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New Calls For Representative Steve King To Resign | All In | MSNBC

New Calls For Representative Steve King To Resign | All In | MSNBC

100 comments on “New Calls For Representative Steve King To Resign | All In | MSNBC

  1. Mr. King, how many sisters you got? Are they Sami-White like you? Cute? Tall or short? They wear panties? Send them over for purity inspection. All my black friends like to meet them too! Manufacture some little Kings for your collection. You've sisters, so you are good. Your supporters and criminal President are real evil!

  2. He does not want to resign! He tested it before and it was alright. Now, he'll go further and say worse things. People love him!!

  3. Trailer trash logic for you. The fact he's still a congressman, who's really to blame for this? Id say Iowa voters support his ideals.

  4. Well, I'm wondering how many kids Steve King and his oldest daughter have?
    He just outed himself…….on TV!

  5. Steve King, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Rand Paul..You've had idiots in power for quite some time. Just admit that the American people are largely to blame for their own problems.

  6. This beast does not deserve a chance to resign. He should be cast out by his fellow congressmen, or subject a recall election.

  7. How can a man so ignorant and so stupid becomes a politician? That proves that knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence doesnt matter cause all they want is pupets that they can control, to make them vote anything they order them.

  8. Why are so few Republicans not Racists, Pedophiles, or self proclaimed 'Nazis'? Jesus, can the GOP give us any candidate that doesn't represent the worst qualities humanity has to offer?

  9. I know what potus will say: I heard of Steve, he's a great man who was treated very unfair by the fake news

  10. who want to be that Trump will sign an executive order to make incest legal so that he can mushroom bang Ivanka .

  11. Awww…. Bet he made his sister/mama proud. Ahhh! The Master Race. Yep. The same guy who ‘schooled” April Ryan why Whites are a better race. Brahaahaaa🤣😁😂.

  12. Im not in favor of abortion but this man is a nutcase who hurts the Republicans at a time when their party is already in peril.

  13. Yeah forcing women or young girls having children when they were conceived out of violence. GOP THEY NEED TO GO BACK TO THE ROCK THEY CRAWLED OUT UNDER FROM.

  14. Whatever happened to America? How did this happen? Family values and the ever so pious evangelicals, and the greedy 1%? Jesus, where are the decent people?

  15. The audience is most troubling to me… why are they just listening 👂 and not booing and groaning??? What a bunch of slack jawed jellyfish

  16. They done it so they want you to except it, But if you go way back they have never, never been charged,and the victims are there.The bones are coming out, and they know,sense the metoo movement..

  17. In some ways, King is correct. Civilizations would've ceased to exist if it wasn't for consanguinious reproduction. Not sure about what he said entirely, but consanguinious relationships can be consensual. I recommend doing a little research -15 minutes worth-on the laws of Spain and France. If you don't like his position, and you are one of his constituents, taking action is simple: when November comes, cast your vote for someone other than King.

  18. Sorry wrong …. He should leave when those ppl in Iowa VOTE his azz out guess what , yeah. Now if he breaks a law sure got to go otherwise voters put u in and voters need to vote u out. If ppls start telling which person they don't like or disagree with to go then there would be no one in office. They all are bums….

  19. The good news is he DOES NOT write legislation. No Steve King bill has ever been passed into law. The bad news is after voting against him 9 times he is still my congressman.

  20. What would his Uncle Dad and aunt mom would say?
    He thinks noah's ark was a world event and there were only noah and his family to populate the world. eeeewwwww
    Hey Paaa. maaa is looking real purdy today…

  21. When is the Republican Party going to wake up to the fact that creeps like Steve King WILL eventually end up destroying the party?

  22. He behaves like someone who was a result of inbreeding incest. Syphilis is a tough disease when it gets to stage three (GPI) Obviously the drugs didn't help him with it.

  23. What an insane idea. Does anyone listen, I hope not. Doesn't he notice everyone hates his guts? How does a history of something make it acceptable? He has no business being involved in the law making process. What brain dead constituents keep sending him to DC?

  24. Iowa has continuously voted for that guy, a man that promotes bigotry, white supremacy, and incest, just wanted to remind everyone of that Lol!

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