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Obama’s Climate Change Policies Are Imperialistic and Despotic

Obama’s Climate Change Policies Are Imperialistic and Despotic

JAISAL NOOR: Welcome to The Real News Network.
I’m Jaisal Noor in Baltimore. We’re continuing our conversation with Shubhankar
Banerjee. He’s a photographer, writer, and activist, upcoming book Arctic Voices: Resistance
at the Tipping Point. So, Shubhankar, we talked about the floods
in Colorado, the link to climate change. Can you talk about what the Obama administration’s
role has been in addressing climate change? He’s been praised for actually being a president
that’s linked climate change to human activity. But what’s his relationship been with the
environmental movement? And have his policies actually addressed the roots of climate change? SHUBHANKAR BANERJEE: President Obama released
his climate plan in this past June. And some have–some seem to believe that President
Obama does have a climate plan. But the way–the reality shows–and I have been writing about
it for several years now–is that the only plan that he has and has been following and
pursuing and implementing is the one that was introduced in 2008 by Michael Steele,
the former chairman of the Republican national party, and later made infamous by Sarah Palin,
is drill, baby, drill. And President Obama essentially has been faithfully implementing
Sarah Palin’s climate plan. Nothing has been going on. And, in fact, what I have pointed out is that
America is turning into a petro-imperial and petro-despot state. I say petro-imperial because
the American foreign policy to get oil that we have done in the Middle East, in Nigeria,
and other places is now being applied here in North America, Obama and Harper in tandem.
And that’s the imperial part. And then there is a despotic part, where the
administration has been ignoring signs and ignoring the concerns of indigenous people
and the rural communities. So it actually–the war is now against indigenous communities
and rural communities in North America to push unprecedented drilling in the Arctic
Ocean, an issue that I have been focusing on for the last 13 years. The administration
violated the National Environmental Policy Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act,
ignored all concerns of the indigenous communities, and allowed Shell to begin drilling in the
Arctic Ocean last year, exploratory drilling, the most dangerous form of drilling anywhere. Now you look at fracking, which is actually
a tragedy in Colorado right now, because more than 1,000 fracking wells have been flooded
and a lot of those fracking crudes coming out. And we just heard today that even nuclear
contamination is going on in Colorado right now. So there is fracking going on all across
the country. The administration has supported a sale of and actually did sell coal in Wyoming,
the Powder River Basin. And if you–and then extreme deep water drilling will happen now
in the Gulf of Mexico, because Shell announced earlier this year that they’ll drill at a
depth of 10,000 feet now. And the Deepwater Horizon was about 5,000 feet. NOOR: Now, Shubhankar, so supporters of President
Obama would say that, you know, he is confined by the political reality, lack of public support,
and the Republicans, who will not back any real climate change initiatives. What’s your
response to people that say that President Obama is doing is much as he can? BANERJEE: That is absolutely not true, because
you just mentioned the public. The public, as polls after poll show, are deeply concerned
about climate change, and support, actually, public policy to address climate change. And you brought up the Republican. Republican
leadership of course has been horrible. Bush was the oil president, and then Obama is following
in his heels. But the public–even the Republicans that Chris Williams, the author of Ecology
and Socialism, pointed out in an article that I published on climate[incompr.].org is that
even some 70 percent Republicans are actually in support, do now understand and believe
climate change and do support public policy to address it. So it’s the politicians in cahoots with the
corporations are causing this destructive thing. It has nothing to do with the public.
The public, the majority of American public now support climate change, understands climate
change, both Republicans and Democrats. It is the politicians from both parties and in
bed with the corporations are causing this trouble. NOOR: Shubhankar Banerjee, thank you so much
for joining us. BANERJEE: Thank you, Jaisal. NOOR: Thank you for joining us on The Real
News Network.

31 comments on “Obama’s Climate Change Policies Are Imperialistic and Despotic

  1. Climate change has never had anything to do with Human behaviour … check out
    " coming out of an ice age " and " earth tilt."
    Sorry for this guy who has wasted the last thirteen year of his life.!!

  2. "America is turning into an imperial and despotic state."

    Well, People are born every day, and if any single person is fortunate enough, he/she eventually attains an awareness of reality; this particular gentleman cannot really be condemned for becoming aware of a long endured truth 70 years after the fact…
    See: Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson, Howard Zinn, Chris Hedges, Naomi Klein, and so many others…
    America has been a mass-murdering, imperial despot for several generations of human life

  3. That's wrong..
    Science actually says the opposite..
    ie, "We are probably entering a new ice age right now. However, we're not noticing it due to the effects of carbon dioxide,"
    Professor of Physical Geography Lars Franzén, Dept. Earth Sciences at Gothenburg University.
    Solar activity has decreased since 40s, yet temp continues to rise.
    Humans now produce more than 120 times More CO2 than total world volcanism.
    Even previously skeptical scientists at the BEST project now accept IPCC findings.

  4. obama is a pathetic, sick joke. apparently he got what he wanted out of the presidency: hanging out with stupid celebrities while lying, manipulating, & betraying humanity as a whole. what a pathetic, corrupt, spineless manipulative fool. I have no respect for people who voted for this idiot once, (let alone twice when they could have voted green. "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" anyone? public support for this worthless fool demonstrates the hopelessness of the human race.

  5. This guy is a bit of a polemicist and dangerously over-simplifies various issues. This makes his arguments seem stronger, but longer-term weaken the left-wing case.

  6. Didn't you know? Climate change is caused by large oil companies giving money to think tanks, not release of CO2 by human activity.

  7. The planet is doing just fine. She can take care of herself. Its the tiny pest called human that is going to vanish. The Earth can shake us of like fleas of a doggie. We DO polute the environment and thats why, probably totally unexpected, she shall shake and rumble – and 'puffff' we shall be gone.

  8. No way Republicans or Tea-billies will ever support Obama or anyone else on environmental issues. For them, climate change is a hoax scam for funds.

  9. carbon taxes actually are. See the australian election of Tony Abbott. world over folks are wising up to the difference between green rhetoric for self gain and actual positive change

  10. what i don't understand is a stupid, self defeating electorate running to the polls like lemmings, insuring their own demise by voting for corrupt politicians who are clearly poised to betray them, when they have options available for genuine democratic representation.

  11. he was elected on a commitment to reverse the carbon taxes enacted by previous gov't (carbon taxes are a wealth distribution scheme like a ponzi or pyramid, not an effective way to alter CO2 levels)

  12. My gross mis-statement of the extent of the "crime"; I agree. And there really needs to be another word in the language to describe what the sickest of "people" have done throughout history, as "crime" surely is a pale and hollow indicator of what these sub-human organisms such as, Blankfein, Dimon, Geithner, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and all the other mistakes of Nature have done.
    Consider the Men from Time who have never harmed another; and there are billions; consider what runs the U.S.

  13. What's so hipsterish about it? And why do you have a problem with hipsters?

    I don't remember my specific objections, that was just my impression. I have a few things I need to do, then I'll try to have another look at this.

  14. & you talk of over simplification, wow, this guy was afforded litle time. Here`s the deal with this conversation. I`ve been tweeting tangible evidence along these lines since the Neo-Liberal/Con took office, & do everyday, so I will not indulge you past this unless you`d like to take it over to twitter (@NotAJoe) as it`s total redundancy for me & a waste of my valuable time to box this conversation in here with a limited crowd. Many more will be able to see & chime in if they want.

  15. But make sure you have something tangible yourself that denotes your statement & not just dangerous over-simplifications of your own.

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