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N. Korea rejects nuclear talks before U.S. withdraws hostile policy

N. Korea rejects nuclear talks before U.S. withdraws hostile policy

North Korea says it has zero interest in
holding denuclearization talks with the United States unless Washington drops
what Pyongyang calls its hostile policy against the regime the remarks by a
senior regime official came despite Seoul and Washington’s decision to
postpone military exercises in support of diplomatic efforts to denuclearize
the north or Eason J starts us off the impasse in the denuclearization
negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington appears likely to rumble on
North Korea’s former top negotiator in nuclear talks kim yong char says the
regime has no interest in holding dynamization negotiations with the
United States until Washington stops acting in such a hostile way towards the
regime the statement carried by the North’s state-run Korean Central News
Agency on Tuesday quoted the vice chairman of the ruling Workers Party
Central Committee as demanding the u.s. withdrawal from combined military
exercises with South Korea or completely stop the exercises Kim added that
postponing two combined military exercises does not guarantee peace and
security on the Korean Peninsula nor does it help diplomatic efforts to solve
the problem Kim’s statement came just hours after another senior North Korean
official Kim kye-gwan made similar remarks saying the north is no longer
interested in talks that bring nothing to the regime the adviser to the North’s
Foreign Ministry said pyongyang has received nothing in return so far adding
North Korea will no longer gift president Trump something he can boast
of at home Kim is apparently referring to president
Trump’s repeated claims that he averted war with North Korea by holding three
summits with Kim jong-un and securing a suspension of the regime’s nuclear and
missile tests over the weekend president Trump took to Twitter to urge
North Korean leader Kim jong-un to act quickly and get a deal done on the
regime’s nuclear program Ethan Jay Arirang news

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