Trump’s Foreign Policy | Hardball | MSNBC

Politico: John Bolton Unloads On Trump’s Foreign Policy | Hardball | MSNBC

100 comments on “Politico: John Bolton Unloads On Trump’s Foreign Policy | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. Hey MSNBC..please know you have become worst than CNN and now you glorify Bolton…Reason our family is DISSAPOINTED in you before you used to be better..
    It will never fly with us ..those who have knowledge remember that..
    You no longer have value ZERO!
    Yet you tell truth ? PLEEASE give us a break..And your PENALISTS? With very few exceptions all are like sheep follow you ?
    One more : Chris Mathews you scream like a maniac ..and never even allow your guests to finish their sentence ? Laughable…

  2. Trump said Bolton said " The Libyan Model " 😀😁😂 Trump just basically said NATO, C.I.A, Obama, Hillary, Washington DC all started the Libyan Civil War and failed to control what the American government created. Which supports what word leaders like President Putin have been saying for years. 😀😁😂 Trump just told on everybody for creating civil war in other countries. Trump just admitted that the American Government did this in Libya and tried the " Libyan Model " in Syria! 😀😁😂😀😁😂😂😁😀😀😁😀😁😂😁😀😀😁😂😁😀😁😂😂


  3. Btw Iran has quite bigger armed forces then both Iraq and Afghanistan had. So go to war with them good luck! You would probably loose 10x times moore ppl then in iraq war. Also you really want to go to war for Saudia Arabia?

  4. Just wait till Trump sues Bolton for speaking to the press. If only the president act and behave the way he did when speaking about Bolton. There's sonething the president is afraid of that the ex-defence secretary knows.

  5. In the past, ANY attack against Saudi oil facilities would have been responded to instantly. Pretty weird world we're living in. Then again, the Saudis have F'ed up in Yemen, but we didn't do anything about it. Trump is restrained, but he's also a coward and everyone knows he knows nothing and yet he doesn't listen to anyone. F Liz Cheney, daughter of Satan.

  6. Universal basic income or a freedom dividend has been requested in assistance as well for the u.s. citizens but it has not touched congress tables its so unfair we've been fighting for this for americans holdiays for years. Its like all were hearing of misconduct swear 9/11s tears will keep on sheding but only america is destroying itseelf from the inside left un-guided, un-protected, un-aided properly lets not gettm into details to deep but we all know as a people edges of cost are one major, and I do not see how its years democrats, and republicans sit here waiting for such a thing requested havent seen a family get together as such in forever lets just hope it prospers through the way of congress.

  7. Oh no you do NOT try to slide in sideways your guess/assumption Iran is somehow responsible for this US nightmare with Saudi Government NOT the People. I do NOT believe for a second Iran bombed any country for any reason and i especially do not subscribe to your fairy tale assumptions.

    Iran has never bombed another country since the 7th century except under direct attack and only in self defense.

  8. Shrill voice , sounds like he’s having a heart attack and then presents speculation as fact . News program more in keeping with the likes of North Korea. What plane did they shoot down , I thought it was a drone

  9. GOP+NRA continues to throw corpses on the altar they built for Trump and they dance on the graves of AMERICANS to the tune PUTIN plays… irredeemable

  10. Tell the Saudis to use all that $400 Billion worth of stuff, military or otherwise to defend themselves.
    Israel, same question since you exist due to the extended handouts from our coffers. You'd think they could be less underhanded and manipulative and a bit more straight-forward and open with their agenda in the USA.
    IT MEANS I DON'T HAVE TO CARRY THE COW I BOUGHT FROM YOU HOME TONIGHT. That is all money was ever supposed to be, condensed Purchase power.

  11. Grump has no idea what he's doing for he avoids real work, just keep playing golf baby bone spurs. Of course he'll take credit for what others do like Obama bringing back economy.

  12. What's wrong with Chris? Oftentimes, he asks questions and then rattles and shouts comments while his guest answers, so we do not get clearly the replies of his guests. He likes to hear his voice and opinions superimposed on the guest's response. We like your program so we click on it, but you are sending us away.

  13. Pompeo is far more insidious and dangerous, slimy and slippery. Bolton what you see is what you get so can be dealt with. Pompeo runs with the foxes and hunts with the hounds.

  14. I think we should blow a referee whistle and just start over! Every politician has to resign, we go back and ask the the American citizens what they would like put into law and the majority wins! That goes for abortion, environmental laws, health care, the prison reform policies, and those that don't vote are not considered on any particular issue. American citizens should get off of their fat butts and start doing their own investigative research into the pros and cons of any given subject and start paying attention to your country and where you want it to go forward for your children, your grandchildren, other people's children, etc. and start caring about your counry for the good of all! The rich can keep their money, but they have to share it with those less fortunate through no fault of their own, and no matter who has money and who does not, we all work collectively for the betterment of our country and our neighbors and communities and so forth! If you don't like a particular group of people, you have to have dinner with them at least twice a month until you get it that they may have a point! If you break the law, steal, or harm another human being intentionally, you have a choice between being put on an island or put to work helping those that you harmed. You may say that this is an idealistic, unrealistic and crazy commentary….but look where we are headed folks….chaos, uncertainty, lie after lie after lie until your teeth hurt,,,,and what we have now is really, really, the craziest, scattered, false narrative after false narrative until you literally do not know whether you are coming or going…and that stands for everyone of you! None of us know the truth…so…that's my point….LET'S START OVER!

  15. Odd, weird and just abouot power and $$$. Trump is a coward and a liar. We have to plan with our Allies even though they just had the G7 meeting!

  16. When did it become fact that Iran attacked KSA? Does everything that comes out of the mouth of this presenter/station and invited guests simple matter of fact Bullsh*? It seems to the dumbfounded silent majority that the Bullsh* fever is now a major epidemic. It has infected the news and all of its stations, the government and all of its branches especially the POTUS and his administration. This festival of Bullsh** can only end bad.

  17. Why are they still blaming Iran? Houthi rebels said they did it. We can't trust the word of our own government. If there's something we don't know, they need to provide proof, not just their word that Iran did it.

  18. First time , EVER, I agree with Tump about this Iraqi War comment. Now let us just hope he stick to HIS guns and does not do anything stupid like the Bush administrations did. Bolton – Cheney, that was the Warmonger team. Cant believe they actually made a movie about Cheney, although very accurate.

  19. Irans' ALLEGED attack. A lot of people would like to see that be true. The murderous prince of Saudi Arabia, the Israelis, and tRump, and none of them would stop at murdering innocent people to accomplish it.

  20. You don't jump into a war with Iran because Saudi Arabia's is telling the DON they don't want that!!! HELLO!! TIT FOR TAT THEIR NEXT DOOR COULD BLOW UP AND WE DON'T WANT MORE!!

  21. Bolton is a filthy neocon traitor! I support Trump every day of the week in his attempts to stop us going to war on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia!

  22. Come on my fellow Americans! Trump is practicing TREASON!!.TREASON IS ALL THIS IS ALL ABOUT!! HE IS INTENTIONALLY MAKING AMERICA WEAK!!

  23. Iran is digging it's own grave. Let them keep digging. They are desperate for a war to deflect from all the internal unrest in their country. Keep the sanctions going strong and watch them collapse from within.

  24. War in the Persian Gulf benefits Russian and American oil exploitation companies at the expense of all non-oil producing allies and non-allies. Half of Saudi Arabian production was halted by only a dozen drones, Boltons' war mongering benefits the Oil Elite, that is his constituency. Cui bono?

  25. Who would think theses crazy liberals would love Bolton ! Trump is a blessing for not taking us to another vicious war ! GOD BLESS TRUMP!

  26. Breaking news!! A sensationalist DNC nard-licker heard a blowhard FOX news asswipe gossiped about an adderol-addled Orange clown moron.

  27. It blows my mind that we even let this guy make military decisionshe's a coward with no military experience or knowledge he is not qualified and he is proven that to us over and over as he puts us in risk he doesn't understand the concept of service or sacrifice

  28. Do you think Donald Trump will join Fox & Friends if he looses in 2020?
    Seems a perfect marriage. He'd be just like a crazier Regis Philbin…

  29. This anchor just said that Iran was responsible for the attack in Saudi Arabia. As far as I know, there is NO concrete proof of that. So, watch your words!

  30. "Disrespectful to the victims of 9/11 because the Taliban harbored Al Qaeda". But defending Saudi Arabia due to an "apparent attack by Iran" isn't disrespectful to these same victims. By Boltons' logic we should actually be defending Iran against Saudi Arabia if we don't want to offend victims of 9//11.

  31. You need to have reliable allies? I wonder if he mentioned to his allies in Afghanistan (eg The British) that he was inviting the Taliban over for tea and biscuits?

  32. You make a claim that Iran attached the Saudi oil fields yet have shown no proof. I'm beginning to have second thoughts about you and msnbc in general.
    Might be time for a different news source.

  33. Bolton understands that we have a president that thinks showing up and taking pictures with dictators is a foreign policy! Nothing gets done but making DJT look good in a photo op! While NK continues to build bombs that can reach the American homeland! SMDH, this is very dangerous!

  34. I can't stand Chris Matthews. He's like a character out of SNL. He asks a question and before the person has a chance to respond, he jumps in with his own opinion. The guest is constantly interrupted and other than Matthews final view on the subject, we get to hear barely anything else! Put him out to pasture already!

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