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New York City — Where Innovation Comes to Life

When it comes to studying something like
urban social policy I can’t think of a better place to do that than New York
City. New York City is a complex environment and one that needs thinkers
to really bring to the table ideas and interdisciplinary skills. Originally, I
was a dancer — that was my first career and I did that for about 12 years. And
the truth is that my background is not in public policy. I knew that I
needed to fill some skill gap areas. And then discovered that really the MPA degree
was the right thing for me. So, I really took the opportunity to load up on
courses that focus on urban and social policy. They’ve become a defining sort of
platform for the career that I’m transitioning into. What I love about the
program is that you really do have the opportunity to be able to learn in the
classroom and directly apply those skills back to the workplace and perhaps
add value and share those insights there. The concentration is one that supports
innovative thinking and New York City is a place where innovation comes to life.
If you’re interested in public policy; if you really have a commitment to
understanding how to apply the concepts from the classroom into a real space
where real change is both needed and also welcomed, this is the perfect place
to do that. [MUSIC]

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