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MST3K Jonah’s Kaiju Rap (Every Country has a Monster) 1080p

MST3K Jonah’s Kaiju Rap (Every Country has a Monster) 1080p

Tom: Jonah, I’m confused
Crow: Yeah, what’s your deal? Why don’t you shave? Jonah: What?
Tom: Yeah, that too. Tom: But I thought giant monsters
came from Japan, not Denmark. Jonah: Well, Asia clearly has the most
monster credibility Jonah: But there’s a beautifully diverse array of global monsters all over the planet. Tom: Explain
Crow: Preferably through rap. Jonah: Alright, if you insist – starts music- ♪ Reptilicus is silly but he really illustrates ♪ ♪ The great array of monsters all over the place ♪ ♪ Not just in Japan but across the planet ♪ an ‘A-Z’ gamut – a gargantuan panoply ♪ Tom: ♪ Example please.
Jonah: Well, name a land ♪ Tom: ♪ Belize
Jonah: Oh geez, easy-peasy mes amis ♪ ♪ See in the Yucatan you can meet El Cudejo ♪ ♪ In Belize they believe in him they’re not afraid to say so ♪ Tom: ♪ Scotland?
Jonah: Nessie’s living up in a loch ♪ Tom: ♪ How ’bout Poland
Jonah: A scary scarecrow named Bubak ♪ Crow: ♪ Huh, so it’s not just Godzilla?
Tom: Well, duh Crow, there’s a lot that could kill ya ♪ Crow: Hey!
Jonah: Tom… Tom: Sorry, Crow
Crow: Okay Tom: Bros?
Crow: Sho’ Tom: ♪ Yo Jonah how’s the chorus go? Jonah: ♪ Every country has a monster ♪ ♪ They’re afraid of in their nation. ♪ All: ♪ Every monster has a country. ♪ ♪ Yeah a station they call their home! ♪ Crow: ♪ Gunter glieben glauchen Crow-bin ♪ Tom : ♪ What turned the musk deer’s guts to spaghetti? ♪ Jonah: ♪ Was it in Tibet?
Tom: Yep. ♪ Jonah ♪ I bet he met a Yeti. ♪
Crow: Australia? ♪ Jonah: ♪ There drop bears will impale ya. Tom: ♪ Then they’ll sell ya hella touristy paraphernalia ♪ Jonah: ♪ Chupacabra’s chewin’ up cattle down in Mexico ♪ ♪ Delgeed’s horn is gorin’, battling the Navajo ♪ ♪ Congo’s Kongamoto is a mongo flying dino ♪ ♪ I know that I don’t wanna die
but when I do he’ll be the guy. Whoa! ♪ ♪ – chirpy musical interlude – ♪ Tom: ♪ So, Crow?
Crow: Servo? ♪ Tom: ♪ Ready to go?
Crow: Start slow. ♪ Tom: ♪ Kropermann is a monster from Luxembourg ♪ Crow: ♪ Who’s actually the size of Luxembourg ♪ Tom: ♪ He crushed the whole country of Luxembourg ♪ All: ♪ Because he is the size of Luxembourg! ♪ Jonah: ♪ What?! ♪ Crow: ♪ Egypt’s got mummies like Tutankhamen ♪ Tom: ♪ Leprechaun on the lawn in Boston Common ♪ Jonah: ♪ You bots got the hang of it
this song’s really kickin’ ♪ All: ♪ “Chickety-China, the Chinese chicken!” ♪ Jonah: By that I mean Jiufeng and Peng. They’re giant Chinese birds. and one of them… turns into a fish.
Anyway … ♪ Gnus, killer shrews and the loup garou ♪ ♪ Baba Yaga, Jorogumo, and the Impundulu ♪ ♪ Now you guys realize the surprising size ♪ ♪ of all the worldwide daikaiju! ♪ All: ♪ Every country has a monster ♪ ♪ They’re afraid of, in their nation ♪ ♪ Every monster ♪ Gypsy: ♪ Sasquatch? ♪ All: ♪ Has a country
Jonah: That’s Canada! ♪ ♪ Yeah a station they call their home ♪ Tom: ♪ Tatzelwurm for the Swiss! ♪ ♪ Every country
– Scandinavia! ♪ ♪ Has a monster
– Kraken! ♪ ♪ They’re afraid of
– Kinga! ♪ ♪ In their nation
-Moon 13! ♪ ♪ Every monster has a country ♪ ♪ Yeah we’ve got Movie Sign ♪ – Panicked shouting –
– Alarm sounding –

100 comments on “MST3K Jonah’s Kaiju Rap (Every Country has a Monster) 1080p

  1. I like how they did this all in one take. I also like 2:35, when some of the monsters fall and Jonah looks a the camera, probably hoping they don't have to start over.

  2. This song really sounds like a song I know, specifically the chorus, but I really can't put my finger on it.. anybody know what song I'm thinking of?

  3. Can't get this song outta my head! It's so catchy and cool! 😆 BTW I like the new season.

  4. Lin-Manuel Miranda called this segment "One-take GENIUS". When Lin-Manuel fucking Miranda calls your work an act of genius, that means it's okay.

  5. ……. i knew it. Why wouldnt they have just created new bots for the show if they were going to get new people to voice them? It just sounds like people trying to imitate the originals? If they were going all new and original who knows perhaps they could have come up with some original funny bots but this feels like they are just trying to rip off the original, like paying to watch an Elvis impersonator it just doesnt work?

  6. This is when the show won me over. They weren't just going to ride the rails of nostalgia, they were actually taking it into this decade and innovating it.

  7. This pudgy faggot is about as funny as the director's cut of Schindler's list. This reboot is actually worse than the movies they riff on. Fuck this i'm done. At least i have all the old episodes from 1989 to 1999.

  8. I love it, but for credibility you MIGHT want to research Aussie monsters a little better – drop bears exist purely to terrify gullible tourists…

  9. Why do white people keep thinking it's a good idea to rap? And why aren't they set on fire? And exploded. And dipped in acid.

  10. I think I could add a few new verses to this song. But overall 10/10 with a hen in big Ben while I kiss dutch wo-men

  11. I come here when I want to hear someone say "chiggity china the Chinese chicken" without listening to the Barenaked Ladies.

  12. "Flying dino"
    (bites a handkerchief to keep from screaming from paleonerd rage)
    To be fair, the Kongamato is more batlike than pterosaur-like.

  13. Oh my God, they did "Drop Bears!" I remember that from Steam Train. It's not even an actual myth, it's just something Australians made up about Koalas to mess with tourists.

  14. Anyone who disliked this video must’ve been assisted by jonah, Tom servo, or crow. Damn they even mention ‘Def Leopard’

  15. Wow, I've seen the movie "Attack of the Killer Shrews", but I never knew that there's people who think they're actually factually monsters.

  16. I love everything about this but especially when the monsters fall down and Jonah is trying to pick them up, and he looks at the camera but keeps singing and you can tell he's practically laughing but they just kept going. They're clearly having a blast with it and it makes it all the more fun to watch.

  17. i miss tom servo old voice tbh…i love the new show dont get me wrong but tom servo voice was more suave then it is now

  18. Started dozing with this episode on. The song is permanently in my head now. Sent it to my son and he texted back… "Dork". Ha. I miss that kid

  19. Wish someone would upload the “Hop into my Mech” song from their Atlantic Rim rifting. I mean, it barely holds a candle to this majesty of a song, but still.

  20. I watch this to cheer myself up when I'm down, it just works! I was worried as a loooooong time MST3K fan i wouldn't like these new guys but they're really great!! Go watch them now! 😉

  21. It's taken about fifteen times watching this song to realise they say "Kinga" followed by "Moon 13", then followed suspiciously swiftly by a movie sign. I can just imagine her jamming out then going nuts at that line before smashing the button lol I love this show

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