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My Country: The New Age | Official Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]

My Country: The New Age | Official Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]

我要變強 因為我有需要守護的人 高麗最終會覆滅 屆時我便會站在那中心 我會奪走的 即便這意味著我要背棄你 我會如此憤怒是因為這樣是不對的 我會得到那股力量
那麼我就不會失去任何一個人 若僅是站著,這就只是一塊土地 若向前行走,這便會成為一條路 當朝鮮初現於世時 有他們在 (我的王國) 我從沒叫你站著 你也沒叫我別站啊

100 comments on “My Country: The New Age | Official Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]

  1. I have been waiting so long to watch Yang Sejong act again in a drama. Moreover, although I absolutely loved him in Temperature of Love and Thirty But Seventeen, I've been wishing so bad to see him again in a dark role since Duel.
    His performance in Duel was so phenomenal, it was a pure work of art. One of the best acting performances I've ever seen.
    My Country looks very promising. It will be exciting to watch Yang Sejong act in a preproduced drama, free from the live shooting counstraints. He will be mindblowing in this role, I'm sure of it. Not to mention that he's also gorgeous. I'm glad Netflix gives this exceptional actor the exposure he deserves.

    I'm also pleasantly surprised with the looks of the rest of the cast. I wouldn't have imagined that Woo Do Hwan would look so good in hanbok. Same thing with Seolhyun.
    Yang Sejong and Woo Do Hwan's chemistry will be great to watch.
    My Country will be a great watch.

  2. Jang Hyuk as Lee Bang Won (again!) is the absolute best part of this, hands down. I'd watch it without him, but his role has made this one of the series I'm most excited about this fall, along with Vagabond and the return of Arthdal Chronicles!

  3. There is already an excellent drama about this time period titled Six Flying Dragons and although this one seems interesting, I doubt it can top the former…

  4. So i just finished watching still 17 and the great seducer. Now i can see both actors in one series? I mean.. what in luck!?!

  5. I am a sucker for Korean Historical dramas. Been waiting so long for a good one. Thank God someone listened to my prayer🙏

  6. What's up with historical kdramas these days? From Love in the moonlight and moon lovers to Arthdal chronicles and My country

    I likee

  7. Omg😲 .. Netflix ihr seid einfach super 😊👍👍 .. Dankeschön wieder was süchtig macht 😂😂 Kdrama😍 ..

    Wann ist Start Termin? ?

  8. I been waiting to Do Hwan doing a historical drama and he will do two. 🙏🏻
    I'm so happy for all the cast, director and staff that this drama is going to be in Netflix. 👏🏻🥰🧡

  9. Like another comment here I states same Due to these saeguks I now know A lot Korean History..By now I have read 100s of pages of Korean History till this date.

  10. been seeing this gil on k dramas and on netflix. i have a crush on her and later found out shes from AOA group ! and this guy from tempted ! ugh theyre so HOT!

  11. Woo do hwan mad dog, yang se jong 17 Again, and whutt Jang Hyuk the all time fav male lead are all in here 🔥 sound promising, I'll give it a try!! 💯

  12. Olá sou eu Maria mãe do Douglas ,adoro séries históricas coreana,assisto no viki agora a netflix está investindo isso e muito bom, kamsamnida.

  13. Omg…my heart hurts for second leads! I don't know which one should be main lead, but I'm shipping the bromance 😭😭😭!

  14. Je ne sais pas où donner de la tête je kiffe trop cette combinaison. The cast is just great JangHuyk of course became one of my favorites when I first saw him in Iris 2 Then came WooDohwan came along in with Save me finally came Yang Sejong with doctor romantic… bref I am all over the place. This show is just how should I say ? Beyond description. Love it love it

  15. Sooo can someone help me out 😭 on the first episode, what's the song that plays for the ending credits with the girl singing?

  16. Looking good. But I hope a love triangle doesn't also add to the friendship's conflict like Bridal Mask / Gaksital. Too much heartache 😫😐

  17. Please please let there be no love triangle. Let woo doh hwan love the sister and let's do away with love triangle like the did in Nokdu flower. The intensity in this drama is the best I have seen in any historical drama this year. Making me want to watch more(eargerness). My crush woo doh hwan.his just too attractive and his just a very good actor. I wonder why they didn't make him the 1st lead.You have taken over from seon kang joon.

  18. If your gonna make drama about the end of goryeo and the beginning of joseon, how can you not include the greatest warriors Lee Bang Ji and Mu yul at the time. They play one of the main roles during those dynasty.

  19. I don’t think I can continue watching this one. Too serious for me at this time. I’m trying to watch more lighthearted dramas this year as I watched to many serious ones before.

  20. amazing so far love it, great cast great lead males lead lady is great too, I hope he gets his revenge and his lady

  21. I thought wdohwan is the main lead at first..but after watching the second episode, it seems like hwi is the main lead 😍😍

  22. Jang Hyuk portraying Yi Bang-won again (he did so in a film years ago) – just wow. Expecting another incredible performance!

  23. So far this drama is excellent. I have been watching it on Netflix and I highly recommend it. Great acting by all cast members especially by Yang Se Jong who can bring tears to my eyes. Can't wait for ep 3.

  24. Guys! I came here cuz of do hwan and I am suprised with a grear prize of jang huuuuk omggggggggg! 💓 I am a fly in the sky! Omg

  25. the best part of this drama is the jang-hyuk scene, I have long worshiped him, but why is he playing the drama as a supporting actor lately? Has it lost its popularity? I was very disappointed with his role as a supporting actor in the drama Wok of Love, but after the drama ended, he really became the male lead in the drama Bad papa and now he is back as a supporting actor again. Does anyone know why he is like that?

  26. If you already watch 1st and 2nd episode, you will totally fall in love with Yang Se Jong ! His body is bloody hell sexy! ARHHH! And his character is damn pity, you will cry your eyes out ! Trust me this drama is so good, go and support!

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