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Policy Proposals From Mar-A-Lago Members

Policy Proposals From Mar-A-Lago Members

100 comments on “Policy Proposals From Mar-A-Lago Members

  1. Colbert is going downhill quick, he's just an another anti-Trump propaganda pushing, spin artist. he's nothing but a puppet.

  2. Mar A Lago needs to be investigated, I'm sure there was alot of shady business going on there for years!!! How about those massage parlors that are run from Mar A Lago,Sex trafficking,all dirty laundry,more than likely used for campaign money for Trumps 2016 election, no brainer just connect the dots 🤔

    -love him or hate him, Trump is not going to be impeached, arrested, charged, ect, for anything
    -femminism has become excessively toxic, and is mainly responsible for the decline in marriage and birth rate for the last 7 years
    – further research has concluded that guns still don't kill people.
    – fathers day will always be celebrated
    – passerbyers can still smell chelsea handlers vagina from 8.5 feet away.
    – straight men will never date or find trans women attractive and that will never be frowned upon by the masses
    – no research has concluded anymore than only 2 genders, and an individul having both genitalia is not considered a 3rd gender only both of the only 2 genders
    – people who are offended easily are weak minded and generally have low self esteem or a high expectant rate in which they are not entitled.
    – your college student is currently being dummed down for purposes of voting in a dictator.

  4. It's a shame that you accuse the organization Chic-fil-a of being against LGBT marriage and LBGT rights when it all came from the head of the company being asked his personal opinion on gay marriage and honestly answering, after which the company was boycotted due to said personal opinion, after which many LGBT employees stepped forward and said that they were in no way discriminated against or treated poorly due to their sexual orientation. As a devout Catholic, do your personal beliefs mandate a boycott against your show by all whom support the rights of Protestants, atheists, LGBT, or any other group whose actions the Catholic Church may not find acceptable or should we consider the fact that your personal beliefs do not necessarily dictate your professional actions on the job? I'm disappointed in you, Stephen.

  5. Sooo I read that POTUS has a new TV delivered and set up in his bedroom every week. According to White House technical staff sources, this is due to POTUS using the same stamp on his TV screen, to keep track of what content on his TiVo he has watched. Early months of 2017 it would wash out, but he switched to waterproof permanent ink after having caught Eric scrubbing off his stamp to cheat his way into doubling his time slot allowance.

  6. You people are holding up the rest of the country by following this kolbert garbage.
    We have a mission to accomplish and you have your heads in a hole.
    WWG1WGA MAGA2020

  7. Can we talk about the fact that Chick fil' a isn't actually anti-gay. At least the last I heard, the owner believes homosexuality is wrong BUT he met with LGBT community leaders and had a civil discussion about their disagreements.

  8. That’s the stupidest dean ever, she just lower her chances of ever getting hire because I wouldn’t hire a person that quits the moment they get trigger over fast food, so I’m sure many people are of the same mindset. Her only chances are only with religious schools

  9. Well, my fellow veterans, it was fun while it lasted. No more dental care for us 100% disabled military veterans. It's back to using whiskey and plyers like the good old days.

  10. The Mike and Ike and Cellphone bit were great, but honestly the Deans move in response to the Chic-Fil-A deal shouldn't be made fun of, it is there right to have their religious views and shouldn't be made fun of on National Tv for it. Yes it is a bigoted POV and hilarious circumstance but the joke was made to poke fun of Christians, cmon Colbert -.- Freedom of religion is a right, at least they aren't forcing the students to partake in it

  11. "It's Adam and Eve … Not Mike and Ike"
    OMFG, almost died from choking on dinner when hearing that line! 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Thank you Stephen and the folks at the late show for calling out the atrocious principles of CFA, good to know people still care.

  13. Ah, America. A woman with an intellect such as this is a University Dean? No wonder here in Australia our 2nd biggest export is Educational Services. The Chinese are queueing up to be Educated here. Thanks! Just to point out; A Republican politician is boycotting Girl Scout Cookies because they celebrated AOC's win! Thanks for leading the Free World! Teehee!

  14. Now, I completely understand why CNN CBSN MSNBC (and the Washington Post and the New York Times and NBC News and the rest) would not hire Trump supporters. The media have an agenda. They want to drive Trump from office by any means necessary, including the use of violence, and will do anything to stop him from serving a second term or furthering his mandate. That I get… There is no mystery about that…

  15. Why would religious people support animal factory farming and hate against the gay community, no religion for me!

  16. So let me get this straight, she quit because she couldn’t tolerate her university’s intolerance of another business’s intolerance? God dammit people are stupid.

  17. Trump should not be allowed to go to Mar-a-lago while in office. This would curtail the obscene cost to taxpayers for the trips to and from and it would stop that pay to play aspect of membership there.
    Horrendous Trump family taking advantage of Americans. What else is new?

  18. Well, there we go…we now know how to get Trump out of office.
    Dear King,
    You should quit.
    Signed, Everyone

  19. Just so you know, Jesus often times said “In the kingdom of heaven, there are no rich or poor, free or bond, male or female, Jew or Gentile (and by extension, gay or straight), ALL are equally the children of God.” He also warned his followers not to try to mix his teachings with the Old Testament likening it to putting new wine into an old wine skin (which causes them to break). Naturally his followers routinely ignore these teachings as they do with so many others. Conservative Christians (an oxymoron) are really just CINOs (Christians in Name Only).

  20. The only reason these videos are getting 1 million+ views is because YouTube is forcing these videos to appear in everyone's feed. No matter how many times I click I am not interested, they just keep appearing. So it is true, we are being programmed.

  21. Now I understand why we, Canadians, don't allow religious views at work. You do you at home but from the moment you step out of your house, there ain't no religion.

  22. I’m reluctant to say anything in support of chick-fil-a (although I do love their chicken) but they no longer donate to any anti-LGBT organizations other than the fellowship of Christian athletes, which focuses more on sports and youth development. I think both banning and quitting over the banning is a bit ridiculous. As there are much bigger chickens to fry then ones personal choice of lunch food.

  23. "As a follower of Jesus…. I obey the wishes of a corporate fast food chain."
    Yep, no flaw in that train of thought. Put no false god before your chicken sandwich.

    Clearly they're better off without that dean.

  24. Isn't that illegal, not that the dictator in chief cares but didn't he say he knows the best people yet can't keep anyone in his white house? Good to know our "genus" leader gets his ideas for governing from rich a holes or some caddie. Oh wait he's already tried that it's his longest staff member an ex caddie for trump. The "best" trump has to offer

  25. Maybe good fortune will shine on us, Florida is full of sinkholes, maybe there's one under Mar-A-Lago and will put an end to this BS

  26. I had been a pretty regular fan of Mr.Colbert; even though his sense of humor is sometimes hard to find. But with his Bernie Sanders’ characterization and age issue, he just lost all my appreciation for his unfunny and every day less relevant program. He really messed and fucked it up badly. It’s not just a matter whether Mr. Sanders is fit for office at his 70+ years old. Actually an issue that doesn’t bother us voters, and recent polls can’t be more illustrative. It’s his lack of decency, taste, stile, graciousness, towards Mr. Sanders that really have offended a lot of people like myself that being in the seventies, don’t see why this has to be matter of stupid jokes and put down. There are ways to criticize , and oppose a candidate for office; but Mr. Colbert’s stile is not one of them. Actually, it really stinks.

  27. That was the plan along select a president who is known to be party of country golf club and let his rich buddies push their agendas
    Its called president on the strings

  28. America has lost its compass because while the rest of the world is moving forward, America is going backwards into the darkness of dictatorship and fascism.

  29. Member licking good?
    Do my ears deceive me?
    I better watch that again!
    Tripolar out.
    Google " The Border Wall Tequila "

  30. I do not understand the bigotry and condemnation from people who call themselves Christians. Practice your faith, but show kindness to others, even those you do not agree with. Remember that story of Jesus telling the crowd ready to throw stones at a woman accused of adultery, did Jesus not say only someone who was free from sin should cast the first stone. Leave the moral judgments to God. If you are so bothered by people who are different from you or do not practice the same religion as you, then do not socialize with them. As a registered nurse for over 30 years I have taken care of people from all walks of life, I do not get to choose my patients, I just take care of them.

  31. Steal from poor people, sick people, or the working class you get a slap on the wrist MAYBE. Steal from the wealthy and you may get in trouble. Especially if you're poor.

  32. I'm gay and I love chick fil a!!! I would be piss off also. I'm a gay believer in freespeach democracy and chicken!!

  33. Actually sitting in the same room and listening to tRump? I don't care how rich tRump is or thinks he is – he doesn't have enough money to pay me to do that.

  34. Beginning on volume 1, folio society edition, decline and fall of the roman empire; conditions in germany, you can see where while formerly it had been impossible grapes north of cicily, that after cutting the forests of gaul, draining of swamps, it became a vast grape producing area, it becomes apparent as you read in later records of forests, that it was public policy to cut the trees, and dig out the stumps, drain the swamps, so global warming is, was, and continues to be deliberate

  35. @BronzeTrooper writes, "what was the point of letting everyone vote on it to begin with?"
    To teach kids how democracy works: two wolves and a chicken voting on what's for dinner. (At the graduate level, the wolves dress as cows saying EAT MOR CHIKN and the chicken points out it is treif, unclean for consumption by Levitical law, due to its sexual preferences.) 🐄🐔🐄

  36. I’m conflicted. I’m a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community… but I quite like Chick-Fil-A’s chicken nuggets and tenders. Is it wrong of me to like the restaurant’s food despite its bigoted beliefs? I hate how they’re like this but I don’t let it affect what I eat.

    Granted, I actually don’t eat there often…the couple times I did I used a coupon to get free food or it was a restaurant on campus

  37. That was the sweetest thing I eva hood, Mr Kulbert. Now pardon me while I eliminate some greasy chicken………

  38. So a (overly religious) dean quit cuz of a fast food chain denial?? Wow….if that's her logic to everything, then I wish her goodluck in life as well for getting a job in future – lol.

  39. Still not sure how I feel about Shkreli. Guy's a troll for sure, but it still seems to me this whole charade is about insurance companies punishing him for hiking their prices up.

  40. Since when did a fast food chain become so closely linked to a religion? Oh, I forgot McDonald's…

  41. I really wish people would stop calling him President. He is not my president and never will be. What trump is, is a very cruel and mentally sick person.

  42. That’s weird, I’m surprised they turned Chick-Fil-A down, I’ve never understood why people like it so much but its all anyone at school ever talks about, and the line is always backed up a mile down the street. I don’t get it, I’ve had there food and it’s fine, but not something I’d wait in line for 20min over.

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