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Park’s Transition Team Announces Plans for Structural Reform of Govt. [Arirang News]

Park’s Transition Team Announces Plans for Structural Reform of Govt. [Arirang News]

New changes are ahead for the government. Among them… the president-elect’s transition
team wants to create a brand-new ministry focused on the creative economy… while reviving
a ministry dedicated to maritime affairs. There will also be some streamlining and cuts
to government bodies… and expect to see more emphasis on public safety in food and
drugs. Our Eoh Jin-joo reports on the latest. The reform measures put forth by the presidential
transition team clearly reflect President-elect Park’s governing philosophy of boosting the
domestic economy and keeping people safe. The next administration plans to create two
new ministries, one in charge of “future science technology” and the other of maritime affairs…
and abolish three others,… the National Science and Technology Commission, the Nuclear
Safety and Security Commission and the Office of Minister for Special Affairs. In particular,… President-elect Park is
known to have put great emphasis on the science ministry. “We plan to set up the basis for ‘creative
economy’ through ‘creative science.’ The ministry will strengthen the government’s capability
to create more jobs and discover new growth engines.” The new ministry will also be responsible
for policies that pertain to information and communications technology. And to tackle the ongoing global economic
crisis, President-elect Park will appoint a deputy prime minister for economic affairs,..
a post that was scrapped during the Lee Myung-bak administration. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy will take
over trade affairs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade,… to improve the trade
environment… and hand over its responsibility of creating policies for medium-sized companies
and regional development to the Small and Medium Business Association. The Korea Food and Drug Administration will
be upgraded to a ministry,… and the Ministry of Public Adminstration and Security will
change its name to the Ministry of Security and Public Administration,… a move intended
to demonstrate President-elect Park’s committment to the people’s safety. “The presidential transition team said it
will provide at a later date… specific details about what these new ministries and government
offices will be in charge of… and how they will divide their functions within the agencies.
The committee aims to have the revised bill on the reforms written and passed at the National
Assembly within the month. Eoh Jin-joo, Arirang News.

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