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[NEWS IN-DEPTH] N. Korea’s latest message to U.S. and S. Korea

[NEWS IN-DEPTH] N. Korea’s latest message to U.S. and S. Korea

South Korea’s top security adviser Chung
we all made a surprise visit to the White House last week where US president
Trump relayed a congratulatory message to North Korean leader Kim jong-un Trump
had also reportedly expressed his will to resume dialogue with Pyongyang but
the friendly gestures weren’t enough for North Korea to change its hostile stance
the regime has once again made clear it will not give up its nuclear program for
sanctions relief saying it has been deceived by the US government to South
Korea the regime bluntly warned Seoul to stay out of the North’s affairs with the
u.s. today we go in depth on the latest report between Trump and Kim jong-un and
the prospects of nuclear talks moving forward with dr. Beane’s on one of the
korea national diplomatic academy welcome to the program my pleasure so in
the statement released by North Korea’s top diplomat Kim kye-gwan North Korea
made clear it will not engage in the type of talks we’ve seen last year in
Hanoi it will not give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief
it also urged the u.s. to accept their requests
what requests are they talking about well as you mentioned the North Korea’s
top diplomat Kim kye-gwan mentioned that talks with the u.s. can resume only when
US fully accept what North Korea wants and as you know North Korea has argued
since the last year that it took it took several the didn’t causation measures
like their cessation of nuclear and missile tests and the shutdown of
Hungarian nuclear test aside and so it argues that it’s us turn to take the
corresponding measures and after failing to reach an agreement in Hanoi last year
um North Korea has argued that it can resume not talks with the US on the
other us the offered sanctions relief and security guarantee measures and so
it seems that the king giga and his time made it clear again that the u.s. needed
to provide the the new proposal that the us don’t know scary ones like
the other say there’s again the economic the sanction relief and the security
matters Madras otherwise the endless Korea are the bullet that go back to the
negotiating table North Korea also said that there’s a special liaison channel
for the fur fur Trump and Kim jong-un to communicate and there was no direct
criticism towards President Trump but it did say that although Kim jong-un has
good personal feelings about President Trump
they are literally personal feelings drawing the line how did you see that
well basically it seems that North Korea doesn’t wanna completely walk away from
the negotiations to be the u.s. imagine now the current negotiations between
those Korean US have preceded by the top-down approach between the the
trimmer Kim and president Trump so there I think that the bottom line of the
talks is to maintain the good relationship between the top leaders so
the if North Korea huan’er completely the close the door of the negotiations
then the the it would it be appropriate to say that the relationship between the
two leaders is over by directly criticizing president Trump but was
created or not so the it shows that the North Korea
does you know one or completely walk away from negotiation instead North
Korea is pushing us to take one knows career once and then North Korea would
come back to the negotiating table you’ve mentioned that North Korea didn’t
completely shut the door to dialogue but it made clear that there will be no
progress in negotiations unless US accepts its demands how would the u.s.
react to this well they’re still I think there’s still a possibility that
President Trump good would it be the more flexible about
North Korea ste incursion process but I don’t think that it would be easy or
there it would be the applause Paul for president Trump or the u.s. to change
each positions on their North Korea stinker process now sooner or later it’s
because as you know Washington has taken there has been the skeptical about North
Korea’s teen graduation will and the Washington people also feel that North
Korea has not taken enough measures to teen purge itself so the the it’s not
the right time for us to provide any corresponding measures like the same to
live and president Trump’s impeachment trial is still ongoing so I don’t think
that the president Trump so the president Trump doesn’t want to go
against go against the other Republican senators who mostly wanted to maintain
the strong sanctions against North Korea until North Korea completes the
Inquisition process so I think it would not be easy for president Trump to be
more flexible about North Korea’s denuclearization process sooner or later
instead for his reelection be it President Trump like that his priority
for North Korean dish is to maintain the situation and he does not want to see
your situation where North Korea would go over the red line of the negotiations
like that resuming nuclear and missile tests so he won her he won her the other
just too many illustration or to maintain he had a good relationship
where they did chairman Kim so I think that’s why the president Trump
thus and center there another signal that he still maintains a good
relationship with Chairman Kim now North Korea made blunt statements towards the
South Korean government it’s that it’s presumptuous for South Korea to meddle
in the personal relations between Kim and Trump warning South Korea to stay
out of the way and stop seeking to play a
enroll now this comes just a few days after president moon Jane’s New Year’s
address in which he laid out very specific measures to boost inter-korean
relations how do you see this well I think North Korea expressed its a
grievance and anger to South Korea again it’s unfortunate to see search a little
bit theater registration between the two countries and specifically after failing
to reach an agreement in Hanoi yet in the last year
north Korea has blamed South Korea there’s South Korea’s for soliciting
role didn’t work and that there has been little progress and the inter-korean
economic cooperation projects like their regime in Google and tours and the
reopening in Kaesong Industrial Complex so I think that the North Korea is
pushing South Korea to push the us to take what North Korea wants if South
Korea the wonnered improve the inter-korean relations a president moon
even called on joint efforts to materialize Kim jong-un’s promised visit
to South Korea but such hostility from the north is certainly not what the
South Korean government was aiming for and so today unification ministry
spokesperson Youngman has called on the North to refrain from verbal rhetoric
against the south and to show mutual respect for the sake of peace on the
Korean Peninsula your thoughts on the prospects of
inter-korean relations well I think that the current region on the inter
correlations is very tough and I think the main region for the and a little bit
tough situation is the kind of the deadlock in North Korea us the
negotiations imagine no South Korean government in moon jae-in administration
has been pursuing the virtuous circle between two Korean relations and those
korea-us relations and it means that improving inter-korean relations would
facilitate the denotation of North Korea and the North Korea us relations and
then and search improved the inter-korean relations and
and then the improved in those great us with the relations with also facilitate
yet another level of data improved inter-korean relations and the through
the processes we are marching toward the establishment of the peace regime on the
Korean Peninsula but the other as I mentioned after the Hanoi is summer last
year we got a little bit of situation in terms of the North Korea us in
negotiations and the North Korea in the US the relations and then there the
search here that allow also the negatively affected the other
improvements of the integral relations so I expect that only when we could see
a kind of the improvement in the North Korea’s the relations and the
negotiations then we could expect it here some improvement in the
inter-korean relations White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien
told a local media that mr. Trump while congratulating Kim jong-un for his
birthday he also expressed that he wants talks to resume with Pyongyang how did
you see the move well you know that I think that the trepidation has made it
clear that it remains open to talks with North Korea and urged North Korea to go
back to the negotiating table but but yeah it’s not clear whether the trap
administration is ready to provide the new proposal to take what North Korea
ones and so there again there the present Trump’s it is sending signals
and organ or gain too many tests recién where did North Korea so that we need to
wait and see what will happen in the first half there half after this year it
it will be a very critical there period for the other ongoing those Korea US
negotiations president Trump’s birthday message to Kim jong-un came during South
Korea’s top security adviser Chong Liang’s visit to the White House what
else do you think Chung Trump discussed that well you know the
basically did it was a little surprising news that the jockey on the top measures
the secure divisor of a South Korea Matt brief elaborated President Trump with
his Japanese counterpart so the it was not it was not in his original schedule
in the White House the instead he had the Jong hyung got yet a little bit more
time with his counterpart in the US and it the Jap Japan and I think that the 3d
other advisors shared their informations about their current distractions or the
developments on the North Korean issues and that they were so there the
expressed and the shared that their opinions about the trilateral
cooperation among three countries and they also talked about the other kind of
dealing with the Iranian issues like they’re sending true possibilities of
the sending troops to the Middle East were something like that so I think that
I don’t think that the jeongyeon would have a Libya theater in a time where the
president Trump’s to the other top where the shared information about the current
situation on North Korea instead I think a dangers to the other shared or the
expressed that they are diplomatic theater greetings and the page of the
opinion the lightest sending the president moon or something like that
White House National Security Advisor robert o’brien also assess that he was
cautiously optimistic about the way forward as north korea is yet to carry
out it has not carried out its threat to undertake provocations as a Christmas
gift judging from the North’s action so far
since Christmas do you think the possibility of another provocation from
North Korea still lingers well I think that there is a possibility that North
Korea will show a little bit all the provocations if the current
deadlock is continued I think that the North Korean North Korea’s new path
mainly consists of economic self-reliance with the help of China
so if North Korea goes of the red line of the negotiations then it would make
it harder for China to help that most Korea economically and there is also
possibility that the North Korea could get another the other additional the
sanctions from the international community and there recently there were
the killing of the Iranian general pressing the Soleimani I think that
North Korea recognized that the coin over the red line would lead no
president sharp to take a military option so taken together if there is no
progress in the negotiations between North Korea us I think that North Korea
would have their control the provocations like the other shooting
short and mid-range ballistic missiles and having another missile engine test
but it’s unlikely that they would cross the red line now obviously mr. Trump’s
birthday messages to Kim jong-un and Robert O’Brien’s friendly gestures to
the North Korean regime weren’t enough to resolve the current nuclear impasse
your thoughts on that I agree with the opinion that the current just did say
hello with a congratulations on your the birthday or something like just year the
the diplomatic greetings would not be enough to see the change in
attitudes about North Korea of course basically their search the message is
the could have a little bit a positive impact about their refraining that North
Korea from the other going home with a red line but yeah it’s not enough to the other the resume the talks
between the two countries as I mentioned earlier today if us one hour the regime
that oxidant North Korea and if North Korea wonnered the other that the region
that talks with the United States both countries need to show more flexible
positions about the North Korea nuclear project process and the peace raising
process on the Korean Peninsula that would be the critical factor to change
in the Elector concentration and would it be a little bit breakthrough for the
ER the stoll the negotiations right now so flexibility is the key to resolving
the nuclear impasse thank you dr. min we appreciate your
time tonight thank you

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