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N. Korea issues statements to press U.S. to change course by year’s end

N. Korea issues statements to press U.S. to change course by year’s end

North Korea continues to issue official
statements remind the u.s. of the deadline for talks and calling for
Washington’s new approach to nuclear negotiations to court and strategies
ahead of such sessions the regimes senior diplomat is in Russia and South
unification Minister is in the u.s. who jiong he updates us on the situation North Korea has issued a total of eight
statements in the past week seven of which urged the United States to take
action before the deadline it said the year’s end as North Korea expressed
discontent were the Solar Washington joint air drill that was to take place
in mid-november South Korea and the u.s. agreed to postpone the drill a move to
foster diplomacy with North Korea it seemed that the drill is practically
canceled because no specific timeline was given regarding the delay u.s.
president Donald Trump has also reached out to North Korean leader Kim jong-un
through Twitter saying see you soon adding he should act quickly and reach a
deal with him but Pyongyang continues to ramp up pressure towards Washington it
says it won’t sit down for some useless talks with the u.s. unless Washington
gives up its hostile policies towards the north it adds and wants the u.s. to
quote drop out of the deal or stop it once and for all through recent
statements the North is demanding in a stronger tone for the u.s. to come up
with the new calculations by the end of the year to discuss ways regime nuclear
diplomacy solar signification Minister Kim Hyun tarah is in the u.s. after
meeting with US Special Representative for North Korea Steven vegan Kim said
the u.s. seems to be considering various options to make the denuclearization
talks a success meanwhile Pyongyang’s Vice foreign minister Hassan he who’s
also deeply involved in nuclear negotiations is currently in Russia to
discuss strategy coordination with Moscow while there is anticipation that
a third Kim Trump summit could be drawing near the key is whether the two
sides can meet first through working-level talks and narrow the gap
between their views regarding what action the north can take and
the US can offer in return you Johnny Arirang news

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