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PM Netanyahu meets Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicholson

PM Netanyahu meets Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicholson

It’s a pleasure to welcome the Foreign Minister of Canada, Rob Nicholson here. Rob, welcome to Jerusalem. Our friendship, the friendship between Canada and Israel, is a model of the partnership between two democracies, exemplary democracies Israel values the support, unstinting, unfaltering, of Canada in an international environment that is often marked by cynicism and double talk. Canada, led by Prime Minister Harper, is always stalwart and tells the truth. And we think that this is a refreshing wind in an increasingly hostile environment, hostile to the truth. As an example, a national student group in Britain voted to support a boycott of Israel. This is less than a year after they refused to support a boycott of ISIS. They boycott Israel but they refuse to boycott ISIS. That tells you everything you want to know about the BDS movement. They condemn Israel and do not condemn ISIS; they condemn themselves. Israel has an exemplary democracy. We have academic freedom, press freedom, human rights. ISIS tramples human rights to the dust. It burns people alive in cages. And the national student groups in Britain refuse to boycott ISIS and have boycotted Israel. It tells you everything you want to know about the BDS movement. At the same time, in the UN, we’ve seen Turkey and Iran vote to give Hamas affiliate status – Hamas. Hamas fires rockets on our cities while hiding behind Palestinian civilians, hiding behind Palestinian children. It tells you about international hypocrisy a lot. I stress these points, Rob, because Canada stands out so clearly and so powerfully against these distortions of truth and distortions of justice, And I want to express the feeling of the people of Israel that we believe we have no better friend than Canada. We value that partnership. It was exemplified last week, two weeks ago, in the vote of Canada, alongside the United States and Great Britain, in rolling back the attempt to single out Israel in the NPT votes. That is deeply appreciated here. So we welcome you here in challenging times, sometimes perilous times But in days when we know that the best defense against the attack on the democracies, Is the partnership of democracies, as exemplified by our two countries. Welcome to Jerusalem Thank you very much. Well, thank you very much, Prime Minister. I am delighted to be here. This is my first trip to Israel here, and of course I’m here to demonstrate emphatically Canada’s unwavering support for Israel. Prime Minister Harper has made this very clear that we recognize Israel as a friend, A nation which shares core values and a beacon of democracy in a region of repression and instability. We understand that Israel’s neighborhood is as dangerous as Canada’s is peaceful. And so we know that Israel’s leadership has no choice but to take at all times every step necessary to protect itself from the forces that are openly committed to its destruction. So we’ve long refused to be neutral in supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against violent extremists. Israel is on the frontline of free and democratic the nations world over, just as you’ve pointed out, Prime Minister And any who turn their back on Israel or turn a blind eye to the nature of Israel’s enemies do so in the long run at their own peril. With that in mind, I look forward to discussing the critical security issues, all the issues that confront us, But as well to reinforce that wonderful friendship that exists between our two countries. It’s extremely valuable to us and we appreciate your friendship and your support.

6 comments on “PM Netanyahu meets Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicholson

  1. Really?
    How exactly can we boycott ISIS?
    What exactly can we stop buying to boycott ISIS?
    What are the ISIS companies, products or exports that we can boycott?
    Does ISIS even have an economy for people to boycott?

    It's a pity that the journalists did not follow up and ask Netanyahu for some suggestions on how exactly people can boycott ISIS. Talk about a strawman argument.

  2. One cannot "boycott ISIS," first of all. Perhaps that's why it didn't happen. What hollow rhetoric. I see Canada's Israel lobby has the Canadian PM kissing up to a foreign land as well. No two countries should have an "unbreakable bond." States don't have friends, they have interests… interests that benefit their respective peoples. For example, should Israel launch another 25-minute bombing campaign of a flag-waving US ship (like USS Liberty), bonds should be broken. See how that works? For example, any US traitors, like AIPAC, that use media or banking influence to pressure US politicians to forgive Israel, should be expelled and sent to their country of allegiance. Israel-Firsters, who are citizens of other countries, don't speak for Jews. Israel-Firsters breed anti-Semitism.

  3. It concerns me greatly that the BDS movement has enough support within the Student Union in Britain to actually win a vote to carry out their stinking agenda… and that is exactly what it is – STINKING.. It is founded on hidden agendas and lies.. I can guarantee that most of the adherents to that evil organisation have NEVER even been to Israel to witness the truth for themselves. I expect that most of their misinformation has originated from the BDS movement and other enemies of Israel and/or much of the British media. I am only too aware that PM David Cameron certainly does not go along with them whatsoever. It is a sad day indeed for me to witness such a movement as that being able to brainwash and twist the minds of otherwise intelligent and caring young people to believe the lie, because that's exactly what it is… A LIE!… Israel is not perfect, but I'll tell you this, you won't find a more humane and caring nation in the whole of the Middle East… if not the world.

    Keith, UK

    ps…. A big "THANK YOU" to Canada under the leadership of PM Stephen Harper, for standing up for the truth. Thank you.

  4. I'm Canadian and I DON'T support my governments stands on Israel Canadian relation. Israel stands against Canadian values such as human right, freedom of religion and a fair chance for everyone to live a peaceful and fulfilling lives for themselves and their families.

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