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[NEWS IN-DEPTH] Biegun’s Asia trip and N. Korea diplomacy

[NEWS IN-DEPTH] Biegun’s Asia trip and N. Korea diplomacy

the highly anticipated meeting between
US special envoy Steven vegan and North Korean officials did not happen
vegan who is now in Japan after wrapping up his two-day trip to South Korea this
week has announced he will stop by China which came to a surprise to many as the
trip was not previously known the announcement comes only a day after
Beijing and Moscow submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council
calling for easing of North Korea sanctions today we go in-depth on the
regional events surrounding the two Koreas and their implications with dr.
min Jong Un’s professor at the korea national diplomatic academy welcome to
the program my pleasure so Steven vegan during his visit to
Seoul held a joint press conference following his talks with his South
Korean counterpart ito hoon saying that North Korea
urging North Korea to come out to the table for talks that it’s time for them
to get things done and that North Korea knows where to make a contact but North
Korea is yet to respond to began’s proposal for talks how do you see that
well like I mentioned the paw forward there begun came to the South Korea at
this time I thought that what people could offer to North Korea wouldn’t be
the last chance to provide the momentum to North Korea to resume the talks
between the two countries so I got some kind of hope about what the Beagle could
offer to North Korea but the the it seems that US doesn’t want to change
positions or North Korea steel enclosure process and so beigan got nothing to
offer to North Korea instead the began just publicly offered
to North Korea like there’s a Here I am I am here so just to come out and talk
about the adhesion current process it means that the other big ardent got
there nothing to offer the other visual or the specific theater benefits or any
kind of the other exchanging badges to North Korea
so from North Korean point of view you know North Korea don’t you need to come
out because the other North Korea would get any would get nothing from the
United States at the time so you know and
so that’s why they’re North Korea arm didn’t answer any kind of the other
things for the atom because recast the in means that the other North Korea is
not satisfied with in the United States and I unfortunately I think that the
North Korea would pursue the other new path by the end of pair by the end of
this year so the biggest reason North Korea is still not responding to beacons
proposal for talks is because North Korea doesn’t think that Washington has
a new approach towards denuclearization yet now a surprise announcement came
from the US State Department it said that beacon will be visiting China now
China wasn’t included in vegans list of Nations to visit during his Asia trip
why do you think Washington is suddenly ascending vegan to China well it’s I
think it’s mainly because dear the trapped resolution that China and Russia
proposed to you there sometime probably a couple of days ago to the UN Security
Council and in the draft a resolution China Russia proposed some kind of
sanctions relief including the elliptical ban on the North Korea
experts like their statutes the seafood and textiles or so they’re lifting a ban
on the the North Korean workers the sent abroad and finally they’re makin
exemption on the inter-korean rail and were the cooperation projects and United
States you still think that the u.s. dangers and the u.s. anxious on those
Korea it’s their biggest leverage to that could be moved in those Korea to
the direction that knows the unity at once so the arm the u.s. wanna send the
clear message to China by sending the begun to Beijing later this week and I
think that the other Washington the one who sent is the strong the message and
signal to theaters China that the other China needed to go with the unit the
states in terms of the maintaining their sanctions for me on North Korea
so as you’ve mentioned Washington’s decision to send vegan to China came
after Beijing and Moscow requests to UN Security Council to ease some North
Korea sanctions but why do you think China and Russia’s call to ease
sanctions comes now well I think that the China and Russia
the proposed attractive resolution we needed to proposes first of all the
China and Russia the owner provided some kind of momentum that the Endo’s Korea
could take advantage of in terms of avoiding the other that is year and the
deadline or in the end or some kind of death that some kind of data deadline
for the North Korean the diseases and you know as you know basically the China
and Russia have supported the other what North Korea wants in terms of the
negotiations with the United States and specifically the China Russia the push
the United States and the international community to exchange the majors
simultaneously in each step of North Korea’s the Inquisition it’s like the
staged and the simultaneous measures and this time did the China and Russia are
just repeating what they argue to support yet on North Korea and I think
that it has has some kind of positive theater that the effect to the other
North Korea because the North Korea still needs have some kind of ground or
a room to avoid the other self they set the deadline by the end of this year so
if in those Korea would respond to deal what of China Russia wants like the
other some kind of room to do just avoid or jump around neared over the arm there
you end the deadline it would it be a cosign even for the South Korea so that
I think attached to one purpose of the draft resolution on the other hand the
China Russia they want to show the the here the alittle enhanced polishes in
terms of their their the other the active roles in the negotiation process
and he you know said so far the other current the negotiations are preceded by
the other three countries South Korea North Korea and the United States so
China Russia wanna show do you want to have a some kind of better there’s a
leverage and the roles and because there’s a day proposed here six-party
talks in the director the resolution already at the multilateral the other
consultations in there in a little bit in a similar format like there are four
party talks including two Koreas a United States and China so they want to
have with you the bigger roles in terms of the ongoing the other negotiation
process so they they questions are the two deal political goals that the China
and the Russian may have so those two may be the major motives behind China
and Russia’s call for easing North Korea sanctions but the US has called the call
premature sticking to its hardline stance on North Korea sanctions how do
you think the talks will go during vegans visit to China
well anyway India the US need to make sure that the China would go where the
United States in terms of maintaining the strong sanctions on North Korea but
I’m not sure as I mentioned before I’m not sure whether the China would follow
the what to follow to the direction that you had United said once in terms of the
other putting sanctions the form need on the North Korea but anyway the US thinks
that the double Libya centers this time is premature as you mentioned because
the other North Korea is it still threatening the world community by the
the conducting their escalated the provocations and refusing talk to the
United States for making their progress in the negotiations and the White House
also made it clear that the president Trump
wanna keep the essentials tight until the dose Korea showed you the
substantial progress in terms of the other having the the complete and
verifiable team Cartesian so there the China and the United States they will
talk about how to deal read the the Pyongyang but I’m not sure but what kind
of D compromise they could make through their decision now some say that the
part of the reason why the US has sent begin to China is to earn more time
so to give North Korea more time to think over and perhaps give North
Korea’s more time to make a response during bagans stay in Asia your thoughts
on that and and and how do you gauge the possibility of North Korea perhaps
responding before vegan leaves the asian continent well as I mentioned earlier
the began got nothing to offer to North Korea and said for North Korea to change
its idiot attitudes or positions about the resuming talks with the United
States North Korea need help the other visible and substantial things to show
its own people and the international community but in North Korea got nothing
but of course they are vegan big and still wanna talk to it the the North
Korea while he is staying in Asia East Asia but he had nothing so so the begun
made the a descend the honor the signal to talk I’m here or something like that
but here’s a North Korea doesn’t doesn’t have any kind of incentive or momentum
to come out so I’m a little pessimistic about that you remain skeptical on that
now North Korea’s latest rhetoric against the US was that the US has quote
helped North Korea decide its path and this came soon after a UN Security
Council meeting was convened upon Washington’s request what do you think
North Korea means by its path and I think that the the new path
consists of data least assembled directions first economically the the
North Korea would pursue the self-reliance we did help with China you
know to maintain its economic life North Korea Warner promotes is kind of the
tourism industry which can avoid the UN sanctions and the China would send more
tourists to North Korea and to attract more tourists North Korea would the
other work further in terms of the enhancing or the other the improving
their the tourism infrastructure and the some kind of promotion activities next
year so the the promoting the tourism industry could be the main source of
data maintain its economy next year and regarding security North Korea will try
to strengthen its relationships with the China and Russia and based on the
trilateral cooperation among North Korea China and Russia that North Korea will
try to maintain and its strategic value in the region and the finally on the
North Korea well unfortunately I will continue to make a provocations at the
next year because the other in need to send sending the strong signals to the
South Korea and in at the stage to appreciate them to move toward their
what to the direction the way of the North Korea won or go go on so the other
those Korea would make the consistent the other provocations like the other
shooting short and the middle range in the missiles and slbms was something
like that and larger but that attention is being paid to whether or not North
Korea is going over rather red wine of the other currently negotiations by
resuming nuclear tests and the shooting ICBMs
so we will see now a South Korean government source
from the Unification Ministry has predicted that North Korea may halt its
nuclear negotiations with the US and make it official through Kim jong-un’s
New Year’s message your thoughts on that yes there is a possibility I agree with
that but yeah you know didn’t a new path and
said that the North Korea’s response to tea at the current year the discus
trations in terms of the other talking with United States you know after the
Hanoi summit earlier this year I think that North Korea is preparing for a dear
do path saying they had throughout the almost a year and it’s times almost up
toward the end of this year so there it’s about time that Chairman Kim
jong-eun need to show that a new path by the officially declaring the suspension
of the ongoing the negotiations with the United States and by blaming the United
States for their that kind of the decisions or something like that but it
does not necessarily mean that you know said the North Korea who did the end of
the the cross there the red line of the negotiations who into the sea because
there’s a possibility that just here the maker declaration about the suspension
of their negotiations and North Korea would acedia when would it be the
perfect time with the appropriate time to go over there where the writing of
the negotiations well alright thank you doctor min as always for your
perspectives thank you

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