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News Wrap: At Davos, Trump urges Europe to liberalize trade policies

News Wrap: At Davos, Trump urges Europe to liberalize trade policies

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: President
Trump issued new threats of tariffs on imported European cars before departing the World Economic
Forum in Switzerland. U.S. officials met with world leaders and
CEOs at the conference in Davos. Afterward, the president warned Europe to agree to liberalized
trade. DONALD TRUMP, President of the United States:
They have trade barriers were you can’t trade. They have tariffs all over the place. They
make it impossible. They are, frankly, more difficult to do business
with than China. JUDY WOODRUFF: Separately, France announced
that it will delay imposing a new tax on big tech companies, and the U.S. has let it be
known that it will hold off imposing retaliatory sanctions. In China, the death toll rose to at least
17 people from a new respiratory illness that is rapidly spreading. Chinese officials said
more than 540 cases of the flu-like coronavirus have been confirmed. That is more than double
the number from a day earlier. We will get much more after the news summary. High winds and sweltering temperatures have
returned in Australia, and the fire danger there is surging again. People in the eastern
suburbs of Canberra, the capital, were briefly forced to evacuate today after a fire flared
near the airport. Meanwhile, a huge dust storm engulfed several
outback towns in New South Wales state, painting the skies orange and adding to smoke fouling
the skies. The president of Iran insisted today that
his country is still committed to the 2015 nuclear deal. Just last week, Hassan Rouhani
declared that Iran would no longer abide by limits on enriching uranium. Today, in Tehran,
he said the nuclear deal, officially the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, is not dead,
and he disavowed interest in a nuclear arsenal. HASSAN ROUHANI, Iranian President (through
translator): We are not seeking nuclear weapons. Even if the JCPOA collapses, we won’t seek
nuclear weapons. If the safeguard agreement is destroyed, we won’t seek nuclear weapons. JUDY WOODRUFF: Rouhani also said that the
United States made a mistake pulling out of the nuclear agreement. Back in this country, Democratic presidential
candidate Tulsi Gabbard has filed a defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the party’s
2016 nominee. It comes after Clinton suggested that the Hawaii congresswoman was — quote
— “the favorite of the Russians.” A spokesman for Clinton said that Gabbard’s claims are
ridiculous. A landmark legal moment for the MeToo movement
played out today with opening statements in Harvey Weinstein’s rape and sexual assault
trial. Prosecutors in New York called the former movie producer a rapist. The defense
said that evidence shows any sexual encounters were consensual. The trial could last more
than a month. On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones industrial
average lost nine points to close at 29186. The Nasdaq rose 13 points, and the S&P 500
added one point. And Terry Jones of Monty Python fame has died,
after battling a rare form of dementia. Jones played everything from a nude organist and
a Spanish inquisitor, Cardinal Biggles, to the ravenous restaurant patron Mr. Creosote. He wrote and directed the films “Monty Python
and the Holy Grail” and “Life of Brian.” In that one, he played the mother of Brian,
who is mistaken for Jesus. TERRY JONES, Actor: He is not the messiah.
He is a very naughty boy. Now go away. ACTORS: Who are you? TERRY JONES: I’m his mother, that’s who. JUDY WOODRUFF: Terry Jones was 77 years old. Still to come on the “NewsHour”: as the death
toll for the coronavirus jumps in China, the infection reaches the shores of the U.S.;
and how the crown prince of Saudi Arabia allegedly hacked the cell phone of Amazon’s CEO.

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