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Policy in a minute – Youth Unconditional Basic Income

Policy in a minute – Youth Unconditional Basic Income

Unconditional Basic Income is the way of
the future and The Opportunities Party wants to see one for all young
people. We want everyone between the ages of 18 and 23 years of age to receive
$200 per week no questions asked, no bureaucrats to talk to, no hoops to jump
through whatsoever. Why? Remember we have the highest rate of suicide in the
developed world amongst young people. This is an important, pivotal,
transitional period in people’s lives. It’s very stressful and we want to
support people with that when they’re trying to work out what to do with their
lives. For? You can use it for anything – that might be starting a business, it
might be going to university, it might be pursuing an artistic career – We don’t
care! And we think it’s crazy that politicians can tell young people what
to do with their lives. The economy is becoming increasingly uncertain. It’s up
to you to set your own goals and it’s up to you to work out the best way
to deliver them. And the cost is around about 2.4 billion dollars – only slightly
more than Steven Joyce’s tax cut package. I hope you enjoyed that policy
in a minute if you want to see more videos like these click here and if you
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19 comments on “Policy in a minute – Youth Unconditional Basic Income

  1. Conditional on age.

    Bloody politicians and their special interest groups.

    I really thought you were above that. Everyone has got to eat, people in all age groups struggle, some have deferre their lives due to crippling student loan costs and then been disadvantaged by RBNZ 20% deposit requirements.
    But they fall outside your age bracket.
    Even ex-millionares need to eat and they likely paid tax along the way.

    A UBI is supposed to pull All above the poverty line unconditionally, not just an age bracket selected by a politician.

    "We acknowledge the fact that it’s not only people with families that matter but also people starting out in adult life who need support to help them reach their potential."

    You just said people outside those parameters DONT MATTER.

    You just lost a vote and a vocal advocate.

  2. Don't you think this will create a youth culture that delays maturity and independence? You'll get them dependent on the state instead of their parents. Surely paying 18 year olds not to commit suicide will just mean they go on a permanent OE at age 24. I guess they might come back when they're old enough for the old folks 'UBI' (aka super)

  3. 😂😂😂 Yaaaaaaaaaay free drugs!!!!!! Who thought of this shit? Shouldn't there at least be some sort of criteria? Personally I think this is not a good idea

  4. This is a terrible way to roll out such a policy.. Heck, I support Unconditional Basic Income for all.. But if you try to do it this way, you'll only piss people off. Especially those of us who are just outside the age, and were screwed during those years of our life, we need that help too, and we need it now. Automation and it's effects on the economy affect everyone, not just youth starting out.
    I mean seriously? Of ANY age group, young people have the EASIEST TIME supporting themselves, if they're willing to. They're the healthiest and fittest for work.. They have the least responsibility and the easiest mobility.. And heck They often get picked before older people, simply because they're young.. The problem is, EVERYONE ELSE is being hit by automation first..
    If any group needs a UBI before the rest.. It might be Truck drivers! As they'll be the first big industry to go..

  5. With increasing automation there will be less and less jobs. You think that the loss of manufacturing jobs was bad? Wait for the loss intellectual jobs, it will be on a far greater scale and its less than 20 years away. This policy is inevitable, the only question is when.

  6. No! This has been too unfortunate an advert.
    The 200 is ten blocks of twenties, if your'e at home you need a better number of twenties.
    Lets say exactly a divisible number!!! Easy for the accounting learner!
    There are no independent young people! The ONLY way up is crime, and also a young person of the age range suggested will not be afforded the study continuation of lifestyle. The age range suggested should be majority in the family home, with a portion income available for parental investment, especially in the event of a taken-away portion related to expenses in departments related to designating study as different to a "job seek".
    I'm sorry for my country that you have taken this particular timing to avail these views to the public.

  7. how about you stop advertising your stupid policies. Every video i click on this muppet pops up with these terribly produced videos

  8. I'm 31, and theyre at me 212, with a hot .45
    6 weeks in, with one lost payment, after a double outside affect 13week on preinturned diagnosed psychosis. they've got me at SALE price request on back-to-work shoes and pants, and out of work 6 months, i guess they imagined the pants and shoes would last two years.. maybe i was supposed to ware the pants the first year, and shoes the next.
    860$tax paid against 317grant 68.48attempted debt, no memory.
    I'm 4K debt for the NZGovt setup, but it owes my parents, I guess they're 2ton a piece, or a 1.5 could be worse. Lost a car worth that at a scrap, or 5.6789tended to; rather than piecing an IT crowd remote on a restaurant BMW chasing no tax for the outside affect had a KS 3K choking the new green bank: short straw?..outside affect.

  9. As one of the young New Zealanders who this would be giving money to in a few years, this is the only one of TOP's policies I really disagree with. Young people driven to suicide are affected by domestic violence, childhood poverty, and academic pressure- their struggle to start a career is largely separate from suicide. We'd be better off investing that money in UBI for demographics that need it more and would use it more responsibly, or investing it in domestic abuse investigation, which would actually lower youth suicide rates.

  10. this motherfuckers winds me up all of the constant fucking adds all the time make me want to add to the fucking suicide rate!

  11. I think free university or somewhat free would benefit people more because its more productive and makes things less stressful because the person hasnt got much to lose and provides an education I dont know how much this will cost its just a thought.

  12. You should talk to more people before rolling out your policies, most of the comments below agree that there should be no special interest groups and everyone 18 upwards should get the same. People start business at all ages these days and most people will be working until they can't anymore, so there should be no restrictions.

  13. Not sure what this has to do with suicide rates, pretty sure a weekly income will have little impact on that. However I am not against this concept, but after 23 what then? The dole? i would need more convincing to how this benefits the economy.

  14. There are positives too this. I for example work full time and run my own business on the side. That extra income could help a lot towards the speedy growth of that and eventual potential positive impact on the economy. Issue is most young people don't think that way.

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