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Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, Russia met in Vladivostok on Tuesday

Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, Russia met in Vladivostok on Tuesday

the nuclear envoys of South Korea Russia
met on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok
and there Russia urged all related parties to abstain military activities
meanwhile delegations of South and North Korea are also in Vladivostok for the
forum but it’s unclear whether they will meet what sung-hee reports South Korea’s special representative for
korean peninsula peace and security affairs
Edelen met tuesday with his russian counterpart igor morgulov on the
sidelines of eastern economic forum to talk about korean peninsula issues
according to Seoul’s foreign ministry the to discuss the results of morgulov
visit to North Korea last month morgulov went to Pyongyang in mid-august and met
with the North senior diplomats including the Vice foreign minister
Zhang he it’s also likely that the two envoys touched upon the South korea-us
joint military exercises and the North’s missile test in August speaking to
reporters in Vladivostok morgulov said the North’s missile tests are correlated
to the Seoul Washington drills and Russia urges all related parties to
refrain from military activities Seoul’s foreign ministry says Lee and morgulov
agreed that Pyongyang and Washington need to quickly resumed working-level
negotiations the eastern Economic Forum takes place in Vladivostok for three
days starting Wednesday and one of the key topics as trilateral economic
cooperation among the two Koreas and Russia South Korea’s deputy prime
minister and finance minister Poonam ghee in North Korea’s Vice Premier
meeting nam eyes are on whether the forum might see a surprise high-level
inter-korean meeting most horror says there’s no official meetings scheduled
between the two sides Oh jung-hee Arirang news

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