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Netanyahu influenced U.S. foreign policy through close ties with Kushner, says author

Netanyahu influenced U.S. foreign policy through close ties with Kushner, says author

One of the strong themes in my book, you know,
is Bibi Netanyahu, very, very old family friend of the Kushners. You know, famously, when Jared was a child,
Bibi slept in Jared’s bedroom one night. You know, Jared was kicked out. Charlie Kushner actually—his father—went
to jail. One of the counts he pled guilty to was campaign
finance fraud, and that involved paying, in the wrong way, for Bibi’s many visits to
Charles Kushner’s local Jewish community. Bibi Netanyahu is like the grand chess master
of—I mean, he may as well really have been our secretary of state these last two years. He— AMY GOODMAN: The current prime minister, who
looks like he’s about to be indicted for corruption, of Israel. VICKY WARD: Corruption, exactly. Because Jared’s peace plan is essentially
Bibi’s peace plan and involves everyone else sort of doing things and everyone else
paying for it, except Israel. And I think you can’t underestimate the
influence of Bibi here. I mean, it was Bibi’s idea to really have
the U.S. soften its attitude toward Russia, because he thought it would be helpful in
batting down Iran and Syria. This is not a view that is shared by many
of our—well, any, actually, of our security analysts who deal in the region. And, you know, he was very supportive of this
idea that Jared and MBS should form an alliance, so that the Saudis could basically—and the
United Arab Emirates, could sort of subsidize Jared’s peace plan.

61 comments on “Netanyahu influenced U.S. foreign policy through close ties with Kushner, says author

  1. Blame the Jews, what's new here? It's all about hatred of the rich, don't kid yourself.
    The radical left sound so similar to the alt right, it's scary.

  2. I think we should drop a Hydrogen Bomb on Israel and Palestine. That way we would not have to listen to this Bullshit 🐂💩💩💩💩 anymore. 👍👍👍👍👍👍🚀🚀💥💥🔥🔥⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

  3. Netanyahu has no business running our business, especially via covert manipulation. Is there anything about which this administration is not being manipulated by some foreign power pulling our strings? I'll be glad when we get an American president.

  4. Genie Energy Ltd.: Board of Directors – Bloomberg … … … … … … … … … Jared Kushner Employed White House Conflict of Interest While Bombing Syria: Genie Energy's Ira Greenstein … … … …

  5. Trump is placing Zionist interests before American interests in the region… There is only one word for that.

  6. what a coincidence. trump tweeted earlier that the US will now recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel…

  7. with trumps recent statement about the golan heights . …i would rather say this is a plan for "Greater Israel" than any type of peace plan 🙁

  8. You're never going to hear this on MSNBC folks. The Israeli lobby worked hard so that if you criticize Israel. . . . You're a antisemite. When in fact it's the Palestinians who are semites. Not the Israelis Pack up and head back to Europe. . . . Then there will be peace.

  9. We are not going soft on russia! I honestly wouldn't be surprised if our actions towards russia are a ruse, but we have been beefing up our military on their boarders in their seas and arming their "enemies." Russia, I assure you, does not like that.

  10. The chicken coop has been built for more than 50 years and STILL the people haven't gone home to roost and prefer to use america as a "safe space". Soooooo pro isreal but yeah nah yeah, we'd rather stay here where we can continue to meddle in american affairs and subvert the people via our media monopolies. Give me a fuckin break already, It's like a family staying in a nice hotel even though their home has been freshly built and equipped with all the bells and whistles for well over 50 fuckin years!!!

  11. HIGHLY criminal conspiring "Russian"-Israeli oligarchs meddling in foreign / U.S elections, so so.

    UNLESS Israel is an official state of the U.S.A., Bibi sabotaging U.S elections and thus world politics alone to get his criminal white supremacist Zionist-way of a pedophile yaweh, is still criminal under American and International Jurisdiction, Mr. Special investigator Mueller.

    See you all in Int. Courts, my dear Abe' most primitive religions' wannabe Geniuses.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  12. China and Mexico billionaires met with Hillary and Trump yet you only focus on Israel as neo nazi white power claiming "Jews" run America.
    Amazing…I see just as much anti semitic rhetoric on leftist channels as right wing conservative channels.
    No matter what we do we are suspect and hated..

  13. So now it is not only Israeli lobbies but also Israeli PM's influencing US foreign policies.
    How was Omar wrong and being anti-semetic again?

  14. Korrupt Kushner kisses krooked konman's butt. They so deserve each other and if allowed might be able to compare notes from their respective jail cells.

  15. The State of Israel has too much influence in the United States Government. Why are UNITED STATES CITIZENS allowing this🤔🤔🤔

  16. Oh, how “anti-Semitic.”

    You know you cannot criticize the nation or its corrupt individuals based on facts.

  17. WHY FBI CAN’T TELL ALL ON TRUMP, RUSSIA. Based on documents examined by WhoWhatWhy, it is possible to draw certain conclusions that help connect the dots between Trump, the FBI, Russia and the mob.

    The resulting picture is not a pretty one for Donald Trump. However, because of its efforts to neutralize the organization of perhaps the world’s most powerful mobster — a man considered a serious national security threat — the Bureau might just have compromised its own ability to provide to Congress or inform the American public about all of the ties that exist between Trump, his presidential campaign and the regime of Vladimir Putin.

    Further, Trump’s business association with Sater and Bayrock may have put the president’s financial interests at substantial risk, including possibly millions of dollars in fines, penalties, or other damages, should civil or criminal misconduct be proven in court or otherwise resolved if claims were triggered. Anyone who knew of Trump’s jeopardy in this matter would have enormous leverage over the Trump operation.

    Трамп и его деньги (Trump and his Money)

    As Trump lost access to traditional lines of credit, his desperate need for financing led to sources that are murky, at best, including monies traceable back to the former Soviet Union — a circumstance that may explain Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.

    Source: WhoWhatWhy


    Trump Tower was equipped with brothels, opium dens, gambling rooms and plush accommodation, it populated itself with professional gamblers, thugs and fraudsters while becoming home to a menagerie of wealthy crime figures. Trump Tower became Ground Zero for a worldwide criminal enterprise that included Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring and Donald Trump’s ‘property developing’ that was largely a front for laundering mob money.

    In 1989, 71,000 Soviet Jews had been given permission to emigrate to Israel, only 12,117 actually went to Israel, the remainder instead chose to move to the USA. Among them was a criminal hardcore which settled in the Brighton Beach area of NYC and soon reached out to the Greek Mafia in Astoria and the Five Families down in Little Italy.

    Trump with his mentor, the Jewish mob lawyer Roy Cohn. Cohn made Trump in the way a Rabbi forms a Golem from clay, facilitating all of his early business dealings through his ability to bribe or coerce anyone who stood in the way.

    The Russian Jewish Mafia needed to find a way of laundering the vast wealth they were stealing from Russia so they went looking for partners in the US criminal underworld. They found him in the shape of Donald Trump.

    As fate would have it, by 1991, according to his own omission made in his autobiography, Trump was flat broke; an utter failure as a legit businessman, his earlier successes thanks to the mob backing of Roy Cohn seemed but a distant memory. However, Trump soon rose like a phoenix from the flames, his businesses began to enjoy huge cashflow, Trump branded hotels and casinos became highly profitable.

    It was all due to the influx of immense sums of cash from the Russian Jewish Mafia, money stolen from the Russian economy, transferred from the Alfa Bank of oligarch Mikhail Friedman and laundered into the legitimate economy by the Trump organisation.

    However, Trump had made a deal with the devil and while it brought him great wealth, it also cost him his soul. The Russian Jewish Mafia now owned Donald Trump, they had made him their ‘Suka’ or bitch, from now on, he would do their bidding, he had no other choice as he knew who he was dealing with – men so ruthless and powerful that no-one could stand in their way, men who would wipe out entire families just to make a point, who valued loyalty above all else.

    If Trump ever dreamed of betraying them, he would soon learn that ‘Suka’ has a dual meaning, it also means ‘rat’ as in, someone who sells out and becomes an informer to the authorities. In the Gulags, Suka did not last long once discovered and invariably met horrific ends.

    Source: Veteranstoday

  18. I want to read this book, I truly do however if I said I can't escape the upside down cost-benefit of devoting any amount of time beyond a few minutes to the books protagonist. I feel ant time dedicated is time I will never ever get back lol

  19. Yeah, we’ll, members of muslim brotherhood held positions within obama’s cabinet for 8 yrs, courtesy of our tax dollars. But, that’s not important to the narrative – I forgot.

  20. Trump declared we were leaving Syria, then John Bolton visits Bibi in Israel, and then Bolton declares, while still in Israel, we are NOT leaving Syria….Israel runs our Permanent State, our bribed/blackmailed politicians are the circus to distract us and give the media something to talk about.

    9/11 and the Patriot Act established and legalized the Permanent State, our military people are now just mercenaries.

    The first law from Congress this session was to take away our constitutional right to boycott, but only to specifically to protect Israel, and of course to authorize billions more taxpayer money gifted to…Israel.

    Our politicians, our government, our military, our media serve and protect…Israel. Wake up folks!

  21. She is right on target: indeed, both Uncle Sam and Russia are owned and ruled by those who are not these countries' titular nations…

  22. The Kushner family are new York criminals, the jews are running the American government, Americans better wake up, their taxes are going to the Zionest Jews in Israel

  23. Lots of gangs.. Lots of corporate "rights..over people. Over public education free from Patriarchy over "people. We get it

  24. (7:27) Children of Adam! Let not Satan deceive you in the manner he deceived your parents out of Paradise, pulling off from them their clothing to reveal to them their shame. He and his host surely see you from whence you do not see them. We have made satans the guardians of those who do not believe. 1

  25. people ignore Communist China and Saudi as well as other Rich people and nations influence on American lobbiest and policies laws trade deals …and once again focus on " the Jews"…
    Obviously most have an agenda .
    Thank God we have Nuclear weapons in Israel.
    Right wing conservative channels say the same bullshit about Jews and Israel as this channel does.
    Maybe just have David Duke and Louis Farrakhan on as hosts.
    I see many claim "wealthy American Jews funded AIPAC " yet ignore all the wealthy American Christians influence on trade deals and American policies.
    As always we are the eternal scape goat. Happy Purim Haman.

  26. This comment section is full of antisemitic remarks, that cannot be explained by Israels (far from perfect) policies under its (no good) right-wing government. This is a cesspool of pure Jew-hate. Amy Goodman, please take notice of that!

  27. Trump and Netanyahu…are starting something…that , the Muslims will not sit and take , by giving ZIONIST ISRAEL the Golan heights..! We should stop killing Muslims and stealing their lands !!

  28. It is amazing that individuals without the burden of public election, set about their delusions of how to reorder the world. In incompetence we trusted.

  29. Trump crime family gets away with treating the world like a slush fund . Orthodox Jews ???? Second generation vermin .

  30. Netanyahu, like too many of his predecessors, is a soulless, heartless, rouge! Hence the true fact, that Zionist-owned Washington, Whitehall, and too many other political states, bow down to this cancerous disease! Why; because the Zionist-very-fake-Jews own the banks; mainstream media, industries and pharmacies. By the way; Hollywood is the most globalist means of propaganda, and owned of course by, psychopathic Zionists!

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