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Foreign Policy Analysis
P.J. Crowley shares his foreign policy expertise with students

P.J. Crowley shares his foreign policy expertise with students

We live in a very difficult age, and the United
States is still the only superpower in the world, but it is confronting real limitations
in terms of the economy, in terms of its influence in the world, you know, the rise of other
world powers, and the complexity of some of the global challenges that we face. Having
been a part of the foreign policy process for thirty years, it’s exciting to be able
to bring these issues to a classroom as we debate how the United States will proceed
and will resolve many of these complex issues and how it will exercise its power in the
next decade or two. Being in a part of an inter-connected world,
public opinion now plays a much more prominent role. You go back 200 years, governments had
power because they could control the flow of information. Governments can no longer
control the flow of information. We find that in the daily news, we find that in challenges
like WikiLeaks, and so this makes the execution of, the development and execution of, foreign
policy and national security policy that much more complex. Well, military power is a very vital instrument
of national power that is also the most expensive, but over the last, say, twenty or thirty years,
we have invested much more in the military dimension of our national power than other
tools, whether those are diplomacy or development, legal systems or other institutions. As we
go through this difficult debate on the economy, we have to find a way to kind of re-balance
our national security strategy and then make sure that we have available a broad range
of tools. The Chair, of course, is a unique opportunity
to talk to undergraduates, to talk to law students at Penn State, and also to military
officers at the Army War College, and perhaps find a way to help bridge a divide between
the military and civilian sectors of our society. And also to understand, to help people understand
that the divide between what used to be domestic and national, that divide is largely missing,
we live in a hyper-connected world. Everyone around the world can see what’s happening
in the United States every day. We have the opportunity and need to understand the world
if we’re going to continue to prosper, and to bring that perspective to students is something
that I look forward to.

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