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Nurse arrested for following hospital policy

Nurse arrested for following hospital policy

the disturbing video comes from the
inside of an emergency room and the woman screaming a burn unit nurse who is
being arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer the incident captured by
police and hospital cameras happened in July but now the district attorney says
he wants a criminal investigation University of Utah nurse Alix wubble
says she was just doing her job following Hospital protocol by refusing
to let police take a blood sample from an unconscious patient nope wubble says
detective Jeff Payne demanded a blood sample from a car crash victim who was
in a coma and severely burned his truck smashed by a car racing from police
according to local media Bob Wills calmly explains the policy for obtaining
blood she even gets her supervisor on the phone who backs her up the tension
only escalates she’s the one that has told me no okay no we’re done we’re done
you’re under arrest we’ll go we’re done Salt Lake City’s
police chief apologized and said what happened was unacceptable I was alarmed
I want to be very clear we take this very seriously we’re now wobbles isn’t
filing a lawsuit I feel very strongly and giving people the benefit of the
doubt and I surely believe that he was honest in his apology and sincere and
his willingness to try and make change and make things better police release
wobbles without charges that day after she sat in the police car for 20 minutes
detective Payne said in a written report that his watch commander advised him to
arrest the nurse for interfering with a police investigation
hey another officer on administrative leave
as internal investigators looked into this startling incident dan Simon CNN
Salt Lake City

100 comments on “Nurse arrested for following hospital policy

  1. The only thing the woman should have done, was just comply…right or wrong.
    In this case, we obviously know she was in the right and the cop was being an
    egotistical prick. Either way, if he is trying to contain/arrest you…just comply. I
    don't know how many times people do this, then get into more trouble.

  2. Good thing cameras were invented to record such things and have them idiot officers called out on their mistakes

  3. 0:17 did anyone see his fuckin head? No wonder he's so miserable, he's barely got any hair on his head 💀💀💀

  4. This is what I mean by one bad apple ruins the bunch. This officer acting like an asshole ruined several other officers careers.

  5. Mormon state I got ticket doing 26 in 25 Zone because my California plates I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact I am Brown 😆

  6. I'm SO glad cops have to wear cameras now, and almost everyone has a smartphone with cameras.
    She's a SAINT for not pressing charges. Her supervisor told him! "You're making a huge mistake, sir. You're threatening a NURSE."
    And then he blows up. What a fucking dickhead.

  7. This Cop can't get his way so he results to excessive inappropriate behaviour by abusing his authority.
    The world's in trouble with total wankers like this behind a badge.
    The system is at fault.

  8. Officer:So can I have a blood sample
    Nurse:Well probably not and my supervisor said your making a huge mistake
    Officer:Take her away boys,i'll get another nurse

  9. I hope those cops get wasted in the line of duty. And then i will show up at the funeral playing "another one bites the dust".

  10. Yeah this is the type of people that deserve to live under the jail. Got bullied in school so now he’s gotta bully her 🤣cops are sad

  11. Makes me sick that she seems to be not filing any law suit. She can get millions, false arrest is huge.

  12. No one is mentioning how much danger this cocksucker cop is putting the other patients in.
    Who is going to look after the patients under the nurse's direct care as she sits in a cell?
    Afterall nurses are pulled in on shift because they are needed, not for them to drop in and out as they please, they are there for a reason.
    So at the very worst the patients has no care as they have to call another nurse on shift and wait wait for her to arrive from however far she has to travel from or at the best the nurses on shift will have to take on the extra workload possibly stretching them too thinly.
    Everyone knows this is how accidents happen.
    Imagine arresting a nurse on duty, unbelievable.

  13. After being fired, the detective sue the city. He claims that his commander order him to cuff the nurse if she keep interfering and also he claim that the police change their manual procedure about(getting blood sample from people) in order to avoid backlash.

  14. 2024: warrant issued for the arrest of unborn baby. Mother arrested for not birthing the child when asked. Charged with obstruction of justice.

  15. Police in question should have been shot. I'm not content to sit around and wait for some asshole to abuse their powers on me.

  16. That level of force isn’t necessary! They are absolutely corrupt to the core!! Disgusting behaviour from our supposed protectors.

  17. Wow that escalated quickly. It happened so fast even the nurse got shocked. At least the other cop tried to reason with him (at the very end of the video)

  18. Officer told a nurse to do something that was illegal then arresting her for not letting him do it your literally a officer you should KNOW the law and thats abusing your powers but i heard the gladly the officer got fired happiness intensifies

  19. Why do they need investigators again? I see multiple laws broken in one video, and nothing's gonna happen. "wE tAkE ouR mAtTeRs seRiOUslY" obviously not

  20. the officer deserves a bullet to the head no cap, world would be much safer and a better place without mentally ill ppl like this

  21. She knew the law and told him no. The power hungry cop couldn't deal with that. There's a reason people like this become cops.

  22. So let me guess… They continue a dangerous high speed pursuit where the criminal hits the patient they want to take blood from? They are clearly trying to be not liable for this by seeing if he was under the influence! It was their actions that caused this when it's too dangerous they are supposed to back off. The police sicken me!

  23. Serve and protect… They couldn't get the coma patient in the back of their car and refused to leave without the thrill of cuffing someone.

  24. i am not a BIG cop lover, BUT i think if someone is suspected of a crime they should be able to take their blood. this person caused a big accident. he was knocked out, and they needed to know then, not later, then if he was under the influence. how is it fair to not be able to get this very valuable info under so few circumstances. this is wrong. involved in a crime means they should be able to take everyones dna. this kind of crap causes victims to suffer, causes bs lawsuits. i dont agree with this protecting of a probable criminal at all. sort of like lying till you are proven guilty in a court of law…such bullshit. i agree with those cops!

  25. Cops need to taste hot lead. That's where I'm at and I'm not sorry for feeling that way. This is crazy. America's law enforcement Is outta control. No excuses won't hear any of em.

  26. Aw your such a nice woman ,for not sueing!! You should though, police officers need to understand that they arnt always right !!

  27. She should sue. This ass hole in a costume assaulted her and abducted her and held her hostage for 20 minutes. Tell me that didn't terrorize the hospital staff. Tell me he wasnt using his position to intimidate innocent productive citizens. Tell me that this didn't come so naturally to him like he has done it before.

  28. The saddest thing is no one can do anything cause the second they touch that corrupt cop they get charged and you can be damn sure you’ll know who side the judge is on every time when it’s people vs police

  29. “We take this very seriously “ erm it seems that your officers aren’t trained properly at all and doesn’t know the law and abide by rules

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