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100 comments on “NFL International Evolution: EVERY Country Games Have Been Played | NFL Explained

  1. I'm German and NFL is getting bigger there every year and it would be great if the NFL would play one game in Munich or Berlin

  2. An Alternative way is:
    A Smaller Preseason
    19 week regular Season
    8 games at home
    8 games away
    1 international series game (maybe against the other conference same division team, who had finnish at the same position in the division)
    2 byes week (one of It after The ISG)

  3. And in 2019, American Football is like the second most famous Sport in germany. At least nfl Football. The gfl is still on the rise

  4. The fact that American Football is growing at such a speedy rate is actually really awesome. So many people across the globe love football, not just the game but the joy and fun around it. The fans, the hype, the feel of it.

  5. The NFL will never be big ouside the US. It is way too defined at a patriotic sports. Not to mention it has racial connotations like the "Red Skins". Soccer rules the world and those that doesnt play soccer play Rugby which is WAY MORE exciting. Im an American just got into Rudgy. Let me say that the Rugby World Cup was amazing and better than any NFL game uve seen.

  6. Then send the Packers when they are pitched as away team…I can reason why they need their home team more then others, and their special status us grandfathered. That's one reason why I – as Pat-fan – respect the Packers that much.

  7. I highly doubt the super bowl would ever be held in England. The idea of taking the super bowl out of America is beyond comprehension.

  8. Why you didn’t emphasize in Mexico???
    Mexico has more football fans than the UK. We have the same time zone than in the USA, the longest trip would be only 5 hours. GB/CHI/SEA to Mexico City and one hour less if you go to monterrey. You should bring more nfl here. I bet you every game would be sold out

  9. An NFL team in China. What a joke that would be. The Chinese government would censor the hell out of any broadcast or internet chatter about the teams, fans and games.

  10. international regular season games are an insult to fans and especially teh teams' fans that give up a home game. there is no reason to play a regular season game internationally. in any sport.
    soccer is trying to grow in the US, does the German Bundesliga or English Premier League have regular games over here? no. they have exhibitions, as our leagues should. just more evidence that the leagues dont give a rat's ass about their fans.

  11. The NFL didn't talk about the mexican fever, we have more fans and more passion for this game that others countries, All adding them not even matching us… In this video, the NFL don't mention it. 🙁 The gringos don't appreciate us… That is a fact.

  12. Would love to see a NFL game being played in Japan, again. That 1976 game was what introduced American football to Japan…also, first ever international game to be played outside North America!

  13. This is so surreal… Seeing the British support American teams… Is this what Americans look like when they support different European soccer teams?

  14. Come to Brazil NFL. Third biggest amount of fans in the world, gametime is not an issue at all for afternoon games

  15. How could they go this whole video and not mention NFL Europe or any of the other abortive attempts to have American Football in Europe regularly. It's one thing for it to be a once a year novelty, what happens when the London Beefeaters are the worst team in their division and there are 20,000 butts in seats at Tottenham?

  16. I’d like to see the NFL come to Australia. The NFL fan base is staring to grow here. I’m a patriots fan but I see dolphins, Steelers and packers fans in my city wearing jerseys. It’s even coming to TV here. We even have our own grid iron league and I wanted to play for my local team, the northern raiders.

  17. very interesting take, and i respect it. i do feel very offended by the fact that there is no credit to the mexican games played. The mexicans given their close relation to the US undersetand football better than any other market whether its south africa, japan, australia, UK, or ireland… They are passionate about thte teams that go there and will support a team no matter what, but it is crearly understandable that the NFL has its sights on what country gives them the most $$$… just like the way they make billion dollar new stadiums and fuck over entire cities and counties in the US. FUCK THIS GAME

  18. so AMERICAN expats can pay foreign scalpers TWICE the cost of a ticket in a foreign country?

    THANKS, NFL…… 🙄🙄🙄

  19. I feel like theres gonna be multiple teams in some countries and now the winner of a country is gonna play in a bigger bracket with all of the other country winners.

  20. Exaggeration, it does not take 7.5 hours to fly to London from the east coast…..5-6 hours tops, you have the jet stream pushing you……it's 7.5 to fly back

  21. The best time was when all people in the Estadio Azteca screamed "Brady! Brady!" in 2017, It was amazing! The GOAT playing in Mexico was so incredible!

  22. There needs to be more NFL international games in London and across Europe, they need more NFL international games across Asia and Australia.

  23. NFL international games in London are great to watch and the NFL needs to extend the international games in London after the 2020 season and they need to extend the international games across other parts of the World.

  24. Mexico is the best place to have another NFL Game or why not? A NFL team!!!!!!!!
    the flights are very very short and the time set it's the same.
    Brings us more Games, Guadalajara and Monterrey will waiting

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