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#MyUNDLegacy – Jed

#MyUNDLegacy – Jed

I study political science and public administration
here at UND. It’s a great program for the region, I wanted
to stay close at home while studying something I loved. I’ve had a number of opportunities to get
involved here in the community. I’ve been involved in college democrats ever
since my freshman year, I’ve also been involved in a feminist advocacy organization, The Third
Wave, as well as student ambassadors, which gives volunteering opportunities around town
and on campus. One of my favorite things about going to UND
is how small and intimate the relationship is between students, instructors, and community
members in my program. My program has also given me the opportunity
to apply for a national scholarship, the Truman Scholarship. This scholarship awards $30,000 for graduate
studies and involves a lengthy application and interview
process. I was awarded this scholarship this spring
and I’m looking forward to the opportunities this will provide. Taking the opportunities that I’ve had here
in the college of business and public administration thanks to professors, staff, and friends,
I will be pursuing a long and rewarding career in public service. That’s my UND legacy.

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