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Pete Buttigieg: South Bend, Indiana, saw beyond my sexuality and trusted my policies

Pete Buttigieg: South Bend, Indiana, saw beyond my sexuality and trusted my policies

100 comments on “Pete Buttigieg: South Bend, Indiana, saw beyond my sexuality and trusted my policies

  1. As a lifelong moderate conservative who is completely disenchanted with the Republican party and sickened by Trump, I could see a Biden/Buttigieg or Biden/Gabbard ticket appealing to me (and who knows how many others in my shoes). Joe's experience will steady the ship. Then, if anything happens with his health, he would have a solid leader ready to step in. While I may not agree with all of their politics, I agree with a lot of it and I respect all three of them as patriotic Americans, leaders, people of integrity, and willing to work with both sides of the aisle for the good of the country. That's what we need.

  2. No real working class American wants Biden or buttigieg. We want Warren or Bernie. No more fake corporate neoliberals


  4. They saw beyond Buttigieg sexuality but right at his racism. He has created a big racial mess in South Bend that is coming to bite him on his behind. Has he fixed it? NO. He stated that 'he failed' there.

  5. You make me puke 🤢. Your fake, your not original and definitely a copycat. Go checkout #repete and you will see why so many can see right through him.

  6. I'm more interested in why Pete Buttigieg and his racists donors tried to remove a black sheriff, and cover up police shootings!

  7. Maybe Pete should release his policy position so we all know. Something he has yet to do…….so he's pretty much a blank canvas. We can all imagine what he might do….be nice if he said real specifically what he wants to do. Until then he's just another pretty face devoid of substance

  8. No one cares about your sexuality Pete just you. You used to support Medicare for all now you don’t. You are a corporate shill, you are a hollow and have nothing to offer, that’s why regular folks don’t support you. Stick to your rich donors and enjoy losing the primaries. I know I will enjoy watching you lose the primaries.

  9. Buttigieg wants to extend his moderate more of the same message to every American yet he's hovering around 0% with black and brown folks.. And a democrat isn't going to beat Trump without galvanizing black and brown people…

  10. Mayor Pete ,the gay candidate, called Bernie Sanders supporters angry liberals and then went on to say that they sounded like Trump supporters.
    The only persons who uses the term "angry liberals" are Trump supporters so in fact it is "Peter" who sounds like Trump supporters.

  11. The fact he is gay is not a issue with me. I wish him well but I don’t think he has a chance. I dislike his positions. His sexuality is private and should remain in the bedroom. None of my business.

  12. A super corporate media company propping up a super corporate candidate using their own polling company to say whatever they want. This is all a fraud. NO ONE trusts CNN.

  13. Has buttplug even made South Bend a great place to live? That’s just a medium size city. Now people want him to run the country? What a joke!

  14. that concept of identity politics is a failure and does not work. first woman, first black, first gay, first jackass, first …. the whale idea of liberalism is a total failure and becoming obsolete in the western world

  15. Not "everyone" knows "it" is an issue, I've heard older black men say it is irrelevant, and most folks just don't give a damn and don't think about it.

  16. I don't trust any person who goes against the natural laws of nature, they are defective in some way to go against all their natural instincts.

  17. His sexualitr is considered a mental disorder. Research proved a few weeks ago nobody is born so called Gay. When you define yourself and your entire life around a mental disorder that makes you delusional then as the Democrats say you have no place at the table. I'm not afraid of nor do I hate homosexuals any more than other people with mental disorders but I don't think the are stable enough for public service.

  18. Trump is doing well due to CNN ,MSNBC pushing for Establishment hack like Biden ,Buttijudge instead of Bernie or Warren

  19. Voting for Buttijudge just cz he is gay is similar like voting for Trump just cz he is not a typical politician .Identity politics are bad what ever form they come to .Vote for Policy ,not for Skin color or sexuality

  20. Sorry.. but harris.. bootygig &amykobechar Is a waste of time.. they wont win anyway.. tulsi or bernie maybe will but cnn wont let emmm

  21. Hey Pete….everyone can get it? Does that mean everyone will be covered, even if they can’t afford it? How are you going to pay for it? Details please!

  22. Buttigieg is their mouthpiece:

    Healthcare Ad Spending Exceeds $65 Million in 2019 as Insurance Industry Ramps Up Effort to Kill Medicare for All

  23. Buttigieg used to be for M4A until he started to receive money from the healthcare industry, big pharma. Learn your lessons, don't fall for such candidates! The media is hammering us with Pete now, because Biden is dropping, & because the establishment is all-in with Pete. #NeverButtigieg

  24. Pete you don't need this! Go out there go on wall street and make a ton money. You have a Harvard degree for goodness sake.

  25. This won’t happen in Jesus name Amen. This new lifestyle is in contradiction of the GODs plan in Genesis 1:28. This means these people promoting this lifestyle have a different agenda which is to destroy GODs plan. Christians have to be aware of that. He might be smart but he doesn’t represent families values because he chose a different lifestyle. But their agenda is promote even more this kind of lifestyle so the presidency is a goal to even achieve that so that entire world see. GODs people will stand up and will remember the word and will not let this madness to happen in Jesus name Amen

  26. I'm from Illinois, south Ben is 60 minutes away from the state with the highest taxes of 50 states. If he had any economic plan he would be able to brag about how job's left Illinois to come to south Ben while he was mayor but he hasn't brought any substance to his campaign that's why people pick Biden, Warren and Bernie (my president) over him.

  27. He has; not kept his promises? Trump has kept almost all promises not like any other president.,What planet is thisguy on?Gay Planet?

  28. Worst mayor in South Bends history wants to become the worst President EVER, NO THANKS Certainly not disgusted with the White house but very disgusted with your lies and NO MORALS.

  29. Buttigieg is a brilliant, thoughtful, decent, empathetic visionary, patriotic, and a genuine candidate of integrity and honor. * His views are subtle and thoughtful; his approach is rational and clear-headed; he doesn’t make fantastical promises and doesn't offer instant nostrums; he is a consensus builder rather than a divisive pandering "ideologue" . He is the perfect antidote to the current, bigotry, intolerance, divisiveness and hatred undermining our nation. Finally, unlike the draft-dodger in the White House, he is a person of courage and integrity who risked his life and limb serving the nation in an active battle zone.
    PS: His command of the issues is second to none and his use of the English language is masterful.

  30. I was just waiting for Pete yo to pull the homophobia card. Blacks can careless about his sexual orientation, he has a poor history with blacks, and he’s an establishment candidate. Andrew Yang 2020

  31. We know that all CNN polls are fake. But this show us that Joe Biden is the candidate that Jeff Zucker prefeers and been paid the most to support!

  32. Its not that we are homophobic. It what was made of it. I had issues with encountering gay people and still do under this condition- Take Pete, Anderson and Don for example. I cant see myself reacting with a live presence as long as they act the way as seen on TV. The act professional, dress decent and get down to business. Others as seen on TV and up close in personal such as the past gay pride monthe in June… Men going out in public in women's panties, women's leotards, women's dresses and just being flat out flamboyant in your face about thier sexuality is when I have an issue. I mean, I can sit out a gay marriage, but seeing one of the 2 wearing a bridal dress is a bit too much. Seeing 2 women is a bit of a more complex. But to see 2 men with one wearing women's garments… Its an issue with me. They can do whatever, but for the sake of humanity, they should just be 2 men together without the feminine appearance. Pete? I could support him next to Biden and Warren. I was actually supporting Beto, but he kinda hung himself with the gun comment. Anyway as I stated, its not that we are homophobic. Its just the appearance and the flamboyant in your face is what gets us rallied up. That and a long history of Catch 22 comedy and acting out in real lifefor a good laugh. My final comment is that I will get disgusted in others who attack someone physically just because the victim choses to be gay. It happens alot. No one should ever put their hands on anyone unless they are attacked. What happens after that is fair game.

  33. All religions say homosexuality is a sin. The majority of Americans say they are religious. That should make it impossible for Buttigieg to be elected president (I think it does – I think he is unelectable, I think he would lose by the largest margin in American history – 80:20) OR, a big percentage of Americans who say they are religious are liars. I think that's probably true too, but American Evangelicals will vote for Trump rather than a Democrat. Little Pete has ZERO electability.

  34. Mayor Pete is a decent a war veteran Ivy league Presidential candidate 2020.
    He help the town grow, this unfortunate shooting is a set back but look at his work overall.
    Mayor Pete has man up, apologized and working to resolve this issue for All American people.
    Mayor Pete listens and learns. Best wishes. #PeteForAmerica #Pete2020

  35. Too bad black people don't like gay folk. You can't win the democratic nomination without the black vote. Blacks are homophobic.

  36. California pumps about 1 trillion with a T into federal taxes per year. Trumpy tweets he's not sending $$$ to California blah blah blah. Let me put this in simple terms. California funds the entire Military budget + the State dept.+DOJ + Dept of Education + FEMA and there still is some money left. Putting it another way .California pays enough federal tax in one year to fund FEMA 70 yrs into the future . So STFU Trumpy !

  37. The office if the President is far more than how you as a presidential
    Candidate are going to contribute or detract from the quality of life for the average American. It’s about belief, substance, character, and vision for the country. I have not heard any Democratic Candidate to-date in any forum discuss their vision for the country and why that vision is the most relevant to voters. When you net it out, it’s about how much more they’re are planning to tax the populous and how they will continue to plummet the country into further debt largely due to added social programs nobodies asking for or needs. Governments regardless of Party Leadership should be forced to sign a binding covenant that clearly articulates what services they are best at proving, with everything else going to the private sector. This framework would limit Government growth by mandating that they not go beyond the relevant services they provide, not spend future dollars they don’t have, limit future municipal, state and federal tax hikes, and begin to rebuild the national public trust.The litmus test for Mayor Pete is – is South Bend in a better or worst state from when he took office to Y-T-D?

    Concerning his sexual proclivities it is a moral issue that once he publicly proclaims is fair game for the citizenry to question his candidacy for President.

  38. There once was a dude named Joe Biden. When as Vice President he was slidin. The sniffing of hair, young girls underwear, when it comes to Ukraine he’s just Lyin.

  39. Vote Buttigieg… a man who can be bought… a man who will compromise with the corporate sector. Nobody (in health care or on Wall Street) wants Warren or Sanders. And Bezos and his kind certainly don't want to be taxed at their fair share to support medicaid for all or the green new deal! So you can be sure that the Washington Post is going to run favorable ads on Pete. "He's our man!"

  40. Vote Buttigieg… a man who can be bought… a man who will compromise with the corporate sector. Nobody (in health care or on Wall Street) wants Warren or Sanders. And Bezos and his kind certainly don't want to be taxed at their fair share to support medicaid for all or the green new deal! So you can be sure that the Washington Post is going to run favorable ads on Pete. "He's our man!"

  41. You Americans are crazy! You had an evil crazy old fart like trump and you chose him! Now you have a decent person, a great choice for you, someone smart, decent, that can talk, and think, that have actually been fighting in war for your country; but you are scare of him because oh think he’s a puppet! Seriously? Are you all flat earth believers? Climate change deniers? I know education there is expensive, but don’t overreact, stop watching so much tv and dramas and get real! You are way too powerful and too big, for the health of this planet, the minimum you can do is be normal! Btw, you are so powerful because you sold an image of yourselfs, but is fading away, really fast!!!…


  43. fakness and arrogance is oozing from this pete guy. and he does not understand two class insurance system will not work, you piece of sh*t

  44. I don’t care about the sexually content of a person. I do not want this guy to get the nominee or should he move up in the polls. He’s copying Biden’s way of collecting money. Most of his money comes from corporate/corrupt money from big businesses. He’s already shown that he will favor his big money investor. Just asked the first black chief of south bend, who got fired. This guy is corrupt to the core. I do not trust him. America will learn about his corruption as well. I do not want to go from trump to Buttigieg of Biden. We need a honest person as commander in chief. Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard are the only ones that are 100 percent honest people.

  45. the racist assumption that black people are homophobic is not the Issue with Mayor Pete it is that he backed racist cops over his citizens and lied about it he is not an honest actor he is a DNC plant! reaching out to republicans is the Clinton playbook he is a lier and who the fuck cares if he is a gay right-winger it's the right-wing not the gay that is offensive> his health care line of crap is selling out the people over the business! where are your loyal follers mister elity pants!

  46. I hope Iowa sees how corrupt this guy is. Just look at his track record. I’m ashamed that he was a military soldier. I would respect him but I can’t after all the things I learned about him.

  47. I can’t stand Pete’s face. He looks like a total douchebag. I don’t like Trump, but even his face doesn’t make me cringe.

  48. The hypocrisy is putrid… Black guy feels it his place to pass judgement based on sexuality.. YET same black guy would raise hell if someone uttered the "N" word.. SMFH… You know what this world needs… a mass extinction event… Mutated disease, Meteor, world wide Nuclear catastrophe, super volcanic eruption etc etc.. thousands of years to change and evolve and THIS is where we are? Humans deserve to become extinct

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