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Northern Cyprus – The country that doesn’t exist | Travel VLOG Episode 40

Northern Cyprus – The country that doesn’t exist | Travel VLOG Episode 40

Good everyone welcome to Cyprus Today we’re going to Nicosia which is the capital of Cyprus it is divided between two entities Southern Cyprus or the Republic of Cyprus, which is the EU member and An internationally recognized state and then there is the *Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the north which is not recognized and we will visit it so let’s go So Paphos on the Sunday morning is as quiet as you can imagine Everybody’s asleep. There was only one shop open. They opened McDonalds like a few minutes ago but stil… Welcome to Nicosia Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any footage From the bus because person next to me was sleeping and the curtains were down anyway Let’s explore the city and in a moment, let’s cross into the Northern Cyprus So we’re about to cross I’m not sure what to expect navigating here along the border is quite difficult as you could see a lot of the streets were closed so I’m not sure if we actually make it there We have just crossed over they will just check your passport on the southern and on the northern part They do not stamp it, so don’t you worry about that That’s a quite interesting place actually between those two controls. You are like in the country of nobody very cool and it kinda feels like Divided Berlin of the 21st century anyway right now from the de facto point of view We have left the European Union and we are in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Let’s see what we can find here. So if you ask any international society, then we are still in Cyprus in the same republic, but It feels like we have crossed into another world very cool This is really interesting As you can see there is this mosque and right next to it there is a Christian Church So if it’s possible here, why not everywhere else? Ok, so now we are going to the town of Kyrenia / Girne The ticket costs like 15 Turkish lira and they say they accept euro here from time to time But I wouldn’t count on it. So if you’re here, exchange some money you will need it so this will be fun the doors are open How do you like our transportation? So welcome to Kyrenia As you could see in the bus if you’re traveling here during winter at least during the winter saving time It could be really confusing because the southern part does change the time and the northern part doesn’t As you can see us now one more o’clock Here in the north than in the south It could be really confusing especially if you’re trying to plan Your stay here with some timetables So I have Turkish beer for the first time So one of the number-one main landmarks here in Kyrenia is the Kyrenia castle Well, it’s basically just this ruined place but it provides you with a very nice view above the city as you can see it’s really amazing So Hello again from Paphos we have already returned Actually, we got caught in a really large storm on the way back and now Our shoes and our clothes are super wet Anyway To summarize this day. It was really weird I mean the state’s not recognized and the people there don’t seem to mind. They just live their lives really cool the area between the two Passport controls It’s really spooky, really weird Anyway Tomorrow will be our third day, and we will already return but we have still some spots here in Paphos that we want to visit so stay tuned for the next video and If you liked this one, give me like subscribe to my channel and check out my other social media and have a great day

9 comments on “Northern Cyprus – The country that doesn’t exist | Travel VLOG Episode 40

  1. Did you like the video? Have you ever been to Cyprus? Are you going to? What did you like / would like you like to see? Leave a comment bellow 🙂

  2. děkuji nastotisíckrát za VIP screening:-D cítím se tak poctěn…
    skvělý video jako vždycky 🙂 přeju ať kanál dál roste.

  3. the time changin must be really confusing, I agree…
    probably the most interesting video you ever posted. I always loved these weird cherry picks of international law. 🙂 cheers

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