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My Country, ‘Tis of Thee- Soldiers’ Chorus

My Country, ‘Tis of Thee- Soldiers’ Chorus

My country, ’tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing; Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims’ pride, From ev’ry mountainside Let freedom ring! Let music swell the breeze, And ring from all the trees Sweet freedom’s song; Let mortal tongues awake; Let all that breathe partake; Let rocks their silence break, The sound prolong. Let swell the song. Sweet freedom Our fathers’ God to Thee, Author of liberty, To Thee we sing. Oh Long may our land be bright, With freedom’s holy light, Protect us by Thy might, Great God our King. America!

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  1. Who is that beautiful, absolutely perfectionist soprano singing . I live in Australia, but i am coming back to the states again next year, and would really like to see and hear her sing. I play in a salvation army band and can appreciate perfect music Please give her my compliments on her astonishing gift. Very well done to all of you. Bill.

  2. Sung to the tune of God Save the Queen! 🙂 Lots of love to our best friend America from a Brit, your soldiers do a lot for us and of course ours will always have your back as well! <3

  3. That's Amazing you are.The band performing is incomparable,the choir sounds perfect.The first Lieutenant Alexandra leds like an Angel.Congratulations.

  4. Love these videos. I hope I can see a concert live someday. Makes me wish I had walked into a recruiting station with my clarinet :).

  5. this music conductor has wonderful talent conducting music very good job. i wish i was younger love to have her as my music teacher.

  6. What beautiful Performance! I listened to this Record yesterday and couldn´t get it out of my head the whole day.

  7. Sound fantastic could listen to them all night …. Brilliant
    Ex-Australian Army Digger 1977 – 1983
    Australia – America allies forever

  8. Great job, 2 questions 1. Who is the SSGT in the 3rd row that can hold a note forever? 2. Whos is the SSGT in the 2nd row with her hair almost over her left eye, that has the biggest smile on her face, that proves she's enjoying the song? Thanks

  9. I have a question
    is it necessary for females to be wearing those skirt thingy? (don't know what's it called)

  10. Today is July 4th, 2017 – Please let us ALL (liberals and republicans and independents) UNITE AS ONE PEOPLE and dedicate our lives and America to our Heavenly Father above – asking for His forgiveness from our discretions and for His help in understanding and maintaining PEACE ON EARTH ALWAYS!! 😐🤗❤️🎶🎶🎶. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  11. Beautiful rendition.  In my opinion, this song doesn't get nearly enough use in our repertoire of patriotic hymns and songs.

  12. Why is the director wearing pants? I thought women's uniforms required a skirt. All the other women are wearing skirts.

  13. Heil Dir Im Siegerkranz the Imperial German Anthem was written first then God save the queen was plagiarised by the British and My Country tis of thee was then plagiarized by the americans….

  14. This hymn to GOD explains why He blesses US and whyHe raised Donald to take over to reverse the rottenness of the Muslim years.

  15. who is the blonde girl bottom left something about her makes me want to settle down and have children get married get a morgage grandkids retirement … whats her name ? ive been looking cant find it … i wish i lived in usa i could ask her to marry me but with my criminal record and americas nazi-like border patrol ill just have to send her a telegram from england!!

  16. Heil dir im Siegerkranz, Grand Dieux Sauve le Roi, God Save the King/Queen, this is just a few examples of countries that use the same tune. I bet there are many others use it as well. Interesting to find that this tune were so popular internationally.

  17. This is just beautiful, how could anything be so perfect? The United States, and the United Kingdom, have been the trailblazers

  18. Pretty good. Wonderful chorus AND military heros. Can't beat that🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. The United States was a great country 1787-1992 and nothing will ever change that, no matter how many lying, cherry-picking, rotten, totalitarian leftwingers come out of the woodwork with their alternative versions of history.

  20. It would be cool to see a collaboration with the British Army on this song, but from a glance at their website they don't have any vocal ensembles.

  21. I loved singing the patriotic songs in elementary school them playing alto then tenor sax in marching/concert bands. These were my favs, I'd get goosebumps performing. Well Done 🇺🇸

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