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More countries expel Russian diplomats, Moscow vows response

More countries expel Russian diplomats, Moscow vows response

28 comments on “More countries expel Russian diplomats, Moscow vows response

  1. You know, back in the day when countries used to expel diplomats, it was because war was looming on the horizon 😯😦

  2. The U.S. continues to s**t all over Russia as the EU joins in. I'm starting to believe that Putin and Russia r just ' Zionists ', globalists, Illuminati, ( whatever u want to call them ) puppets.

  3. Any State Department people bought into for handling deals with Russia have free money now. Back to simple be straight business if wanting on the big stage. Both Clintons suckered a lot of businesses into using the SD.

  4. Did the leaders ask us if WE wanted to go down the path of war over a spy and his daughters attempted murder because of something he did in the 80’s? No, they haven’t

  5. Isn't possible death what spies sign up for? So….. who cares? They were spies! Black American Ops kill entire communities worldwide! AND – The old hag of a washed up porn star can just find her favorite battery operated play toy , her dusty camcorder, and kick rocks on way back to her cave!

  6. US State Dept haven´t got any evidence from the Uk but take their word as "Face Value".
    And the rest of 20 puppets countries take the Old Hag May word as "Highly Likely" Lmfao! That means 90% of the World dosen´t agree with the UK.
    Proof is in the Pudding and we haven´t had our Pudding!.

  7. I was starting to like Russia again, but this kind of stuff, and their military moves lately… they are getting a little ballsey.

  8. The time to expel the Russians was 50 years ago, now the neocon gun control president is just aligned with liberal pewks who hate their own citizens.

  9. They probably should’ve used something more crude instead of a high military grade nerve agent. It was probably China.

  10. Understand other countries playing UK game, but why did Russia expel the diplomats there? Such's games better played by not playing UK game

  11. Mainstream Media Propaganda or MSMP is now flagrantly exposed across the boards of all cable news networks from A-Z. The optimism placed on the Trump / Fox alliance has now been utterly betrayed by it’s current "Skripal Case" British Crown false flag narrative against Russia as it defies any common sense or decency. The generational fix is is in – this is not a "Make America Great Again" but rather "Prepare America For War Again" campaign to betray virtually everything that the U.S. Constitution and its Declaration of Independence was conceived for. Don’t U.S. schools and universities teach American Heritage and classical (pre-1913) history anymore? Fox News represents the Crown’s "Good Cop Bad Cop" manipulation of American political theater orchestrated by its "Deep State" apparatus which infiltrated and subsumed financial and political control of the U.S. Constitutional Republic with the advent of the Federal Reserve and its First World War. Today that treachery is never more apparent in the MSMP being preached by Fox News now in concert with all other Mainstream News Networks who are following the lead of the BBC. Trump and the Fox News MSMP’s credibility has "going going gone" into the fetid swamp of false flag history. But we already knew it’s patriotic deception from the beginning of this affected delusion of optimism – so it was just an American Dream that dissolved into the light of hard core reality.

  12. it only proves how the politician and news who should keep check on the politicians are useless…. FFS no prove again…. as with Iraq, Libya, its true only fools do not learn from mistakes! This is why ppl do not trust politicians and news media… propaganda! Russia must be made to pay for Syria and killing ISIS which was stooped form overthrowing Syrian government. Just ask you self how many years ISIS was flourished because of Obama and West help?

  13. Putin and his merry band of men (plus trolls) should stop playing games with the West! I´m sure that most people in the West do not want sour relations with Russia, after all your our cousins!

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  15. I pray an important Russian sees this and the country itself pull diplomats out of countries that are friendly then making the statement that in the 21st century no nation needs "physical" reps to stay in countries. This will null the effect the west intended and allow Russia to not only keep it's allies and protect them from scrutiny but to keep allies secret.

  16. Fuck Boris Johnson and Theresa May starting a Nuclear War we the ordinary Citizens will be the first victim both of you go to hell.

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