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Pertshuhi Torosyan MPA-EPM ’15

Pertshuhi Torosyan MPA-EPM ’15

I was at a point in my career in asset
management where I had to decide what was going to be next for me. Because I
was up for a promotion and I realized that if I continue down that path I
might lose the opportunity to do what I really always wanted to do, which is
economic policy. When you’re already established as a mid-career professional
you can hesitate easily to take a year off and go to school. But that’s when I
took the leap and applied to the Columbia EPM program. What was really
appealing from the beginning was that I could spend a year to fully concentrate on
my studies and then come out with something tangible that would be valued
in the market. And it was. That one year provided in-depth knowledge of
macroeconomics, as well as financial market analysis, and policy analysis. What
you come out with is something so practical. You’re much more well-versed
in quantitative skills, you’ve gained an amazing network across the world, and you
have a fresh perspective. I had actually applied to the New York
Fed many, many years ago and over and over again never had the opportunity to
even interview here. Doing the EPM program first gave me the understanding
of what the New York Fed does and, second, it gave me the knowledge to be
competitive as a candidate here. When I look back right now, the MPA-EPM is one
of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

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  1. Debt based currency is a ponzi scheme that always requires more debt outstanding than currency to pay it off. It takes a college to hide that fact with numbers, formulas and money aggregates. We will be printing debt till it collapses around us..

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