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Noam Chomsky on American Foreign Policy and US Politics

Noam Chomsky on American Foreign Policy and US Politics

c part without your emails and got surf harris always what’s that hasn’t technology professor vital barnes
the i’m not sure you’re supposed to be
restaurants that kind of a tried other issue me a dozen but what i have a
little while with it presentaci great great pleasure having
you here postgraduate haha gray debu now or
specialty is written over a hundred books prolific to say the least by the including american power in the
new mandarin spec that recurs seb will probably of the mass media is apparently
the equals cited filming being history i’d just behind marks letting
shakespeare are subtle bh the bible plato and freud or the bible’s argument upright in his
new book sis hope some prospects alright without first jobs he in the
book you talk about american foreign policy already started soon with your not a big
fan of the idea of american exceptional ism so let me start really probably by
asking you what do you think of the major problems with american fork balls who cripple protrude hope it i’m not a
fan of american exhibition was him that’s like saying i’m not i’m fast
hanover the moon named being made of green trees it doesn’t exist okay powerful straightened out quick
typically consider themselves to be exceptionally
magnificent and the united states is no exception to
that well basis for a visit not very substantial before that politely the problems with american foreign
policy is our the rooted in myrtle central nature
which we know that where we can know about if we want to
tell you go back to say the second world war back at the point at which the u_s_
became a global power before that it had been it’d conquered a
national territory pretty much conservative population comprehensive mexico expanded into the uh… e a statute pretty much taken control over the
western hemisphere unstable ish data you know invaded the philippines killed
a couple hundred thousand people but the real global power after that time
was britain them others unit which was not global po i became a soldier in the book of world
war and uh… planners matt carefully related planned perfectly
public how they would run the post war world uh… tho the basic idea was that there should be what
they call the grandparents which would be completely under u_s_
control and within which u_s_ would not be
tolerated uh… any expression of sovereignty that interfered with u_s_’s global
designs one of the that would be no competitor
permitted of course to the u_s_ untuk area was a pretty expensive had included the western hemisphere used asia huh that the former british empire which the
u_s_ would take over that includes crucially the uh… middle eastern energy reserves with which are at the main ones of the world
and doom planners pointed out that uh… if we control middle east or we can
control the world uh… will and then of course it
included much of your asia as possible at least it to serve commercial and industrial centre western
europe well that was a little too grand area and within that granbury of the u_s_
would uh… with it would be dominate sandoval limit
any exercise of sovereignty well of course uh… talked to a large extent poetry was
implemented in the following years of course it was just too ambitious in order with a bit of power rerouted v’ll of their rubles uh… uh… that was decolonization which
uh… that weekend uh… karti other
industrial powers reconstitute the results of the war by the night before and i think you have
on the elmo over the world was basically try poor
economically postpaid u_s_-based north america mostly german based europe and uh… at
that time japan based asia it workable major economic powers anderson spent its pregnant it even more whenever a little bit financial policy
remains and uh… that’s why we have maybe eight
hundred military bases around the world nobody else does why we have spend that much on the military is uh…
for the rest of the world combined an art technologically far more advanced
with maintained destruction on the uh… planning to be able to go beyond
anything anyone strength and uh… why we’ve spectrometric
dollars invading two countries in the middle middle east uh… central asia bookstore
occupying them and on and on those are very serious
problems notarized silt let’s try to figure out or you can you
tell us why you think we do these things are of course in we get that this idea
that is for freedom and democracy uh… but what is the real goal is a
power is it money and who’s making the decisions and why when the position did too the decisions in the nineteen forties
which i discussed were made in the government and the other point deal planning circles related to the
government and the implementation proposes is a mistake specter but remember that the state director is
a very closest lean linked to concentrated private capital to the corporate sector the industry in recent years financial
and others military notes or energy corporations more closely link mechanisms and that’s essentially where the plan is
carried out and it’s not very surprising the plan is
carried out on their interests on that is the way it is always been so you guys data adams is meant for
women he talked about england he pointed out correctly that one of the architect of policy are the people who basically on the
country’s and his day emergence manufacturers and they may probably to ensure that
their own interests are very well served with the motor home agree that any effect on others
including the people of england um… perch we quoted and that’s one of my simple truism hold her power systems generally than it is not a great surprise but
uh… we’re like other power systems without obsessing on tells his latest
book is uh… of course hopes and aspects spoke first
jobs he’s so the cigarette is an example direct that wraxall old was hussein sixteen from our invasion of
iraq and is it as simple as saying hey a defense contractor will make money
albert will make money and hence we are going to iraq because of that now there
are other forces every one of those words mirrors solid reasons for invading
iraq the records of the second-largest oil
reserves in the world is right at the heart of the uh… what middle east region
which is the main energy uh… reserve of the world stubble shayna client regime and they had a major
military base in iraq and getting preferential access to its resources
would be a of great credit to the people who are
they erin counterparts merchants
manufacturers uh… energy corporations it industrial corporations banks and so
on they didn’t achieve it it erector sanitary case was it was
defeated u_s_ goals were defeated in iraq very important fact of at the beginning of course are all
sorts of pretexts you know we’re going to uh… with their
weapons tied up with all cried a you know weapons of mass destruction when
that collapsed uh… there was a new prefix were bringing democracy and in fact the u_s_ fought democracy
every step of the way they tried to prevent elections when
couldn’t random but uh… tried to manipulate clement kept going
right through through the end of the very end labor nineteen by two thousand eight when it was pretty clear that the u_s_
is not going to change its goals the administration the bush
administration started talking barney frankly about
what they work so november twelfth two thousand seven january two thousand
eight there were uh… strong significant declarations by the
administration and which date said they discussed what the dot com
must be they would have been talking about a
special forces agreement what it must include at that time they were demand you know what it must include is uh… uit u_s_ right to use military bases in iraq at indefinitely as a basis for a combat
another operations and privileged access to u_s_ to iraqi energy resources for u_s_ corporations and that that’s going to said very
explicitly that they’re going desperate well they didn’t get either of those the united it has not been able to uh… but uh… suppress iraqi nationalism now the u_s_ to kill a number of
insurgents that wasn’t a big problem but they couldn’t deal with his amassed
popular non-violent resistance and he was at the back downward step-by-step maturity you know the books on direct buddy none
of the leading groceries analysts people like uh… that jonathan steele ava gardner potential times other cities
have titles like defeat u_s_ was defeated so but it’s clear what the war and so
far and they were sensible answers illicit sounds like a week if user is
solent future look at it in terms of that that companies are about when you
look and but that was a realization i made for far too late i’d never could
understand why we one of the oil when we don’t get the loyal and of course governor bride american people and it
wouldn’t let my kids in the nineteen fifties of the u_s_ was a major the produce your exporter benefit but nevertheless it is the u_s_ was
dedicated eisenhower administration was dedicated to controlling the middle
east the middle east oral before the reasons
i mentioned planners recognized that if we control middle east or we can
control the world carrier and on this picket you can control what other people do whether we use it or not protect the eisenhower administration in order to uh… for the benefit of texas oil producers insisted on exhausting our domestic
reserves using up welfare domestic reserves went
and uh… instead of purchasing much cheaper um…
middle east luteal well researched those were short term calculations
profit but in general perry apart is not made
for the benefit of the population rarely limited may not just eight or anywhere
else so what we’re looking afghanistan uh…
we have president obama designing women of course extend our stay there anymore alim how do you think that decision gets
made i mean he is a president while actually making the decision or does he
think he’s main decision but the institutions a foursome in a certain
direction to walk us through that if you can and
how does that relate to to what we’ve been discussing here because that
innocent uh… does not have a lot of oil that
they have pipelines but they don’t have one reputed mandated because surgery and we go back to what bush invaded but
when i bought a man lab and he uh… people was going on and get a better
position to know what to do about it well you know that there there are
various however literature on that for example bob woodward recent book goes into detail about what he was told by
insiders about the position maybe that’s just not worth looking at
but they’ll but we hope that we don’t have
internal documents that we have to speculate my arms inspector vacation is that obama and his advisors are
making a political decision they understand that uh… they know
that the wars unpopular a majority of the population by now
thinks we shouldn’t either but they also know that if they get out of afghanistan
without something that they can call a victory they’ll be slaughtered by the right wing propaganda
system and how to spec their cut trying to find
a way to do hang on long enough so they couldn’t have a situation which
maybe they can tell is a victory in them partially withdraw that lamar subsample trying the same
thing in iraq i would like for us in old town city as
latest book is called some prospects prescott who deserve any bright spots in
american foreign policy for a while it’s settled non-infringement technical recruiter
completing their harm poetry which word long-term benefit the people a mistake pick the marshall plan personally i i was in favor of it at the
time but without illusions the marshall plan was a good plan aimed
at extent help europe recover but its major goal working for the benefit of u_s_
corporate power now that was barely concealed when i remember the situation that the via motivate us to the industrial
world have mostly been destroyed by the second world war though the u_s_ which already was the
richest country in the world almost quadrupled industrial production we literally had half the wealth of the
world at the end of the second world war the u_s_ manufacturers had an enormous surplus uh… and they needed a market well where’s the market on a body only in the other industrial societies so they had a real test taken using
taxpayer funding to help the other industrial societies reconstruct and that you know i a market for u_s_
industry but also an area for expansion at that somehow multinational
corporations really got to start it and you know this is not particularly my
idea you can read it in the reagan said commerce department said the same thing
that’s correct the recovery of the business press which
understood perfectly well but preparing to do but we shouldn’t
have any illusions bite but is not the best we can all four
enlightened self-interest where yes our corporations make money but it also does help to rebuild parts of significant parts of europe and
anisha and grabs that’s not such a bad thing that’s actually a very good uh… dot i dot unemployment it uh… i don’t think it’s the best we can
hoping for i don’t think the best we can go pick or
from state of the soviet union was that it uh… would subsidize at the countries of
eastern europe uh… to the extent that they were
actually richard the misery of union and it’s better that they did it in the day traded on the way we treat their
colonies well but i don’t think that is the most
we could open door and i didn’t but i don’t praise of the work okay uh… bad use they get a broad question but you think
that our system is so cabinet has been all along that we don’t really have a punctual
democracy we had a ripple and the marketing and the yes or no
affair applauded it isn’t even a more or less a fare it
has many dimensions or in some respects the united states is
very free will go for example or takes a freedom of speech that is protected more in the united states has been any
other country in ohio and that’s very good friend perhaps of achievement not in the bill of rights
incidentally isn’t a treatment that was gain mostly
in the nineteen sixties that’s when the great supreme court
cases worker reached in the under the impact of the civil rights movement and
so on but there are now freedom speeches very much uh… uh… hella carly protected much more so than them other countries and a lot of so that’s
good on the other hand we just be barely have a political
problem nine fifty years ago dallas pointed out
that the u_s_ president especially one political party in the
business party with two factions called republicans and
democrats and they consistently hope all of it is
a bit are in the interest of their business
constituency and novel sometimes off some help to the population sometimes
not you can see it all the time olympic update president obama he was a little the core of responding there was a financial institutions by now they are the most important part
of the the largest part of the economy will
contribute much to the economy birthday heaven nor much weight they’re probably
in forty percent of corporate profits well very questionable what they contribute
to the economy that annie with a very powerful and uh… that was the corresponding and in the tradition of u_s_ politics
which has been quite will study well-documented and that tradition at typically the case with the concentration of funding everywhere all the time of the politics funders expect to be paid off blue it comes as no great surprise but
uh… the greatest beneficiaries of local
obama’s policies where the very financial institutions
who take the economy and you can see the right away one of the people we picked as his
economic advisers there were not you know nobel laureates who had to at where had that condemned the politic led to the crisis
uh… did or not people like artistic littler paul krugman and others he picked the people who created the
crisis one of the rudiments robert rubin there puzzle supervisor alarm plumbers who was
famous for having us undermined regulation of derivatives one of the
main causes of the crisis book and great parents stock exchange yahoo answer and they created two anonymous bailout of financial
institutions are in something was obviously needed me financial institutions had destroyed the
economy so something had to be done buttons right doubtful it had to be done
in a way that uh… enriches us those from created a crisis
makes a more powerful than ever that’s what you’d expect from the way of
politics works now d i think that’s a conscious decision but
while all races you know what i think the guys who destroyed economy anyway
because i got paid by these guys if it’s not a conscious decision how does that decision come about uh… if you go back to the public bureau in
the soviet union and you ask what the people were
thinking that we have a good idea what they were
thinking because we there have been internal documents released they were thinking that there saving democracy from the assault of the
fascists led by the united states uh… they’re gonna bring the gill well from benefits to people up you reject anita fascists we have a ton of documents that are kept cocker country one of the document of japanese fascists
are just overflowing with lovingkindness when they when they were carrying out
huge massacres in china they were bringing an earthly paradise
to china and protecting the people from the
bandits were trying to undermine it and so on and so forth it’s very hard you go oh automatically
you look at you find self serving ideologies created sos obama brainwashed by the system i’d don’t know anything about obama it dust escape psychiatrist ms family after offering a matters and i don’t care what uh… you know
immigration have actually fought i care what he did by itself and then finally six if we can
handle a broad questions solutions were in this mess and that they go
overseas complete uh… you and i might disagree on something
but we agree on that all of our politicians are bought its
machine it’s a system in the rick’s pointed out when we hear uh… how do we fix it if we can what we can handle genentech if you look
over american history there then waves of progress and then
regression so the current situation for example somewhat similar to the nineteen
twenties nineteen twenty three inequality which
is colossal and about what it was in the nineteen
twenty uh… there was uh… the labor movement
had pretty much been destroyed independent or third of them who clearly represents buddy woodrow wilson’s red scare and other
devices there were still operations in the nineteen twenties about a utopia of
the masters the end of history well you know the nineteen thirties
radically changed they were popular movement to stay here democratize the country they created very significant uh… the government
was compelled to create uh… significant welfare measures are social security uh… labor rights uh… that’s on which greatly improve the country and they
were perfect but there were significant improvement effect the regulation of financial
institutions was so good that there weren’t any financial crises until the began to dismantle per million
seventies and eighties don’t you take a look at the nineteen
sixties here popular movement and them also to lead to a significant
democratization of the country puff protection freedom of speech which i
mentioned uh… was a a country on a waiver for the
civil rights another popular movement women’s rights very significant factor right of ethnic minorities and of these
created a more free unjust society i can happen again it’ll happen by
itself sites where dedication effort what can happen so how did they do
abandon what can we lauren format so we can do it now pics secret most of our how old you are
but i went fruit you know applicable to humblest wrote
mid-thirties it was very active in the sixties there’s no
big secret pitch cation organs organization dedication and commitment ca picking actions appropriate to
situations with over that works you can look through the
details but we can’t not a sit-down strikes in the nineteen thirties uh… organization of uh… at women’s
consciousness-raising groups in the sixties and seventies soon any war activism movement or all of the
things work after they’ve gone of course is that
most of the cells are discussing on south seas latest book
is called some prospects or thanks so much for joining celia
person with a way to do it again okay good okay

100 comments on “Noam Chomsky on American Foreign Policy and US Politics

  1. @romanmir01
    Blah blah blah blah

    Chomsky is a moron. 1930s gov't caused great depression and the reason USA got out of it was restructuring that happened after the war and USA reformatting the war factories to start producing consumer goods and since soldiers came back from war, they became the labor that could be applied to all that capital (factories/tools) very cheaply and US became worlds biggest exporter

    US doesn't have that capital anymore, plenty of labor (expensive), but no capital

  2. @romanmir01
    without all that capital that moved out and is now in other countries (factories/tools/investments) the US only has gov't left.

    Gov't is a LUXURY that a country can spend on while it has money. But gov't takes over and drives economy into the ground and there is nothing that can be done to fix this until the gov't is reduced so the entrepreneurship can restart with new businesses, that cannot start with gov't, which supports/subsidizes monopolies and taxes income and regulates…

  3. @romanmir01 The only way out is NOT the mambo-jumbo this old senile person was spewing.

    The way out is to stop wars, fire 99% of gov't workers, leave minimum military just to protect against invasion, improve on the justice department and repeal all regulations that are killing business.

    Abolish the Fed, IRS, FDIC, Freddie/Fannie, Patriot Act, subsidies to ALL businesses, sell all gov't assets and start repaying debt. Let interest rates rise where they go organically. Let prices DEFLATE.

  4. @romanmir01

    Stop inflating the dollar by printing. Stop borrowing money. Stop spending money.

    Start saving money and allow the private sector to have access to all that credit that gov't is using up right now on all its ridiculous spending.

    Gov't is a luxury to a point until it becomes mortal danger to economy and society.

    Gov't must be stopped.

  5. @phooey108 no, the ignorant will stay the ignorant, those who can't think for themselves will continue the same way and those who spit out random sarcastic remarks without understanding the point will continue missing the point.

  6. @spodomaticfreeze Yeah, US does not compete on global market, it's only real export is inflation, it's stealing from the global market by causing inflation, which takes away purchasing power from people in other countries, who hold USD and bonds AND by causing foreign gov'ts to peg their currencies to USD.

    This will stop, credit to US will stop, bonds will not roll over and US will be required to pay debt back (the principal) and US will print USD into hyper inflation.

  7. @spodomaticfreeze MIT always had Marxist professors, who are just as useful in explaining economy and helping it to be competitives anything else the gov't does. I.E. these people are teaching their ideology which has nothing to do with reality, which does not work and which caused the end of economy.

    Once US people wake up (and they are waking up), they will throw these people with their ideologies into dumpsters, where they belong and restart real economy.

  8. @FearEquality He's talking about state protected rights. The press freedom index would presumably include pressure from business and transient government forces. The UK has little in the way of written formal legal protections for those 'rights'. Makes a lot of difference when these things come to court.

  9. @sandhogy Rich, powerful thugs are the same everywhere. Has nothing to do with being Jewish. Colonial dicks like the UK and US don't need Jewish folk to tell them to behave like that, they do it for their own benefit. Pasty northern European white men have dominated and killed way more people than any Zionist (not that we should ignore bad behaviour from manic Zionists). Traditional Jewish culture tends to actually be extremely civilized. Widen your perspective!

  10. @romanmir01 MIT was built on Pentagon money using the reason of protecting the people from communists – quite a long way from the idea of supporting Marxism. If you actually listen to what Chomsky talks about, you will see it is highly accurate (compared to most historians and social commentators) and always favours 'the people' – if you think caring about what happens to people isn't a good thing, then you've got your head screwed on wrong.

  11. @inflivia On the other hand, Julian Assange seems to feel pretty safe in the UK at the moment. He'd be in jail in the US.

  12. @inflivia You have no clue, but the profs at MIT who are economists are overwhelmingly Marxist by their own admission. That's just what it is, can't do much about it.

    Chomsky is an idiot about economics, can't be done much about that either.

    Caring what happens to people is important, I care.

    I am against gov't taking away people's liberties, which is the only thing that people need gov't for – protecting the liberties.

    Economy is out of gov't domain of understanding, gov't kills economy.

  13. @FearEquality What is written is extremely important if you want to have a functioning legal system, and yes EU generally has better standards on these things than the UK gov. Libel laws in the UK are considered some of the most bias in the West – that causes problems for the press.

  14. @romanmir01 I think Marxism is irrelevant – ideas about worker control and individual rights etc predate Marx by a long way; they're standard human values. Many have actually been implemented in our societies since Marx (and maybe some got worse).

    Chomksy isn't an economic theorist, he studies what has happened and where things are going and talks about them from the human perspective – all his work has a strong anti-state bias, so naturally he is critical of the current financial system

  15. You finally had Noam Chomsky on for a discussion of what's actually going on?!!

    Holy shit. The Young Turks was awesome before, but now you guys are even more AWESOME.

  16. Though I knew that the interview would go this way, I don't understand why Cenk is so surprised by this. That Obama would do any of the things that he has done should not come as any kind of shock. He was put into power by the financial institutions, and he tows the approximate line of Bush, Clinton, Reagan, you name it. Forget about the cult of personality for a minute and look at their actions. The rhetoric means nothing, we don't know these people.

  17. @inflivia Unfortunately a lot of establishment Democrats and Republicans find any and all excuses they can for their political masters. The public is very cynical towards the "system" as it stands, but unfortunately a lot of them do choose to believe what they are told by establishment apologists. The mainstream media adheres largely to the idea of objectivism taught to them in school. That is to say, they are taught to confine themselves within certain debate parameters.

  18. It is amazing to me how ignorant people are. They attack Chomsky with all sorts of right wing talking points (Republicans and Democrats do this) and Tea Party dialectic, but if they were to actually pick up one of his numerous books, they'd understand exactly where he is coming from on these issues.

    Read Manufacturing Consent, Necessary Illusions, Pirates and Emperors. That will lay the groundwork for anyone who wants to understand where he's coming from.

    We need a functioning LEFT!

  19. @Asymmatrix I understand that your view is a common one, but I do wonder about it. You don't think that he knows what he's doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? I give him more credit than to call him "naive" considering the commoners of the international community can in plain view see the atrocities going on in the middle east, and how Obama is being disingenuous about all of it.

    He hired on the guys who tanked the US economy to run the recovery. He's a smart guy, he knows exactly what he's doing.

  20. @Asymmatrix But I agree with you that Obama is a corporate sellout. He is more or less a centrist corporatist who was favored by the financial institutions, and indeed he gave them what they asked for as soon as he got into office. I don't know that he's unaware of what he's up against other than the fact that it's been very difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the Tea Party movement against his agenda. That is, until election time rolled around and his party lost congress.

  21. @PurpleHoneyBear I agree, the left is ~dead – it has been very effectively eliminated, distorted and humiliated via PR methods from the mid-70s onwards. Many born since have never experienced genuine populist movements; parents have forgotten theirs. Unions, dissent, protest, popular activism – all these notions have been well routed from the national memory in the UK and US. We might have to come up with a new paradigm to outstep the huge forces invested in maintaining faux-awareness.

  22. Chomsky recently said the US had no evidence to justify its invasion of Afghanistan, which was "totally illegal, and criminal". See my video "Chomsky on Faith-Based Wars and 9/11"

  23. @PurpleHoneyBear
    "they are taught to confine themselves within certain debate parameters". Exactly, and unfortunately they are not even aware of it. It is a striking lack of perspective and independent, critical thinking, in corporate media, which is why Chomsky feels like such a refresher to many, although what he says is really just basic logic and plain facts.

  24. I think a lot has to do with how we think as well. Down here, in New Zealand, we use this term, "greenies", to describe advocates of nature. I mean, it's generally used as a derogatory term by those who do not share their views. But what the "greenies" say is by large true; corporations and bad govt. policies are destroying the nature, but that's not the idea you get when you watch TV and spend a lot of time with business students at the university. Well, that's my take on it.

  25. the decision comes about because they genuinely think its good
    someone doesn't say to themselves "I'm gonna screw up the tax system to sink the country" – they say "these rich people stimulate and lead the economy, why should we punish them by taking all their money? if they had more they'd do more"

  26. @KentAllard That doesn't excuse it though right? It's not like the cop sodomizing his victim in the bathroom with a plunger thinks about how naughty he is being, he's just injecting his creativity into his goal of serving society. Point being that all actions have to be thought through, especially ones that affect other people. As far as the rich stimulating the economy, I believe that was covered under the idea of exceptionalism- it's a fallacy!

  27. Dr. Chomsky recently told Iranian TV that at the time the US invaded Afghanistan, they had no evidence that al Qaeda did 9/11. See my video "Chomsky on Faith-Based Wars and 9/11"

  28. @davehutchinson67 Is it capitalism? Is it free market? No. None of those things. It's corporatism of the worst kind – gov't protected racket of big business, which broke the idea of Constitution just to set itself up as the final monopoly.

    The manufacturing jobs are all where capitalism is today – Asia. China mostly. That's where capitalism is. USA has no capitalism. It has gov't monopolies and corporatism and nothing else.

  29. @AudioForAnarchists The main problem is not however youtube comments. The main problem is that the majority is ignorant and stupid.

  30. Chomsky dismembers the merchants of propaganda and eats them for lunch without breaking a sweat, the finest, grandest, choicest thinker to ever encamp on Freedom's Land. I encourage everyone to watch his sterling documentary: Power And Terror, Noam Chomsky In Our Times.

    Thumbs up if you agree!

  31. @dorkydevil Good for you. I feel the same way. I read my first Chomsky book (Hegemony and Survival) about 4 years ago and my life has never been the same. I'm now an active member of the anti-war movement here in London. Chomsky = truth

  32. @AudioForAnarchists lol, I should comment less but I don't know when to shut up. Ron Paul libertarians just frustrate me too much.

  33. @BadHabit202 What would Chomsky have us do? He wants to inspire the people of various countries, through activism, to put pressure on their repacious governments to stop raping, plundering, opressing and pillaging. Its such activism that led to the abolition of the slave trade, the collapse of the South African aparteid, womens rights, rights for blacks, rights for the working man, constitutional checks on states, the resignation of war criminals like Tony Blair, the list goes on.

  34. @BadHabit202 War = peace, eh? You'd do Orwell proud. I don't think the atrocities that USA and its friends commit across the globe leads to peace in any way. You probably feel very smug sitting at your computer talking about the ethics of the balance of power when your country is one of the powerful, and you have such a great life in the west. Let's see how you'd feel if you were on the receiving end of crushing power.

  35. @BadHabit202 He does offer an alternative and he's written about it at length. It's called anarcho-syndicalism.

    Anyway, there's little point you and I having this discussion as we're talking past each other. Congratulations about all your power. Hope you enjoy it. Bye.

  36. @wizemanful "My breakfast is highly class conscious. The sausages are engaged in a bitter class war against the ham and eggs, both ruled by hawkish oligarch dentures, with a highly aggressive foreign policy (i.e. the sausage class is always sent into my mouth first to be chewed, crushed and viciously dissolved by the totalitarian choppers with corrosive stomach acid)."

  37. 'Noam chomsky forgot about the US controlling the drug trade in Afghanistan in which the drug money is laundered through Wall st banks & taking control of that hugely profitable business from the Taliban who will not launder that money into Wall St. Plus other important resources being extracted by mega corporations that the US sends our military to protect, like the massive natural gas pipeline being builet across Afghanistan. Also the creation of a client state & permanent military bases

  38. Now, that we've killed Bin laden I like other ppl think we shouldn't be in Afghanistan any longer. The best way for us to defeat some of our enemies is to let them destroy themselves. Like, Russia, when they fought in Afghanistan. Everybody knows Communism is a shitty system and we didn't have to fund Bin laden and his crew because communism was going to give out any way. That's why China is getting ahead ppl. We need to focus on our economy fuck Afghanistan and fuck Iraq.

  39. @TechnoDevotee Just because America has had certain successes in the past with being altruistic, doesn't mean all of (or even most of) its current and future actions will also be ethically and altruistically justifiable. that's like saying: yea this leader helped us for 2 years, so i think it'll be wise to re-elect him. what about Mao, was he evil from the start? NEWS FLASH: corruption in politics is common and usually has, you know, a beginning and a cause (maybe many). it's not timeless.

  40. @BadHabit202 He was one of the first academics in the United States to speak up against the Vietnam War and has made tireless efforts since then to American imperial policy. One man is not an island….

  41. Those who insist on military might are neo-cons.
    Those who think neutrality in foreign affairs is ill-advised are neo-cons.
    Many news media outlets have a neo-con agenda.
    Are you a neo-con?
    Ron Paul says neo-cons are NOT CONSERVATIVES!
    Definition and names of neo-cons: /watch?v=nuefjIYKkjE
    Christian Right Most Anti-Semitic People In The World /watch?v=CXpDPbA-nMo
    More on the history of neo-conservatism vs libertarianism /watch?v=45JSYIuTk0Y

  42. @al5mnd9trnksdr745bi And if he was dirt poor, you would be saying: "Chomsky is just a whiny loser who is envious of the rich and successful".

    Critics of capitalist literally can't win. Their socio-economic status is always used against them, one way or another, in a vile and dishonest ad-hominem.

  43. I hate that just because I would like each nation to have control over its own resources and independent from global business interests that I am "un-American."

  44. "Well, first of all it's not that I'm not a fan of American exceptionalism. That's like saying I'm not a fan of the moon being made out of green cheese. It doesn't exist. "

  45. The greatest intellectuals are never recognized in their lifetime.. he speaks as if he's a historian 100 years from now. I will weep as you will.

  46. I don't think that is has anything much to do with fighting extremist. Your right that they thrive off of unjust killings, part of their success is to recruit children from families that have absolutely nothing left and take care of them. In fact some of these religious groups garner support by offering social services to the population. If we were serious about ending Islamic extremism there are more sensible alternatives we could take, I think we just want to dominate the region for the oil.

  47. Chomsky goes on about the never-realized and non-declared super-power dreams of some long-gone policy maker. How is this relevant to anything? It represents little more than the day-dreams of single person, or at most a limited group. It never happened, and he doesnt even give any sources. Hes like a historian? no. Hes full of shit.

    And no, the U.S. does not spend as much on military as the rest of the world combined. Chomsky should stick to linguistics.

  48. Chomsky is inflammable. He says things that even the mainstream left, including Cenk, does not want to hear. He is the only one who tells it like it is.

  49. They invaded Iraqi cuz they know it will inflame the Middle East and push most the Arabs to become terrorist and that will give Israel reasons to bomb the Arab and kill most of them and that's ww3 and Europe going to be whipped of the map by Russia in that war

  50. TYT, please
    More CHOMSKY
    More KRUGMAN

    They offer a comprehensive and honest "theory" of the world.
    We should hear from them weekly (at least)

  51. Thought everyone here who enjoyed this, might also enjoy this Chomsky video. Youtube Noam Chomsky answers questions from 6 personalities if you haven't already seen it.

  52. This is the third time, I listen to this and it is so simple, obvious and logical. He is Anti-american, he simply states the facts.

  53. Why would anyone rich and successful complain about a system that they're doing well out of? Also a large part of their ego could depend upon them believing that they gained their position fairly due to their skill.

  54. "Also a large part of their ego could depend upon them believing that they gained their position fairly due to their skill."

    It's a typical human bias. When we succeed, it is us. When we fail, it is outside forces. Everybody has it, not just rich folk. But the rich (especially the rentier rich) seem to possess it in droves, LOL.

  55. Transcript of Noam Chomsky's explanation of why Iraq was invaded…

    "There were very solid reasons for invading Iraq. Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world. It's right at the heart of the Middle East region which is the main energy reserve of the world. Establishing a client regime and a major military base in Iraq and getting preferential access to its resources would be of great value to the people who are our counterparts to Adam Smith's merchants and manufacturers: energy corporations, industrial corporations, banks and so on.

    They didn't achieve it. Iraq is an interesting case because it was a defeat. US goals were defeated in Iraq, a very important fact.

    At the beginning of course there were all sorts of pretexts: they're tied up with Al Qaeda, weapons of mass destruction. When that collapsed there was a new pretext: we're bringing democracy. In fact the US fought democracy every step of the way. It tried to prevent elections. When it couldn't prevent them it tried to manipulate them and it kept going, right through to the end.

    At the very end, say by 2008, when it was pretty clear that the US was not going to achieve its goals, the Bush administration started talking pretty frankly about what they were. So, November 2007, January 2008, there were strong, significant declarations by the administration. They discussed what the outcome must be. They were then talking about a status of forces agreement, what it must include. And at that time they were demanding that what it must include is the US right to use military bases in Iraq indefinitely as a base for combat and other operations and privileged access to Iraqi energy resources for US corporations. At that point it was said very explicitly because they were getting desperate.

    Well, they didn't get either of those. The US has not been able to suppress Iraqi nationalism. The US could kill any number of insurgents, so that wasn't a big problem. But what they couldn't deal with was the mass popular non-violent resistance. And the US had to back down step by step. That's why the books on Iraq by the most serious analysts, people like Jonathan Steele, David Gardner of the Financial Times, and others, have titles like Defeat. The US was defeated.

    But it's clear what the war aims are and they were sensible aims."

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