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Mulvaney And Bolton Could Either Sink Or Save The Trump Administration

Mulvaney And Bolton Could Either Sink Or Save The Trump Administration

So there’s quite a lot of interesting developments
that have happened over the last couple of weeks with the whole Ukraine story. And one of those as reported by the New York
Times just a couple of days ago was that acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney at Donald Trump’s
request attempted to actually freeze the military aid package headed over to Ukraine in early
June, long before the president’s phone call with president Zelensky ever took place. Mick Mulvaney was already working behind the
scenes on Donald Trump’s little pet project to freeze that military aid. The Times also reported that a group of Trump
advisers, including former national security advisor, John Bolton, and current secretary
of state Pompeo, oh, I’m sorry. He’s not secretary of state. But anyway, Mike Pompeo also came out there. Oh, he is secretary of state. I don’t know why I thought he wasn’t, but
anyway. You had Pompeo, you had Bolton and then you
had defense secretary, Esper, in August after the phone call took place begging the president
to release that aid. They said, what you’re doing is wrong. We can’t do this. What you’re doing could potentially be illegal
according to this Times report. You’ve got to release this aid, and Donald
Trump said no. And then of course the public finds out about
it. We get the whistleblower complaint and we
learned that all this is happening. And so suddenly Donald Trump says, okay, maybe
you guys are right. I’m going to release part of the aid. By the way, still hasn’t released all of it. And I think that’s part of the story that
continues to be overlooked. Not all of the aid has even been released
yet, folks. It was supposed to have been, but it’s not. So here’s what needs to happen. The public needs to hear from both Mick Mulvaney
about what he did and John Bolton about what happened. These two men together hold the keys that
could either destroy the Trump administration or let Donald Trump skate through this. And this is one of the reasons why I’m so
furious that the Democrats rushed through this impeachment and the reason they rushed
through it, the reason they didn’t force Mick Mulvaney to come testify is because one, Donald
Trump obviously said, no, he’s not going to comply with a subpoena. But two, the Democrats didn’t want to get
caught up in a lengthy court battle. They wanted to make this go quick. Right? We’ve got an election coming up in just a
few months now, folks, 11 months, but still, that’s a short time in the world of politics
and they wanted it to go pretty quickly. And they screwed the pooch on it. They could have fought it in court. They could have asked for this to be expedited
given the severity of this. They could have had Mick Mulvaney come and
testify or go to jail, but they didn’t. Same thing with Bolton. The only chance we have left is if these two
men are called as witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial, which likely isn’t going
to happen. McConnell’s made it clear that he does not
want to call witnesses, and therefore Pelosi has not yet released the articles over to
the Senate, so they can’t even start a trial yet. Meanwhile, we’re having to find everything
out from reporters, from whistleblowers, and from any other source we can get about the
extent of the criminal activity in this White House because the Democrats rushed through
it, so we don’t get to hear from the criminals themselves.

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  1. I have been wondering when someone would say anything about the $35.2 Million dollars missing from the military aid to Ukraine…Now where is it and why hasn't it been sent??? Due to tRUMPS lying, scheming and thieving ways, WE should be asking these kind's of questions as it is THE AMERICAN TAX PAYER'S MONEY that is unaccounted for…

  2. There was too much stuff going on. Pelosi had to slow DT's roll down before he delivers us to Putin's front door. We know, down here on the ground, that a continuous drug deal will get people killed. She can't even put the pen down and DT is at it again. Really! Rushed! This is a never-ending saga. I believe to get on it while it's hot before it kills us all. Comments?

  3. My prediction?
    An attempt will be made by Chump, or Chump and McCoward to keep these….gentlemen from testifying. If they testify and it damages Chump, their testimony will be trashed by Republicans and FAUX-NEWS.

    The only way it makes any difference is that it tells a lot about the Republicans and their belief system to those with at least half a brain. For Republicans with LESS than half a brain? They will believe whatever spin Chump and FAUX-NEWS applies to the testimony.

  4. Mulvaney, Bolton, Pompeo, Esper knew that this was going come out in a bad way and tried or beg Trump to not to do this. Trump knows nothing about politics so why would people vote for this as***le, come on people, you got duped, admit it. As Bolton said "Yes, there was a Quid Pro Quo"

  5. hate to point this to your mighty than you attitude, but the tax case went to the surpeme court and is not going to be hear until june, and that has been in the courts a lot longer that the henchmen cases would have been, i think the one that screw the pooch is you, your hatred toward democrats is clouding your judgement

  6. The whole planet's going Fascist – and those who should be preventing this happening (not just in the USA…) seem to be about as much use as a row of chocolate teapots.

  7. but congress can do multiple impeachments,
    so for instance congress could summon Bolton or Mulvaney for testimony
    and then do a second impeachment.

    basically congress have despatched some of the allegations which are ready,
    but they can then despatch a 2nd batch and a 3rd batch and a 4th batch etc.

    in particular if the senate doesnt summon Bolton and Mulvaney for testimony,

    congress can then summon them, and despatch a second impeachment.

    if Trump gets re-elected, but the democrats get the senate and congress,
    then the democrats can impeach and remove Trump.

  8. Not all the aid to Ukraine has been released?

    Big f#$%ing deal, all the aid to Puerto Rico has NOT been released.

    Yet, it is amazing, Netanyahu is under indictment for….CORRUPTION, and guess which country ALWAYS gets aid promptly? Clue: the name of the country begins with " I ", and it ain't Iraq.

  9. Impeach Trump and let's get america back on its feet but if Trump cared at all about breaking the law and Americans he would Resign!!!!

  10. Rushed? C'mon Farron, rushed? Ms. Pelosi knew that Trump was an idiot when first elected. Dems wanted impeachment when he banned Muslims from coming into our country, when he didn't do anything about Kesshoggis murder, rushed? You are an idiot Farron!

  11. I want to hear that foghorn noise associated with a ship's sinking… I want Drumpf to sink, and the rest of the rodents to sink, too…

  12. What they are sayig: is "what "we are doing" is wrong!" so please release that aid, before we all go to jail! Thank you!

  13. Oh NOW you’re FURIOUS that the Democrats sped up the impeachment? 🙄You’re so self righteous and constantly angry it’s annoying. Omg Farron Why don’t you run for office, you know, since no one can do anything right and you know EVERYTHING?

  14. DEMS are weak af, if anyone is thinking DEMS will put up a fight sorry for you, they never have and never will, sad but true.

  15. Fingers cross that Bolton and Mulvaney sink the Bad Ship Trumptanic like a brick. Because this nightmare needs to die, right along with tRump, Moscow Mitch, and every other deplorable denizen of the Gross Trumpkin's swamp.

  16. There is no way to expedite this through the scous. Trump has weaponized the courts and packed them with sycophants. Pelosi has made wise decisions

  17. I disagree with you on this one. It's in the courts. The Dems have done everything they can and the pace is as good as it's going to get. Too fast, too slow, I think just right – especially considering having NO cooperation from the White House is unprecedented.

  18. Where's the "missing money"? Someone should look into trump's campaign funds! Bet there's a huge some of cash that suddenly appeared around MID SEPTEMBER!

  19. The impeachment proceedings should have gone on till election day. It should have included every damn thing Trump has ever done wrong.

  20. That was true before impeachment. At this point they won't take the stand unless they can prove what they say is the truth. The administration is already under investigation as a whole. Now we have to audit them all the way back to the first day of the administration. We have work to do. The Senators blocking Justice for their own interests which they then tie to further criminal actions.. sad. Still… we drive on

  21. With all due respect for Farron and the Democrats, many (including Farron) were accusing Nancy Pelosi of not moving quickly enough on impeachment proceedings. And now Farron is saying they/she moved too quickly. As they say, "Hindsight is 20-20", but I give credit to Nancy for proceeding at a reasonably well-timed opportunity. One of the challenges is for 1/2 of our political system to try to proceed honestly and rationally while the other half, the Republicans, are breaking the laws, violating their oath of office and undermining the Constitution. It's difficult to be*a fair player* when you're playing with a bunch of emotionally out-of-control self-indulgent crooks, cons and thieves.

  22. FARRON my man you can’t remember who the F they are and repeat after me boys and girls the whole entire administration SUCKS and you wish you didn’t have to remember not to even. one of them !! And the subconscious is saying Don’t do it too me !!

  23. The public is well aware that $40 million is missing from the approved funds for Ukraine. Did Trimp yes Trimp used the missing funds to pay his lawsuits off. Does he think he has gotten away with stealing the money since he has a problem in helping other countries. He is always saying how the USA is a sucker for giving money to help other countries. But he feels it is okay for him to help himself to the money since he is in charge. Lock Him Up!!👮‍♀️

  24. Let's hope and pray it's sink! This clown has has caused possible irreparable harm to this country especially with those wack ass tax cuts!

  25. At some point they will realise that there is less to be gained from riding the Trump Train than there is to be lost. Then the knives will come out.

  26. The trouble is, Bolton has a book deal on and he is hanging onto that so that he still has some unexploded content to disclose. He needs bringing into check and reminding that the constitution is more important than his post-trump career as an author.

  27. Was it rushed though? It has been hinted that other crimes can and will be brought forward should more evidence come forward. The more evidence is a given considering this case. Let's wait and see what happens.

  28. Waiting for the courts to decide takes way to long to get these guys to testify, waiting for each subpoena to be ok by the courts. Shit the 2020 election will already come and go. Look at his tax returns!??? Still in the courts!! It’s been how long!?!? STILL NO TAX RETURNS THANKS TO THE COURTS!! Trump and the republican senate are already allowing interference into this next election. The clock is not on the Democrats side. That’s why they went with obstructing congress which is painfully obvious…. CLEARLY OBSTRUCTION!!

  29. I guess this is where it matters. While it doesn't absolve their corruption and scumbaggery, this is somewhat of a litmus test of where their loyalty falls.

  30. Those long-serving Democrats left over from the Obama era still have a “loser” mentality — get them out! (They are also corrupted by big money.)

  31. The nerve of Bolton to write a book about what he knew was going on in the Whitehouse, but shunned the American people, with the facts, by defying a Subpoena…LOCK HIM UP.

  32. An indicator will be if Mulvaney resigns and Meadows gets appointed. Trump forgot when he allowed Bolton to resign to “keep friends close and enemies closer.” He learned that with Giuliani, who is willing to take Trump down with him. If Mulvaney leaves, Trump has another loose thread who can unravel his sloppily constructed con. This will be a measure of Trump’s fear. Remember Mulvaney was heading OMB before he became acting chief of staff. Who better to lay out the con than the man who said “Yes, there was a quid pro quo.” Then again, Trump can let his ego override his last bit of animal cunning and forget this. 🤔

  33. All you people who complain about corrupt President Trump, are you actually going to vote in the next election. Especially black people, black people didn’t vote in the last election.

  34. Heeey from Pensacola Florida! They don't need to wait to hear from nobody. Go get that dude out of the white House. Put him in handcuffs, and all them racist white piece's of trash that protected him.

  35. The timing was linked , from the establishment Democrats point of view , to the early Primaries. Sideline Senators Warren and Sanders with a Senate Trial so as to hamper them in Iowa and New Hampshire.

  36. That’s the reason why I stop following closer on Impeachment cause I’m extremely unhappy with the Democrats rushing that process. They had one chance, but they fuck that up. The outcome won’t matter to me now. And they too stupid to see all the errors of their whys. And another thing they should do is get rid of Nancy Pelosi. Don’t nobody want no weak, spineless wimp as their leader. In my opinion, that’s the problem with the Democrats they lacked leadership. And I’m on the verge of losing faith in them. Might as well let Trump have that second term.

  37. Courts don't move quickly so I am GLAD the impeachment happened. Don't forget, without the whistleblower, we would have heard NOTHING.


  39. Two men who can't make up their fogged up minds either to save themselves or. their boss, pitiful lettam burn in hell !

  40. im Convinced trump is Gonorrhea in Human Form,no really its qs if Gonorrhea jumped out a petri dish and turned into an Orange Human with piss Colored hair 🤷🏾‍♂️

  41. After Mick Mulvaney Admitted it was Quid pro quo saying Get over it there always Political Influence but There's Release of Redacted Emails from OMB Mike Duffy from Article of Just Security adds more from this from Direct order from Trump Holding Aid to Ukraine plot Thickens more

  42. I disagree agree, the timing and speed was right. Imagine another 3 or 6 more months of this scandal. It would have soured more. The more evidence the better for the Senate trial. The House is too much of a circus to handle the evidence

  43. No one liked warmonger Bolton but Bolton could ruin tRump!
    If Bolton is forced to testify in front of Congress, what reason could he possibly have now to protect the orange stain?
    He and the other witnesses could make tRump nervous!

  44. It will never happen I do not think that anybody actually knows what is going on and are all grab at straw to keep this whole episode going until November 2020😂😂😂 The Dems rushed it because they know they nave nobody to stand up against Trump

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