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Political Science at K-State

Political Science at K-State

Political science is far more broad than I think most people typically understand. With a degree in political science you can hope to have an impact on people’s lives and actually make a difference in the world. One of the great things about political science is that it’s a very practical degree. It’s well-rounded, it makes you a well-versed citizen. An understanding for how government works can be hugely valuable, not just to work in government, but in all things the government touches as well. We teach you the tools to carry out statistical analysis, which can be applied to basically any field. National data says that political science majors often have higher salaries than some professional tracks. Many of them are in managerial positions because they have critical thinking skills and interpersonal and analytical skills. One of the cool things about political science is that you can do internships for credit. We have students who are interns in Washington, D.C., but also in Topeka and in city offices across the state as well. Political science is a big proponent of real-world experience. A number of our students have interned overseas. I’m traveling to Nagawa, Japan. That’s going to be a really fun opportunity to broaden my political science horizons, and getting that international perspective. There will also be countless opportunities to carry out research. Our faculty are both involved in research and in teaching. The same people who are teaching you are the same people who are doing cutting-edge research on that topic. There’s just so many opportunities to apply for scholarships. and help fund your education. We have at least 17 scholarships and we give over $20,000 every year. The concurrent MPA program is fantastic for students who are trying to get the most out of their time here at K-State. It allows you to finish both degrees, the bachelor’s and the Master of Public Administration within six years. It allows students to get through school much quicker, and then also the added bonus of saving students money as well. If you’re thinking about enrolling in political science at K-State, I’d say go for it. It’s incredibly broad. That opens up a ton of doors for you later down the road. You can really change the world.

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