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PART 2 – California State Assembly bill 3081 authored by Lorena Gonzalez

PART 2 – California State Assembly bill 3081 authored by Lorena Gonzalez

Welcome to Slavic and pay drivers fare grapes to create dealing with special
crafts in a workplace during the time when and everything who was with tamesha
movement was starting because we realized although the press cares a lot
when your employer is a legislator or when your employer is movie producer but
the vast majority central craftsman happens in four weeks jobs where women
don’t have the right to pursue justice through through outing they’re there for
a certain public and so we wanted to ensure that these women and men have
rights and the ability to pursue to stop sexual harassment retaliation start
power differences and according to a report released by the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission roughly three up for women who experience sexual
harassment never reported to a supervisor or manager in that’s a
problem ap 3081 takes a comprehensive approach to addressing these issues this
bill ensured that worker has at least three years to file a sexual harassment
related retaliation claim if a worker chooses to file claim the bill establish
a 90 day refundable presumption of unlawful retaliation and additionally
this bill would hold labor contractors accountable by requiring civil liability
for cases of sexual harassment assault and discrimination admissible workers
would have access to a hotline to report or under start to learn how to report
sexual harassment at the labor commissioner’s office and a means to
submit a written complaint that allows workers the option to remain anonymous
this is especially important because we know a lot of these women in particular
our immigrant and women who face immigration consequences if they come
forward answer employer finally 38 81 what 30 81
would require employers with at least 25 employees to provide sexual harassment
training to all employees every two years this is a different way of looking
at this we’ve often of course required with with larger companies to provide
supervisors with sexual harassment training but we’re learning this more
and more that our employees don’t understand or don’t know the law so
often don’t know then they can agree the situation when they’ve been sexually
harassed or what they should do if that’s happening my colleague
Assemblymember Cobra is presenting a b-29 46 which had similar provisions to
extend the statute of limitations and retaliate from first sexual harassment
retaliation I know of Assemblywoman Reyes had on the filing of the claim
itself we want them all to work together and so we’re going to take amendments to
make sure that that they all are doing the same thing and going in the same
direction with me today to testify in support of Av 3081 is Caitlin bathing
Labor Federation mr. chair members even theta4 the California Labor Federation
America and strong support we worked closely with the author to identify
areas of the bond that we could spot with benefit in particular a seventh of
most vulnerable women throughout California um after this kind of initial
focus on Hollywood and some of the more glamorous example we started we’ve just
started to hear more about within its restaurant workers women farm workers
women janitors who have been fighting sexual harassment for many years they
just haven’t been the focus of the meeting at attention women housekeeper
who have fought for safer conditions when they’re going into
rooms for the kind of sexual president that they think well the tragedy of this
film is build upon all of that work as well as the work of miss Reagan in
adjusting the statute of limitations on such a drastic claims to say that goes
hand-in-hand with retaliation most California workers are out well can be
fired at any time for any reason unless it’s on the short list of prohibited
reason that means that most workers serve at the mercy of their affair they
cannot speak out they cannot complain they cannot file a claim or they will be
fired for that reason we have to make sure that the law is more protective of
those workers that when workers come forward and file a claim for example
that there’s a pit if they get fired right after they filed a claim there
should be a presumption that they were fired because they spoke out about that
claim and the employer has all of the tools at their disposal to show if there
was a legitimate reason but a low wage immigrant would Lynch is facing sexual
harassment and tries to report it and gets fired
is it a much harder position to try to establish that it was retaliatory
because again she that willing to get fired for any reason and the other issue
we tried to address here our economy is increasingly dependent on contracted out
and temporary workers almost all of the jobs created since the last recession
are in contracted out and temporary work what they call contingent work these
workers are especially vulnerable because the master employer or we call
client employer had contractors come in and out those contractors provide the
direct supervision and then when workers rights are violated the client employer
says I had nothing to do with nibbling the contractors and nothing ever changes
what this bill says is we should apply the same provisions that we have now for
each where the client employer is held accountable if their contractor engages
in wage theft or violations of worker health or health and safety we should
apply those same protections to sexual assault harassment and
nation so this bill really seeks some fun some of these fools to look at from
look at these issues from the perspective of some of California’s most
notable workers thank you thank you any other with silver Tom Santa Clara County
leads a coalition in Edward Escobar on behalf of rideshare drivers nationwide
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