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Palestinians claim U.S. policy “an act of war” – TV7 Israel News 28.11.19

Palestinians claim U.S. policy “an act of war” – TV7 Israel News 28.11.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Growing unrest turns into violence across the West Bank between Palestinian rioters
and Israeli security forces. The Palestinian leadership says the Trump
Administration’s decision to declare Israeli settlements “not per se inconsistent with
international law” an American declaration of war against the Palestinian people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
voiced his deep appreciation for the tremendous support many of the citizens of Israel voiced
– yet urged them “to act responsibly within the limitation of the law, without militancy
and without violence.” IDF troops, alongside Border Police and Civil
Administration forces, entered the town of Beit Kahil near the West Bank city of Hebron
in a pre-dawn operation, and demolished residential buildings of four Palestinian terrorists that
were responsible for the murder of 19-year-old Israeli soldier Dvir Sorek, some four months
ago. Sorek’s body was found with multiple stab
wounds on the side of a road near the Israeli West Bank settlement of Migdal Oz, close to
the seminary school where he studied as part of a program which combines Biblical’ Torah
studies with military service. It is important to note that Sorek was neither
armed, nor was he wearing a military uniform when the four Palestinian suspects committed
the heinous murder. In line with Jerusalem’s policy of retribution
for terror-related activities, which includes a legally-binding demolition of residential
homes that belong to perpetrators of terror related activities, the IDF Civil Administration
informed the families of the four Palestinians before this morning’s intended operation. In response, the families of the killers filed
a petition against the demolition’ order to the Supreme Court of Justice in Jerusalem,
but their appeal was immediately rejected. Meanwhile, shortly after the demolition of
the structures was complete, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett stressed that “Unfortunately,
(Israel) cannot guarantee that there will not be any more terror attacks,” but (Jerusalem’s
top defense official underscored) “those who raise their hand on Israeli citizens must
pay a heavy price.” It is important to note that growing unrest
across Palestinian populated areas in the West Bank have been reported over the past
several days, after the Western-backed Palestinian leadership called for a “day of rage”
on Tuesday, over an American policy shift, in which the United States does not necessarily
view Israeli settlements on disputed lands “inconsistent with international law.” Hundreds of Palestinians, both men and children,
answered their leaders’ call – which quickly turned violent in multiple so-called points-of-friction. The American decision to alter its policy
was made public by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ten days ago, during which he
underscored that “The hard truth is – there will never be a judicial resolution to the
(Israeli-Palestinian) conflict, and arguments about who is right and wrong as a matter of
international law will not bring peace.” Pompeo further stressed that the decades-old
conflict, which he referred to as “a complex political problem”… “can only be solved
by negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians.” That is why, the top American diplomat reiterated,
that the Trump Administration remains deeply committed “to helping facilitate peace,”
and will do everything it can to help this cause. The Palestinian leadership quickly condemned
the American decision, and vowed to confront it by all means available. “We are to say that this decision makes the
American administration a participant with Israel in violating the international law. Israeli settlements are illegal by international
law, by the decision of the International Court of Justice and we are here to declare
that we will struggle for our rights, for our freedom to end the occupation and to bring
down the system of apartheid that Israel has created all over Palestine.” In support of the Palestinian narrative, the
Arab league convened an emergency meeting earlier this week, during which it blatantly
rejected Washington’s policy change vis-à-vis Israeli settlements. “Our emergency meeting today was triggered
by the illegal and rejected announcement by U.S. Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) several
days ago, in which he said that his country no longer considers Israeli settlements in
the West Bank as violations of international law. We consider this announcement an extremely
negative development and an unfortunate change of the U.S.’s position. We doubt that the current U.S. administration
realizes its true consequences and impact on the long term.” The Arab league’s secretary General insisted
that the policy change by the Trump Administration negatively impacts any hope to reach a future
peace resolution. Subsequently, Palestinian Foreign Minister
Riyad Al-Malki declared in a press conference to Arab media, that the Palestinian leadership
views the Trump Administration’s policy-shift as part of a series of other measures that
together constitute acts of war against the Palestinian people. “The latest decision by the U.S. administration
concerning the legitimization of the illegal and illegitimate Israeli settlements in the
occupied Palestinian territories is only part of a series of measures taken by the U.S.
against the Palestinian people and the Palestinian just cause. The U.S. administration has completely adopted
the Israeli position and has waged war against the Palestinian people and their rights. Consequently, we see this step as part of
a war waged by the Trump administration against the Palestinian people and their rights which
should not be compromised.” Turning now to Jerusalem, where;
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced his deep appreciation for the tremendous
support many of the citizens of Israel voiced, since Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit
announced his decision to indict him. In a recorded statement, Netanyahu also urged
his supporters “to act responsibly within the limitation of the law, without militancy
and without violence,” in light of voiced concerns about Israel possibly plummeting
– even though unlikely – into a “civil war.” “Thank you very much, citizens of Israel. Thank you very much for your tremendous support. You have warmed my heart. You really have really warmed my heart. I especially want to thank the masses who
came to Tel Aviv from all parts of the country, [those who] came to Tel Aviv to demonstrate
for Justice, Truth, and Democracy. I know that media outlets will always take
single [violent] cases out of the thousands [non-violent] to delegitimize you, in sharp
contrast to their complete disregard of cases far more severe that occur in the [political]
left protests. Still, I have one request: It’s important
to act responsibly within the limitation of the law, without militancy and without violence. We respect the law, and we respect the courts. And I am sure that both the justice and truth
will come to light. ” While Netanyahu insisted that the law must
be respected, he underscored that “difficult questions” must be answered about the judicial
system that raises suspicions – especially at a time when the Israeli leader sought to
exercise historical opportunities, including the official annexation of the Jordan Valley,
which is part of three districts that make up the so-called West Bank. “Difficult questions arose in the conduct
of my investigations and of others. Questions that raise suspicion for criminal
conduct, for actions that have no place in a democratic state, and these questions need
to be comprehensively looked into. [We must] Fix what needs to be fixed, because
that is the essence of democracy. Because in democracy no one is above the law,
no one is immune from criticism, from scrutiny or from investigation. The cohesion you [the people] demonstrate
in this and other matters is important to the State of Israel and is important to me. It gives me the power to continue to lead
you, in order to safeguard the land of Israel and the security of all Israeli citizens without
exception and to exercise historical opportunities that we could not dreamed of, first and foremost
the application of [Israeli] sovereignty over the Jordan Valley. I really appreciate your support. I thank you. I love you.” For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

100 comments on “Palestinians claim U.S. policy “an act of war” – TV7 Israel News 28.11.19

  1. There are no "Palestinians", they were annihilated over 2,000 years ago. There are Jordanian squatters who occupy the Gaza Strip and West Bank (temporarily), but the "Son of Man" is coming in a cloud (Luke 21: 27), with eyes of fire to eliminate all squatters with violence in their hearts. Watch the sky. He's coming! God bless my President Donald J. Trump! The Lost Tribes have a purpose: to cast ballots as God directs, supporting Israel from half way around the world!

  2. We have all been made privy to the “coming attractions “. Strange, when the expected occurs, we’re surprised and find it hard to believe. LORD! Help us! We’re a strange lot.

  3. Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Terror for terror. It is a simple equation the world dont understand. You give Palestinians your palm, they will eat including your elbow and shoulder. Americans provided millions of dollars in financial aid but not a single word of gratitude is heard only condemnation. Idiot people.

  4. settlement is a war crime ; these so called palestinans keep forgetting that they lost the war , all of the west bank belongs to the conquerors israelis , there is no international law that can dispute the facts that when a peoples go to war , the conquered lose all titles to the land ………..

  5. The very existence of every Jew is an act of war for the Palestinians I guess. Otherwise peace would have been achived a long time ago.

  6. 8:55 Man alive, look at that guy still leading the country. He's your PM (Everyone knows it- he just is), so get this business and your Knesset sorted out asap. You're lucky (in Israel) to have a leader like him. Good on those of you supporting and protecting your national asset. All Blessings and best luck from America!

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  8. Do not be afraid of the LORD your God himself will fight for you.
    Deuteronomy 3:22
    The same God who has Covenant with Abraham, and David is in His throne now and forever. . His Covenant is an everlasting Covenant. He protect Israel for His own Holy name.

  9. Is this the peace that the Palestinians are seeking for? Peace for peace. Not land for peace. Now this violence we are seeing around Israel, It is just a breeding ground for violence. And unless the Palestinians search their hearts and their motives , and look into the future of the younger generation, and say sincerely enough is enough, let us drop the arms and embrace Israel, and agree to live in peace with Israel, there will be no peace.

  10. You cannot have peace, if you condone murder and won't condemn the murderer, but instead blame the victim just for being born, and then called your country apartheid, when the real apartheid was 100% worst, than the situation your currently in, South African Blacks, were not living in 2-3 story homes, driving around in BMW's and getting billions in Aide, and giving money to the families, if their kid murders a white person.

  11. An Act of War? Then Arabs claiming to own Jewish Land is an Act of War. Israel should exercise it's Sovereignty and undo past wrongs. Israel gave away much land for Peace & yet Peace never came. So now should be the time for Israel to use Force and retake those Lands and evict the Arabs squatters.

  12. The jews were there since time immemorial. When did these prophet lovers arrive. Recently. And now they want land everywhere. India is suffering too

  13. No matter what terrorist are going to find something to keep war on going. The land belongs to Israel. Shalom 🇮🇱🇮🇱✡️✡️🕎🕎

  14. Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
    You're not Israel's at all
    Jerusalem -where Jesus hung
    Oh hear the terrorist's call
    We own you too
    We own you
    And soon one day you'll see
    Your god is dead
    He is dead
    We'll stop his prophecies

    Yet He came to Bethlehem
    As Micah (5:2) prophesied
    Isaiah (53) foretold
    Why he'd come
    -To offer up His life
    Ezekiel (37, 38, 39) clearly told us
    When he would come again-
    Zechariah (12:2) wrote,
    "When Jerusalem
    is a cup of trembling."

    Look! Far north of Bethlehem!
    They're gathering all around!
    Watch Damascus
    Very soon
    It will come crashing down!
    But not far from the Golan
    -Where the armies will arrive
    Is a place called Armageddon
    God waits…
    Just as prophecied…

  15. Now Those who Killed this young Man ( I'd call that an act of war ( by them) to 'start' with )..! They Kill, Then Blame someone Else for something…..


  17. The American tax payers are tired of Arabs citizens rejecting every piece deal offered to the fake Palestinian People (who are Arabs).
    Considering that all of that land was deeded to Israel by God Himself, and these Arabs have no business in Israel at all, we know that ISRAEL can do as they please with THEIR LAND.
    IF The fake Palestinian, created by the pope of Rome in an effort to wipe Israel off the map and deny Jewish connection and ownership of the land) don't like Israel's building projects let them migrate to Arabia where they belong..
    Those Arabs living in Israel need to count their blessings and stop bitting the hands of the people who took care of them when your Arab brothers left you out in the cold to die when they lost the wars with Israel.
    You Arabs posng as an a nation that never existed owe the Jewish people your life. If they saved your lives why can't you show your gratitude and work with Israel to make peace with them?

  18. Remember India which had the same type of problem after WW2? There were over 80 million Hindus killed by Muslims. India decided to give a huge chunk of it’s country which is today called Pakistan! Does anyone think, things got better? It’s not enough the Muslims of Pakistan have their own country, they’re disputes over Kashmir. Which really belongs to India. There were violent clashes, that brought India and Pakistan to Nuclear war. It’s never enough with the Muslim appetite and ego for domination. Israel has always been in a very serious position for its survival

  19. Palestinians should realize that this is part of the pressure for the people to pressure THEIR leaders to sit down and negotiate with each other!! What r the leadership waiting for… more violence for the people? Sad..sad…change your leaders!!

  20. they dont want a fight with the usa they will lose.we want stop the bombing to let you rearm .like isreal. and there want be any truce.if you attack us first. not untill our goals are reached.then if in our interest will we call a truce.

  21. There has never in history been a nation nor state of arabs called Palestinians, they are from other countries, Arafat is from Egypt. They decided to live in the land of Israel, now they want to take it over, only who will feed them and give them what they want if they got their way, no one, hamas isn't, they use money to support terror networks, not for creating infrastructure, manufacturing jobs, power and water stations, and all the rest it takes to successfully run a country, they don't know how to do it,. Not all are as evil as those who protest, murder, harm Jews, there are many who work in Israel and are happy, the others that work alongside Jews..

  22. We are praying for the peace and protection of Israel And Jerusalem. May God bless ISRAEL. Shalom. 🇺🇬♥️🇮🇱♥️🇺🇬🇮🇱♥️🇺🇬♥️🇮🇱

  23. Trump's statements are an act of ignorance and stupidity, hardly an act of war. Long term they won't mean much once he's out of office.

  24. May the Lord bless you Israel. The protector of Israel will neither sleep nor slumber.

    United States: Learn from the past as the British Empire stabbed at the back of Israel in early 20th century. God of Israel thrown down UK from the ruler of the world to nothing. Do not at any circumstances try to cheat Israel. You also will be judged by the Greatest God of the whole planet. God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.
    Shalom Israel! The prince of all peace! Your God "Yeshua" brings his peace upon you. Hallelu YAH!

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  26. Demolition is ok, grab him kill him ,bring him in justice ,he is a heinous murderer, he just killed a boy, must be punished, INDIA PRAY for all our brothers & sisters in ISRAEL 🇮🇳🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇱

  27. The Arabian peninsula is the real home of the Arabs, only through conquest and Islamic imperialism are they in other peoples countries…..

  28. God Bless PM Netanyahu and protect him and Israel. The lying liberals are full of the devil They are wolves in sheeps clothing!!!

  29. Maybe war is good and get their Islamic violence done and finally out of there. Don’t fight gods people. You will lose.

  30. There is no country in the middle east capable of attacking Israel ,and surviving the consequences. Israel, and its army is well trained, very independent, well educated and technically superior to.any army in the region.
    Th3 IDF, is not an illiterate mob like it is in most arab countries.

  31. Who are this palatine there are from Saudi Arabia, egypt jordan lebanon etc to reclaim the land God have given to Israel 🇮🇱 I think they have gotten it all wrong the early palatine leave back to their home country the better it will become for them peace on Israel 🇮🇱 and Jerusalem the lord is israel strength no one can defeat them shalom from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  32. Palestine fo4 the Arabs never existed. The moment the British left the Arabs invaded in force but were defeated and humiliated. Israel, surv8ved. The Arabs represented by Syria, and Jordan and Egypt, proceeded to invade and take any land not given to Israel by the UN.
    After 1948, and subsequent wars, Israel won, handily.
    The west bank , Gaza, and Golan, were taken by force after the governments controlling it lost them, that is the law of the world relations. You start war and if you lose you pay , see what happen to the ottomans. Israel, paid with blood by Israel, the west bank is Israeli land. TheArabs did not gain anything. After the first world war the arabs were given, they did not gain anything! They lost. They should have lost everything.

  33. God bless Israel Ganizy dangerous to Israel security and I don't read on his face responsibility to Jew people ,Netanyahu will be prime minister God need him to Israel people b?c he has strong feeling to work hard than before and he respect God's rules also Israel people I pray to Israel ANd also netayhu..

  34. Be STRONG IDF and Israel STAY SAFE and NEVERgive up!!! God bless Mr.B.Netanyahu best leader of Israel and God bless brave amazing IDF and Israel!!!!!!LOVE PEACE and SUPPORT to IDF and to Israel!!!

  35. Shalom, Yahuwah blocks the plans of the nations. He foils the plans of the peoples.
    The plans of the Yahuwah stand forever, the plans of the his heart for all generations. (Psalm 33:10-11)
    Yisrael/Israel, put your hope in Yahuwah now and forever. (Psalm 131:3)
    Yahuwah Elohim bless Yisrael I 💖🇮🇱 long live 🇮🇱 forever 🌷 and all Spiritual Messianic believers families and assembly in the world keep them safe I pray in the name of Yahshua Messiah Amen HalleluYah. With 💖🌻💙🌸💜 from INDIA 🇮🇳💞🌹🇮🇱💖🇮🇳🌸🇮🇱🌺🇮🇳💙🏵🇮🇱🌸🇮🇳💛🇮🇱💜🇮🇳🌹🇮🇱🌷

  36. Howhave rare the Palestinians connected to America by who where and what connections do they have within our states that is the truth they tried stealing information and doing great terrorists causes in the states which is a direct violation with Palestine to the USA and what they are demonstrating is no different in Palestine to direct such a threat to the United states by Palestinian in Israel as well as in America Israel will defend itself against any threat @tv7israelnews @realDonaldTrump @JudicialWatch these we don't need open boarders with Palestine we need to open the gates for reasons cruelty to Israel not being able to hold the land that their fathers left them not by Islam

  37. Send the philistines back to islam KICK THEM OUT! send the uncivilised beasts back to the desert! There is to be NO MORE states for islam created in the world.

  38. And…"he shall be a wild donkey of a man". His hand will be against his brothers and everyone's hand will be against him". ISHMAEL'S CHILDREN.

  39. Trumpence? Trumpets? Y'all should start readin the Brit Hadasha and acceptin Yahshua The MessiYah! Blessings from the other side of the pond ! #nomoreanimalsacrafices

  40. there is no international law, for true ppl for true children of GOD there are ONLY LAWS of GOD…JEWS ,please, listen to your FATHER WHO is in HEAVEN and said your all about your life….why do you listen to international mason who rule the world against GOD laws

  41. ABBA Blesses those who Bless You (YisraEl) and Curses those who curse You, it's that simple. Promise made to Abraham Father of both Isaac *And Jacob. He desires Unity and LOVE. HalleluYahshua! Love thy Neighbor as thy self!

  42. You protest against the US government. Ok we will stop the flow of millions of dollars of aid to you. Bye bye Falicia.

  43. The "palestinians" claim what ???
    What have they been doing for the Iranians for years and years ???
    As Abraham said, there is a time for peace, and a time for war. The time for war is here now. And then there will be a time for peace after it.
    Because the real warmongers will be dead.

  44. Palestinians need to respect God .its them who caused problems who started it its in who caused problems madecpakistahn.wish the Jews had taken up ugahnda.

  45. If given the whole world to the Palestinian and the Muslim nations that wouldn’t be enough. They would want the galaxies also.
    I love Israel and the USA. Gd bless these nations and protect them from their enemies

  46. Honestly hope the Palestinians do not believe their own hyperbole …' all means available'… 'acts off war…
    Instead of a "day of rage" maybe the Palestinians should try a " day of reason" which would tide them better!

  47. That's what the Palestinians get for letting Hamas keep firing rockets at Israeli homes. Why should Israelis give up the West Bank if Palestinians won't say that Israelis have the right to exist?

  48. Israel is the land of Jehovah, the Jews are his tenants he say in the scriptures this my land,he gave to his people the Jews,not the Arabs .

  49. Jerusalem will be rebuilt unto God the Messiah so that what has been prophesied by the prophet Daniel will be fulfilled, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop what God has commanded.

    A third temple in Jerusalem will be built unto God the Messiah, in order for the coming antichrist to be revealed sitting in the temple of God, showing himself he is God, and the wall, and the street will be rebuilt, within the 69 weeks that has been determined upon Jerusalem, and the sacrifice and oblation will commence, after God has lifted the veil that covers the hearts of his people when Moses is read to them, so that they will then welcome in God the Messiah, their Prince, who is everlasting righteousness.

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