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My Rother Valley Country Park walk.

My Rother Valley Country Park walk.

Hello everyone; thought I’d do a little change today, it’s Wednesday the fourth of May (2016) since it’s my day off and it happens to be my mums day off as well, my mum has suggested that we go out for a walk. So this is going to be my first attempt at doing a video..on our day out walking..we’ll see how it goes. So we’ve decided to go to Rother Valley. Hi guys we’re here at Rother Valley Country Park, it’s a lovely sunny day. Just had a…twenty minute drive from Sheffield… and yeah; going to be walking around the lakes… Oh well, lets get cracking. So I’m next to the larger lake, the larger one… And this is…This is the smaller of the lakes, where they do jet skiing on this lake. I’ve got a friend coming over. It’s not bad to say your only about 20 minutes away from Sheffield. There’s our car…so we’ve already walked, a little bit. (My Mum is filming and speaking know saying; This is me and Stuart, nearly at the ski, water ski part… about a quarter of the way around, to give Stuart lot’s of encouragement on this beautiful sunny day… There’s the yacht club…And Stuart today forgot his pedometer, and he would have walked a lot of steps… because it’s just over 3 miles (4.8 kilometre)). I don’t know if you can see them behind me… they’re water skiing, being pulled along by a wire. Can you imagine me doing that? I don’t think so!!…Oh dear, I’ll be flat on my face. It’s what I do every weekend this…Just taking a break from it of course. Nearly walked around the whole of the large lake…suns still out, still a nice mild breeze…and It’s only last week it was snowing. Nearly completed the walk. (Out of breath)

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  1. Great video Stu, what a beautiful place to walk! I'm from America but my mom has a good friend who lives in Driffield, love seeing England, again great video! Good job on the walk ☺️👍🏼take care, Jenn ☺️

  2. hi stu, I live in Sheffield & go walking at rothervalley. you can walk on the cookoo trail from rothervalley to chesterfield. .it's all flat .a decent walk & lovely scenery. x

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