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Parents Say 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Moving Across The Country To Be With Online Boyfriend She’s N…

Parents Say 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Moving Across The Country To Be With Online Boyfriend She’s N…

My daughter, Becky, doesn’t see the issue of talking to older guys online. Becky was talking with guys that were 18, 19, 24, and I was not okay with that. Her social media name was something like Daddy’s Little Girl XXX. She acted like a four year old and was role playing with guys who had fetishes. Becky is addicted to online game. She doesn’t see the issue of talking to older guys online or sending and posting nude photos of herself. He doesn’t respect you.
He doesn’t have the kind of respect for you that he should have. I think that’s bull crap. As of now, Becky has not met this online boyfriend in person. And I hope she never does. It a month, Becky says she’s moving cross country to be with this guy. You think you know him–
You think you know somebody, but you really don’t know them until you’ve spent a lot of time with them. No matter what you guys say, I’m moving out. I have my bags packed. Becky’s boyfriend has zero respect for me and my wife or our rules. We are at our wit’s end. Well, Cheryl’s mom, Loretta, says it’s all her daughter’s fault for allowing her granddaughter to misbehave. If I was in Cheryl’s shoes, Becky would not be doing on all of this, and she might not have met her online boyfriend. Cheryl should’ve slapped the (bleep) out of Becky when she found Becky was posting naked photos online. Loretta’s whole thing is that we didn’t spank ’em enough or smack ’em. For misbehaving.
You didn’t spank ’em enough at all. That’s not our parenting style. And you see where it got you. I believe 99% of Becky’s problems are ’cause of my daughter. You’re not her friend, you’re her mother. You are the boss, and she’s not. I don’t think I try to be her friend. I try to talk to her and put her in timeout. I don’t believe in timeout. But even from a–
What do you believe in? A good smack. My main concern is Becky wants to move across the country and live with some guy she doesn’t know. Who knows what her boyfriend’s done? You don’t know what he has in store for you. You wanna be a whore? No. Well, that’s what you’re gonna be. On the news, you see these kinds of guys locking girls up for years. It’s disgusting. Too many perverts out there, too many nuts. You go back there, he gives you some drugs. You’re gonna go out there and sell your ass for drugs. Why would I even take drugs in the first place?
Who knows? He might accidentally give ’em to you and not knowed. She needs someone else to help her straighten up other than her mom, dad, or me. I want Dr. Phil to make Becky see the light and show her that she doesn’t know or need this guy. Cheryl wants to see the rainbow at the end of all of this, but there’s a tornado coming. Okay, so, how concerned are you? Is this just that there’s an unknown here, or do you have reason to be concerned, specific reason to be concerned? What do you know about him, if anything? Specific reasons, I mean he, in talking back in forth with her, he’s controlling. He’s insecure, he doesn’t want her to go out with friends or go on family vacation. And he gets mad at her for changing her mind. She decides to go to a school event, and he gets mad. “Well, you said you weren’t going.” But then she went, we made her go, and she had a good time. And he’s mad ’cause she lied to him. I definitely get a bad vibe from him. He’s extremely controlling and argumentative, has absolutely no respect for our rules and. Have you spoken to him? I have spoken to him. Yes, and I’ve spoken with him and texted back and forth. And I mean, he pretty much says, your rules are ridiculous, and Becky can go to sleep whenever she wants to go to sleep and–
We don’t need to follow your rules ’cause they’re just stupid. Okay, have you talked to him? I talked to him about a year and a half ago. It’s just snowballed, I’m mad as hell. I think it’s their fault for the new technology, that they let them just play.

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  1. There's a lot of people commenting who think the grandma is the only sane one and that they love the grandma… but umm… I'm concerned about her just wanting to beat her granddaughter. Beating a child does more harm than good. Physiologically and sometimes in a physical sense. Even if you don't think so, there have been studies done and they show it to be true.

    That girl does need a reality check. Take the phone and everything away from her. That needed to be handled from day one.

  2. Just saying shes 17 talking to an 18 to 19 year old and you guys have an issue with it I see the problem with other then that but I don’t see the problem

  3. If my asian parents found out I've been sending nude pics and talking to an older guy,they would make me kneel down on salt on the ground until my knees turn black, get the belt for a whipping and most likely disown me at the end😖.

  4. I’d confiscate all of her devices. Once she’s 18 she can move out and live as she pleases. The grandmother is right. They should’ve smacked her up. These young kids are stupid and privileged.

  5. I don’t agree with the grandmother on the ‘smacking the kid around’ but she’s absolutely right. That child wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing if her parents didn’t allow it. And I understand that kids aren’t always a 100% direct reflection of their upbringing, but I’d be damned if my daughter was sending nudes to ANYONE. Change the wifi password, get rid of internet altogether, anything. Her parents created this fiasco and unfortunately it’s probably too late for her 😞

  6. I woul've been mortified if my parents had known that I was doing what she was doing online!!  Don't teenagers feel any shame any more?  I mean…naked photos??

  7. If he don't have respect for the family he will never have respect for her. I hope she wake up and smell the coffee.

  8. I firmly believe you don't start discipline, boundaries and responsibilities with a teen. You start when your child is a toddler. If you wait until your child is like 6, 7 or around that time is gonna be way more difficult

  9. I get that what the girl is doing is stupid and childish, but can we stop acting like in today's age is weird to meet people online? 🤷‍♀️

  10. Sometimes our "parenting styles" catch up with us. One month til she comes of age is NOT the time to attempt to enforce strict rules and "parent-approved" strategies. Be like Elsa, let her go. Life will be a much better teacher.

  11. Grandma is Right spare the rod spoil the child some children don't need it but your child did a few pops to let her know there are consequences with the things you do she would have turned out differently

  12. This sounds a lot like my ex boyfriend that I had for a few years. Very controlling despite being long distance. Poor Becky shouldn't believe that this guy has good intentions if they never met. Grandma is the best I've seen lol

  13. Lol this why US children are spoiled, rebellious and out of control! Go to Latin America or Asia, those children behave because a smack once in awhile is not going to kill them!

  14. This is crazy Every video game guy ask u for instra or Snapchat then want be ur bf destroy ur hole career having ur nudes

  15. I don’t see the problem with online dating, but she’s not being smart with it. If you have an online bf/gf I think that they should meet up with each other while they have a friend with them to make sure it’s safe.

  16. this sounds like a sitcom "YOU DIDNT SMACK EM AT ALL" this is literally something straight out of it's always sunny in philadelphia

  17. Have her parents thought of ummmmmm calling the police? Possession of nude pictures of a minor and sexual conversations between them? HELLO get a grip and throw him in prison!!!! Shut the wifi off, take her all her communicative tech, and bring her to therapy. Jeez just quit thinking you gotta have some complex approach and be all sweet with her to get her see your way. I'm not saying be super controlling and crazy helicopter parents but oh my gosh just do the OBVIOUS. And they need to try to be more connected with her please for her sake. I went through similar issues and she really just needs her family (female especially) to rally around her… bring in her cousins, her aunts her nieces. Not all crazy like forcing her to hang out with them but slowly make more time to spend with them. She'll probably have so much fun and appreciate her family a whole lot more which is what kids need before they start getting involved in any type of relationship outside of the family

  18. I’m just saying my mom was like that grandma and I would never disrespect or talk to my mom like that because she wouldn’t be scared to discipline me

  19. The thing is, these predators online will tell anyone anything to get what they want from them. It's very dangerous. I agree with the grandma here. They should have stopped her social media when they found out that their underage daughter was sending nude pictures to strange men. I hope Dr Phil can help before this girl gets herself killed.

  20. This is why you video call often and let your parents talk to your boyfriend. Not move across the country before meeting him once with your parents/family. Only trust someone if they respects your parents as well.

  21. Keep your kids BUSY with extracurriculars at a young age and start timeouts when they're really young not 17. You dont need to hit children…

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