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New USCIS NTA Policy Ambush On Permanent Residence And Citizenship (Immigration Tips & Tidbits)

New USCIS NTA Policy Ambush On Permanent Residence And Citizenship (Immigration Tips & Tidbits)

21 comments on “New USCIS NTA Policy Ambush On Permanent Residence And Citizenship (Immigration Tips & Tidbits)

  1. Is this anyway to stop this because it is unconstitutional? Really Trump has no clue of anything and this is not only a matter of immigration this is racism and racial profiling and not having the right to speak I can not say how many ways Trump is violating the constitution.

  2. A friend of mine went to her N-400 interview and lied about her current address, who supports her and the fact that she has been working and getting payed under the table without paying taxes which USCIS knows about. What can she expect they will do in this case. Question, so if you get denied citizenship you automatically will go to immigration court? These new laws will go into effect on Sept. 11 2018

  3. I was deported , however my wife filed a family based petition. It got accepted what should we do next ? Any info would be appreciated

  4. These claw backs are so unfortunate because we've had a laxed government approach to immigration for decades. My gut told me when the Trump Administration publicly issued the travel ban and when Congress refused to act on a few cases, they would find a path worse than the travel ban. Closing the borders and enforcing the law isn't a bad thing but millions will get caught up in this path with no amnesty in sight. Hire a lawyer! Great post

  5. Why should any illegal immigrants get benefits? Illegal's are not the same as legal immigrant. Legal immigrants are American citizens, and do pay full taxes. Illegal's don't pay federal taxes only sales tax. That doesn't give them any rights to our country. Where is the sacrifice? All Americans have worked to make America what it is today. We can't continue to take a 1000 illegal immigrants coming across the border illegally to claim anything. There are others that have paid dearly to become American, and when these illegals come in expecting to just jump in ahead of everyone that has been doing it the right way, is wrong. No benefits should be given to outsiders until becoming an American citizen. Even those that became American don't support open borders.

  6. They are trying to keep it replublican.. They look at old crimes . Not having a felony doesn't matter… too many bored federal,agents. No wonder our deficit is so high. Paying 995 million to keep immigrant out with ice

  7. Those immigration laws are nothing new. Immigrant committing a crime will caused deportation. I stayed law abiding immigrant and naturalized citizen to avoid these problems.

  8. Which USCIS of which States do you think will adopt these memos more strictly. I m in Northern Virginia and I m wondering whether I should like move to Nee York City I heard interviews are easy there

  9. Will my 8 month stay outside US automatically lead to my citizenship denial? I got pregnant and was too weak to return on time. The rest of my 3 other trips abroad have been less than 3 months?

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