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Nonprofit Public Policy Priorities

Nonprofit Public Policy Priorities

Hello. I’m Donna Murray-Brown, President & CEO of
Michigan Nonprofit Association. As Vice Chair of the Board of the National
Council of Nonprofits, I believe the nonprofit sector must be involved in federal advocacy,
especially during this time of Presidential transition. The National Council of Nonprofits has laid
out six federal priorities for our sector to watch during the new administration’s first
100 days. These include: Fighting federal spending cuts
that impact nonprofit funding; Pushing to expand, rather than eliminate or cap, federal
giving incentives; Promoting policies that lower healthcare costs and ensure high quality
coverage for all; Oppose proposals that would dictate how some colleges and universities
spend their endowment income; Preserving the nonpartisan nature of charitable nonprofits
and foundations, and; Simplifying federal rules and contracting to increase nonprofit
effectiveness. MNA is a dynamic organization that represents
thousands of nonprofits, and we are proud to be the voice of the nonprofit sector in
Michigan. Our strength is dependent on the sustained
membership of organizations like yours, and we appreciate your commitment to us. For more information, please visit our website

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