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Foreign Policy Analysis
Political Science at Penn State Behrend

Political Science at Penn State Behrend

Political Science offers a slew of
transferable skills. In addition to the traditional liberal arts skills of
critical thinking, and reading, and writing, we also offer students an opportunity to practice their public speaking, as well
as understand public policy, which is a little different kind of reading and writing. Besides we need to remember that Political Science is a science, and our
students also learn the important methodologies of scientific research. We
have a pretty good record of placing the students in very good and interesting
careers. Many of our students end up in law schools and have very nice legal
practices. Several of our students work with the State Department or do other
foreign policy work. And one of our alumni, Guy Reschenthaler, is now a
member of the U.S. Congress. In addition to the aforementioned critical thinking, which is a critical skill for the fostering of lifetime learning, our courses also focus
on civic engagement and global awareness. And those types of skills students will take with them for the rest of their lives.

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