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MSC 2019 Preview – Fu Ying

MSC 2019 Preview – Fu Ying

There is this emerging view that great power
competition is coming back to the international scene. The idea comes from the US – apparently the
Americans are worried that the Chinese are coming to compete for their seat, for their
leadership in the world. But if you ask the Chinese, you will find
very few Chinese show interest in competing for the American leadership in the world.

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  1. We (those who oppose United States and Euro-Atlantic imperial hegemony around the world) see People's Republic of China as only possible alternative to end the century long North Atlantic monopoly over global trade, economy, finance, technological development and military policy. Demonization of People's Republic of China, it's leadership and Chinese people in Western MSM media is the perfect indicator that Beijing is investing huge ammouts of efforts, money and resources into rapid development of China. HUAWEI and ZTE companies are the perfect example of this rapid technological development of China and the reason why they are being so demonized and unlawfully persecuted in Euro-Atlantic world.

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