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Murphy: Trump Inconsistency ‘An Absolute Foreign Policy Disaster’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Murphy: Trump Inconsistency ‘An Absolute Foreign Policy Disaster’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 comments on “Murphy: Trump Inconsistency ‘An Absolute Foreign Policy Disaster’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. hahaha do you really think this is going to work? There's a shift in consciousness and nobody believes you anymore!! Your propaganda smear network will break down sooner then expected. It's a total insult to the people thinking that they will believe your obvious lies. Shamefull!!

  2. Trump has no strategy and can care less about NATO. His only goal is to survive each day and minute by any means and does so without any concern on how his actions could affect things long term.

  3. View from France, so much anger, so much hate in the comments…i have learned how catastrophic was the relationship between people in America when they are talking about politic but wanted to see it, read it with my own eyes…Macron was right, it is time to reconsider NATO and to start creating a real European defense…as soon as possible !…end of an era…

  4. This is the problem….it just depends on what side of the bed he gets out , unpredictability ,know one trusts him, he could fart and change his mind, Orange temperamental ridiculous toddler.

  5. We have to accept that the GOP has sold out our Republic. The Democratic process is over. No law matters. And, what choice do the Trumps have left? Given that they face disgrace and jail, as soon as Trump loses his job? They HAVE TO let the Russians into 2020’s elections, and keep their jobs, at ANY cost. So, RIP the American Republic. It died, 2019, because half of the people meant to protect it, were implicated in the crimes of their president. Cold War II happened, and the Cult of Trump didn’t even see it happening. Most of them KNOW, but actually WANT a FAKE Democracy, just like Putin’s. And, that’s what they got

  6. At this point, I think it is clear that President Trump is an imbecile, but what amazes me is his unabashed cult-like following in the Senate and Congress.

  7. No, he is very consistent to undermine NATO and quarrel with allies and hence russia and china benefit.
    This is the treason

  8. It’s true France needs NATO the most. Macron, who knows how Trump works, skilfully got him to come out in support of NATO, with his reverse psychology handling of little donny, with the “brain dead” comment, which really means nothing.

  9. While US is busy on it's impeachment circus, China is already leading the race in 5G technology and already on the roll on half of it's cities. Remember folks, China had successfully hacked their way into Pentagon and got sensitive informations for two defensive weapons. I won't be surprised if China, given their lead, will one day, fires US own missiles inside US territory remotely while all you folks busy on politics.

  10. Where’s your Bernie coverage? Why haven’t you reported on the boycott of your station for blacking out Bernie coverage and Mr Yang as well? Because you’re owned by the wealthy and they’re frightened, that’s why.

  11. Trump knows what hes doing , Hes got this in the Bag . NATO is obsolote , Too costly this time in History , We should focus on our OWN depleted Military (after Obama gutted it ) , Or do you prefer Helping other countries before USA …? Its crazy what Fake News does to peoples Brains .. You watch Cnn & nbc and GO CRAZY with TDS . (its Trump Deranged Syndrome if you didnt know ) . Anyways God Bless & please just Let Trump be Trump . thank You

  12. Why would anyone with common sense trust the US under this president?
    Why would anyone trust Americans who,elect such a president?

  13. You know… It’s not just Trump…
    America still has 10’s of millions of its populous backing this con-man.

    Even third world countries are embarrassed for America and it's people, for what you’ve let happen to your country.
    Especially in terms of Americas human enlightenment, social well being, and education over the last 40-50y's.

    Yep… It’s going to be a long, long time before any US president is recognized as the leader of the free world by any of the global community.

    You really blew it on this one… America.

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  15. oh no soldiers are worried they might have to pack up and leave Afghanistan in a hurry!!! more like they are hopeful. liberals support endless wars. Trump doesn't act like a king but the media sure treats him like one.

  16. "Impeachment is a form of Lynching and an Action Against Democracy!" – Biden, Pelosi, Waters during the Clinton Impeachment.

  17. Here a thought. USA military alliance with Russia for the purpose of challenging the increasing economic advance of China. The possible end game of Trump and Putin? Powerful economic interests in both camps to support such a scenario.

  18. Fake Left, Tranny "Rachel" supports Militarist Imperialist Organisations.
    Well done Tranny "Rachel"! 😁😂🤣 Good boy! 😁😂🤣

  19. Great, more taxes on the middle incomes, including Trump supporters. He is stealing from them while they cheer for him. They still don't understand that by making foreign products more expensive, he makes them pay more for the same things.

  20. There is no democracy in USA right now. The Republican party behave dangerously similar to the Nazi party in the '30s. -No politic and fear of the leader. The world fears what the moves of the mental unstable genius of a US president.

  21. fyi, there are a number of russian trolls in the comments below. they can be most easily recognized by a check of their channels. they will have no content. that together with making outrageous comments or replies to other comments are the best indications. please don't feed these trolls, and i mean this quite literally. they receive about 85 rubles for each comment or reply to their comment. just downvote them and move on. they can be reported if they use nasty language or bully someone or spam the page, or just ignore them. if they don't earn any money here then they will move on. the same goes for other comment sections on other videos. they are out in force, but we can make them leave by not feeding them 🙂

  22. Okay 63 million Americans vs. 3 liberal professors‼️ The worst-kept secret in Washington is that House Democrats have already made up their minds about impeachment. Despite the far left’s relentless push for three years to undo the 2016 election, Democrat leaders are trying to make you believe that their process is a fair and nonpartisan one.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸‼️ No American is buying that sales pitch.

  23. Everything Spanky McBoneSpurs has done is to benefit Putin. At this point Spanky McBoneSpurs and the Republikkkans are all agents of Russia.

  24. You know what this means, right? It means that other world leaders recognize that Trump is NOT a man (think liar, cheat, grifter, psychopath – whatever fits) of his word. Period. 😠

  25. Trump is working for Putin, trying to weaken the West. He would love to leave NATO, because Putin will pay him even more Rubles via Deutsche Bank.

  26. Here is the truth of the gop.

    If #trump is guilty and impeached. So is #pence guilty of the same #abuse of #power.

    If trump is indicted in the senate. Pence would be too.

    That would make Nancy Pelosi president.

    So this is to stop that! They will lose everything in the end. And they are scared now!

  27. I don't even think the Republicans would stand by and watch Trump leave NATO. The Impeachment process would be over in week.

  28. Trump can’t lead a nursery school class from the play ground. Without tell all the teachers to go home. During the process of bringing the children back the school.

  29. Hey Murphy and Madcow, is it true Schiff has a passage in his report that other Nato leaders have warned Trump about Ukraine?
    Shame you don't report on that (because as all you sjw liberal fools know, that would cut any credibility from the impeachment at the root)
    But hey, what would you expect from deranged, incapable of critical thinking, leftwing indoctrinated people.

  30. Joke Maddow, Nadler, Schiff, CNN & MSNBC pushing too much HATE dividing America.
    Important to ask Why? Who is behind spreading this HATE and why Main News Media
    is promoting it!

  31. Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍻.
    Exceptional reporting, Rachel.👍🍻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Rachel.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍.
    Hi Chris.👋☺.

  32. Withdrawal from NATO has been one of Putin’s dreams. Trump, the goof, will likely try to do this. Terrible. Trump certainly has ruined our relationships with our Allies and cozied up to Dictators! Impeach, Indict, and Remove this National Security Disaster named Trump.

  33. Let's see…
    We are getting billions in tariff money!!!
    Countries know now they can't keep taking advantage of the U.S. taxpayer!!!
    China's economy is on the verge of collapse!!!
    NATO countries are ponying up hundreds of billions of dollars that the U.S. taxpayer would have gotten stuck with!!!
    What's not to like???!!!

  34. my entire family has just jumped on the trump train. more than half of them voted for Hillary. now they all say they are done with the democratic party.

  35. Chris Murphy sure cottons on slow. The US lost the trust of the rest of the world as soon as the Republicans announced Trump as their presidential candidate. Why doesn't MSNBC interview some proper politicians from other countries so that this can be conveyed to the US public?

  36. This is what happens when a multi-bankrupted businessman is elected, to deal with foreign affairs. He has no experience, no diplomacy, refuses to listen to expert advisors, and has alienated all our allies. You wouldn't want someone with no engineering qualifications or skills to run an engineering firm, so why wd you elect someone with no political experience or skills, to head a government.

  37. Why would leader or country ever trust the US while DJT is in charge? He lies and breaks his deals on a whim and no one should trust him.

  38. I think these bad news bro’s bonded on some extra special level , maybe time to head off to the so duh fountain and share a double straw bro shake

  39. It will be decades before America will be able to return to its former greatness. This administration needs to be removed from office by impeachment ASAP.

  40. The Syrian government was accused last year of using sarin gas against its own citizens — an attack that drew a U.S. President Trump  retaliatory response of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

  41. trump is definitely a disaster he tries to drag everyone into his sick unstable world, trump will not be re-elected not with bribery and the other equally serious charges hanging over his head for which he will be Impeached in the House and rightfully so, he dared the Democrats to Impeach him watch what you wish for trump, you brought all this on yourself trump! Dump sociopath trump!…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ME I HATE trump and I refuse to pretend otherwise, I will never forgive that sob for selling our country out to his bff putin and alienating our allies never and the gop allowing it to happen in fact applauding trump for his stupidity.

  42. If the US does not leave NATO, all EU countries should leave NATO and start its own consolidated military organisation.

  43. Absolutely we should be bold when it comes time to send A text to Donald Trump ON TWITTER – – YOU ARE FIRED, PACK YOUR BELONGS AND GO HOME. All this kicking and screaming is wearing us people down Through the MUCK AND MIRE they have to walk through that nasty muck and mire to do their job

  44. That's all good and fine explaining that to people who watch MSNBC. You won't hear this on FOX, ever, and the "base" is oblivious thanks to Tucker, Hannity, et all. They are left clueless and brainwashed.

  45. After being laughed at during after meeting drinks, it would not be a surprise if Trump spat the dummy and quit NATO. This man is an absolute disaster for the US and the best friend Russia ever had.

    TRY & STOP US.

  47. Honestly, a toddler who inputs her decisions into a computer haphazardly to run the country, if such a system were in place, could probably do better.

  48. If you’re tired of living in the matrix here is a minor red pill (Warning: You may not come back to these actors.):

    Tim Pool (Reputable award winning journalist/Owner of Subverse News Media/Democrat with no big corporation ties, independently funded)

    You’re welcome.

  49. Trump needs to be evaluated for Alzheimer's and given a straight jacket and hauled off to a nursing home. He is sooooooooooooooooo unfit to be President.

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