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MSc Public Policy: The Course Experience

MSc Public Policy: The Course Experience

The MPP is an MSc in Public Policy and
it’s a two-year part-time distance learning course designed for
professionals who are working full-time either already in public policy or who
want to advance their careers further in public policy. They’re really aiming for
a high quality course here and it’s highly multidisciplinary so I think it’s
a really unique course. I’ve absolutely loved it, I love learning new things I’ve
never studied before and developing knowledge that I already had. I really
like the University because it’s just got a practical approach, one that was
going to combine academic and real-world thinking and that I could fit around the
day job. Flexibility of the course was definitely important to me being able to
fit it around my working life and keep that balance. I currently live in South
Korea and because of the flexibility of the course, it’s distance learning, I’m
able to study at my own pace catch up on lectures at my own pace and do the
reading at my own pace. That’s another one of the strengths of the course the
way it’s been structured to enable anyone anywhere really to access it. We have the residential two times a year it’s an extra added bonus because you
get to make connections which you wouldn’t make otherwise if you were only
doing it online. I absolutely love the staff, learning is different when you have a
lecturer in front of you than when you learn in online so it’s nice to mix it
up and kind of gives you that boost to kind of carry on learning on your own. The lecturers are really friendly, really easy to talk to. They’re really open and
transparent We all work in completely different fields and we’re all in
different walks of life so it’s really amazing to see everyone’s perspective
and learn from each other about their experience. I work in the NHS but there’s
people on the course from education, from housing from all sorts of other aspects
of the public sector. I work in a central Whitehall role so it’s really nice to
hear different perspectives from academics, people that are working in
charities, social enterprises and other peers across Whitehall. I feel a part of
this group more than anything and feel like we all have strong relationships
and we’re always sharing knowledge and assistance and we’ve also had little
sort of geographic meetups and coffees when we’ve needed to. We have a group
whatsapp say almost daily if not definitely weekly we’re always chatting
if not about the Masters just about life as well. I think it will benefit my career because it has expanded my knowledge at
grassroot level it has also provided me with more confidence in the workplace
when discussing certain aspects of policy. It gives me a much more broader
reaching understanding of the policy environment and legitimacy in designing
public services and looking at how to create systemic change in society. For
people interested in policy it’s absolutely perfect it was give a really
good grounding in how policies developed.

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